A grandma of 54, from India, sharing some profound thoughts in a bit of private space here… Nothing to be taken personal, no offence to anyone for any reason.

Err… my posts may be lengthy, because writing to me is kind of catharsis… I write about what touches my heart.  I am a self-confessed keyboard warrior 😀 A self-certified amateur GONZO JOURNALIST hahaha! There is no cap to flow of my emotion and i throw it a free rein…

Well, I would like to add kind of disclaimer here: I write not to please anyone. This is my space absolutely, wherein i decide what to write about. Thanks for any lead or suggestion, even if I look forward to none. Nothing and nobody can influence my spectrum of thought: it is much varied with a different perspective than yours mostly.

So here I go… even if I am not looking for audience, the interesting company I get I have to admit, makes me want to write more.



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