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Facebook Adharma

Recently I was shocked to see a post in Facebook by DW that promoted polygamy citing how some women in Malaysia relished the practice in their society.

The tagline was:

Tiqa convinced her husband to enter into a polygamous marriage, for the good of the family. Would you?

The news channel went on to appreciate how women across the world were breaking stereotypes (like this!)

No, Facebook did not think of banning the page or the news story. Human rights.

I did not read the story, I felt sick. I don’t think this post will be received well even in Arab world where things are changing.

Will Facebook be next promoting child marriage by 15 years which is also permissible in some societies. After all you guys never fail to run the life stories of dreaded extremists bringing to light their humane side.

I also got a suggestion from FB asking me to unfollow a certain page that reported on illicit religious conversions in India. It audaciously claimed that, such a step would enable me to see more posts by friends. I had the presence of mind to click the window.

This page goes by the name ‘No conversion.’ I am following this FB page for years now. It reports on the conversion mafia operating in India funded by the west. It publishes photo proofs and videos to support its claims. It is creating awareness in Hindu society as to how through bribes and brainwashing, the poorest and the vulnerable in India are conned into conversion and pulled into debt trap out of which they cannot extricate themselves ever. The page also calls the bluff of the evangelists whose missionary work includes paying visits to death beds offering miracle cure in exchange for conversion. The expose’ is stunning. Probably it is ringing alarm bells everywhere.

I wonder who gave the rights to Facebook to advise me who to follow and who to unfollow. Who are you Mark Zuckerberg to tell me what I must do. You are promoting polygamy openly in your pages and you do not ban content whose views a majority in the world do not subscribe to. But you ban Hindus who react to such vicious posts.

One gets an idea that some communities are working overtime to see that Hindu claims are nullified. Just Hindu posts are reported and removed/banned. Whereas no Hindu has the time to engage in such nefarious activities calling for ban of others anti-social posts. We utilize our valuable time for more productive issues naturally!

FB suggesting to me what to do sounds illegal to me, not just immoral and unethical. Google is manipulating us to save or rather share passwords with them, prompting us innumerable times when we try to sign into any address.

Social media giants like Facebook and those like Google are literally taking us for a ride. Still we are unable to move out of them. In today’s world, in order to keep abreast of things, we also need these cancers with us. We simply have to learn to live with these evils as we learned to do with the coronavirus.

It is time government of India pays attention to literal blackmail by these US corporations. To what extent can they be granted this leverage to undermine us as a nation. Facebook is allowing posting by those like DW their daily dosages of poison. This is like slow poisoning with arsenic: something that will not make us seek a legal ban and at the same time will do the damage it desired. BBC is openly anti-India news agency that needs to be kicked out of the country with immediate effect. Social media is a double edged sword. It is time India implements some strict regulation measures to control Facebook, Google and Twitter.

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Who Defines What.

‘Classical is a hoax’ claimed a Carnatic vocalist/writer.

I have always felt different about things than my friends.

Why are the colours black and white considered inauspicious by Hindus. Black especially bears the brunt but it happens to be my No.1 fave colour followed by dull tones such as grey.

Why and how did the hyena get portrayed villain in the Lion King. Why should always Lion be considered the king of the jungle. If you watch wildlife channels such as Natgeo or Animal Planet or Discovery, it is pretty evident that the male lion is no hero but feeds with the cubs on the hunt brought home by the lioness. Even the lioness waits for the hyena pack to finish the prey first if they can, lingering in the sidelines to pounce on the kill at the right moment. The hard work is done by the hyena and other scavengers and the lions mostly pride on others’ trophy. This lion-hyena angle always used to be explored by my son who’s all the way for social justice. The hierarchy we have defined for in the predatory world out there is justified neither.

Why do scorpions, centipedes, millipedes, lizards and cockroaches make us squirm. Why is it that the butterfly makes our heart flutter, not the earthworm that does the dirty but necessary work. Why do we shy away from the skunk or the porcupine.

How many nations in the world teach/tell their children the painful truth. Will American kids be told outright that they ethnic cleansed mercilessly the native Americans and are merely squatters. Will the British and other European text books explain how many ethnic races were wiped out clean by their forefathers for the spoils they loaded back in their merchant ships to sail back home. Today we talk of immigration as if we parachuted into this 21st century from nowhere.

I wouldn’t want to be drawn into Tamil Nadu politics or PSBB or Siva Shankara Baba issues. I heard a statement by a topnotch woman from the reputed school. I would like to point out that not the finest IITian until today can repeat the immaculate Stapathi engineering work of the Brahadeeshwara temple at Tanjore or for that matter, any engineering feat executed in ancient India. And these stapathis had the calculations in their head. They did not have to attend organized institutions with research labs to derive at their math. Tanjore temple by Raja Raja Chola that is a millennium old is earthquake proof with a circular base that can rock and shift. This is the secret that the Tanjore dolls hold. Which community did the Tanjore stapathis belong to. We had the Grand Anicut dam built by Karikala in the 3rd century CE. Every single ancient Hindu temple to those like heritage houses for instance of Chettinad etc., were erected by whom. India is sprinkled with ancient architectural and engineering marvels every single square kilometer east to west, north to south. May I know who were the brains behind these impossible creations. We had circular stairs in our home before it was demolished. Completely calculated and executed by an illiterate mason of those times. How he arrived at the angular steps and load bearing capacity – who can guess. Madam PSBB, detaching myself totally from political issues, I would like to bring to your attention that, your IITians and IIMs who may be products of your so-called superior and elitist schooling are fit for only one thing: when they have to be on equal footing with everyone else, they are ready to flee the country for a few extra greenbacks. I am talking about the marvelous engineering that belonged to the lowest castes of India all these centuries in which none of the upper castes partook anything. They are the brainchild of none from FCs. The men who built ships, who studied the flow of the water stream and erected wells, the men who raised great cities and townships and the men who designed the finest jewelry of precious gems and metals from the mines they unearthed and worked, the men who ran the economy and founded banking systems, the men who specialized in metallurgy and mixed minerals and practised medicine – I am sure all these did not belong to the forward community at all. Yet we had the state of art, precision technology like the Konark sun markings and the hanging pillar in Andhra. The least celebrated brains of India, today it is a shame that any particular community must try to snatch their victories and claim success for themselves. Whoever it is, I condemn such a thoughtless and horribly prejudiced statement. It shows how ignorant and shallow some minds can stay without evolution or betterment of any kind.

Well any knowledge and/or every knowhow is a treasure accumulated with practice and perfection, be it cattle rearing or costume designing or agriculture. No occupation or art is acquired without training hard. Simply every intelligence counts. When you associate a particular acumen with a overhyped community and claim to be the best among the worst lot, it means your world view is limited or distorted. You don’t take into cognizance the sum total input of the entire community who in every little/single way chip in and help sustain a society. I will have to refer again to ‘the Elephant and the blind men story.’ Staking claims of tallest order is the mindset of a meanest coward in my opinion. You have to be sick. Over politics, it is these reckless statements that hound me because they’re welcome with applause by a convoluted section among us.

What happens when our contorted education breeds this kind of one or two dimensional academics. They are good with their books but India hardly boasts of fresh innovations. Memorizing is what has been the inherent gene in some communities for centuries and that will enable them memorize to the letter t every single word in journals, magazines, textbooks, etc. The real thinking, analyzing, innovating, executing brain is not this. With this limited scope wisdom, you can at best become from the desk clerk to the CEO but not the deviser, discoverer. That’s my take in any case.

I don’t expect the state politicians to talk responsibly or sensibly but I do expect it of an educationist.

We live in a world where credit is quickly and hastily given to the superficial layer without a consideration to the actual workmen. All the science and engineering and mathematics of ancient India have been claimed ownership by one particular community which is sad. Countless nameless science and math achievers have been brushed just like that under the carpet for the reason they did not bother to document their expertise. Take the case of Bharat Natyam. Once the dance form of the Devdasis, it is not anything new. It has been in existence for eons. Only dusted now and adapted to current times.

Bhoodan movement saw landbanks that were donated by wealthiest of this country for equitable distribution to marginal farmers and the landless, to usher in a sense of justice. The banks of the Vaishyas were nationalized overnight. Princely kingdoms were taken over and even their pensions annulled. Nobody fled India because everyone gave up for India out of love for the nation. Only one group wants to leave India if they have to share everything with everyone. I am by no means casteist.

Years back I came across a thesis that, a literate gene travels 14 generations. And imagine the family trees branching thereof from both paternal and maternal sides at each level. It means, once you learn a letter, the mutation can carry your memory gene for as many generations (do the permutations and combinations for 14 generations taking in the branching families either sides). Your genes remember. From far and wide. Imagine the sum total effect on the cumulative benefit derived from two millennia of such an education even if by word of mouth for some forward communities. So that much of fixed deposit some communities are already born with. How can you even pit them against the downtrodden who are taking to books hardly in last 30-40 years. This Hindu hypocrisy is very unsettling. You are discrediting them of everything when you have had a headstart in everything: from being endowed with the best of residency in the heart of a township to education and comforts of life. The banished ones who had to fend for themselves cannot even today claim equality. Your children have to attend the creamiest schools yet you would want reservation at par with the municipal school children. How much more unfair can this world be.

These inequalities disturb me terribly. I hate both casteism and classism. If I raise this topic with friends, I risk losing them. It pains me so much that nobody is even willing to listen. When I hear my thoughts reflected in some one else’s mind and words, it brings a drop of tear to my eyes. I just stand vindicated. I know now I am not a freak for the way I feel at the bottom of my heart. The weakest and the most vulnerable always have my heart.

My maid, my ironwalah, my autowalah, even my future vettian – these are not here by their choice. They are here by BIRTH (that you cannot find in any other place on earth) because I pushed them down to this level so that I can climb up on their hunched backs. By I, I mean my ancestors/forefathers. I had to stamp down on someone and see to that they had to wait for centuries to produce a first graduate with govt quota, is proof enough of how much I have made good living at someone else’s expense all these ages… So is it not time that I feel the remorse and make some amendments long overdue?

I don’t expect anyone to grow up, because they seriously do not have it in them. If I hate India for anything, it is for this reason. I just know, someone gifted with such an empathy is a rare find. It calls for intellectual honesty, something most of us remain in denial of.

Meanwhile the preening peacock dances away as India’s national bird and the common crow stays boo-hooed. A dollop of soul searching will do everyone some good.

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NRI, the Non-Required Indian!

தங்களது இலவச ஆலோசனை எங்களுக்கு தேவை இல்லை, மன்னிக்கவும்.

Non-Resident Indians, NRIs in Middle East, repatriate their earned incomes in foreign exchange to India. Add value to Indian economy. Middle Eastern nations with whom India hardly shares a similar wavelength in most global poltiical issues, still employ a sizeable chunk of Indian population, blue collar and white collar in equal measure. India is saved a huge bother, otherwise it would be a task for the Indian government to productively engage this mammoth NRI population in Indian industry. It is a blessing that the employment scene in India is not as messy thanks to gulf job scene while at the same time India earns valueable foreign exchange from millions of expat workers gainfully employed in gulf countries. Double bonanza!

Contrast this to the NRIs from the US. Useless lot who talk big and contribute not a single penny to Indian economy. What is Sundar Pitchai doing for India. Isn’t Shiv Nadar of HCL a far better example we must all emulate. What is simply the role of the NRI Indian Americans in Indian scene than foment trouble with their volatile ideas and provocations. Will they ever return to India and try to fit back? Will their children take to living in India. In what way do these guys feel responsible contributing their unwarranted comments to events and happenings in India. Who is asking for their suggestions or remarks. What is their value edition to India sum total. Keep your dollars jingling safe in New York bro, here we in India can take care of ourselves. Don’t poke your lonnnngggggg nose into our Indian affairs. Remember you gave up your Indian passport to embrace Uncle Sam. With that you cut your umbilical cord connection with Bharat. You are welcome on OCI card, you can be our guest, make your home, enjoy our hospitality, but just like you cannot vote in Indian elections, you are not entitled to your political views on India.

Rule applies from Rajiv Malhotra to everyone. Nobody is special. Unless you are willing to live in India six monthsat least every year. Otherwise cut your nonsense and look after your own business.

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ONGC oil rig crash in recent Mumbai rains.

Extremely pained by the recent offshore oil rig crash in Bombay High.

The Ambanis in India seem to be landing the easiest rigs while the govt servants like ONGC get to work the toughest rigs (politics the reason). The ones that crashed in recent Mumbai rains were temporary barges erected with stringent orders to demobilize manpower/labour in case of any emergency at a short notice. Safety is part and parcel of Oil & Gas and also Civil (Industrial/Heavy) Engineering. I am hearing of its importance for last 25 years plus. Everyday is a new day and the safety is of highest order never to be accorded secondary place. There is a full fledged Safety department in all these areas of works and manpower training in safety is also accorded topmost priority. Safety meetings are part of everyday work. Never have I heard of compromise in safety standards in foreign countries. Safety protocol is strictly adhered to to the letter ‘t’. However in India, human life is of inconsequence – with zero value. Sab chaltha hai. Nobody cares. Flouting of safety procedures is routine.

Evacuation/Demobilization of manpower from the crashed oil rigs at Mumbai high was not allegedly carried out in emergency situation (cyclonic storm Touktae). A reported 60 valuable engineers have gone missing from the rigs that collapsed, that breaks our hearts here. Over a hundred more stationed in the oil platforms were rescued in heavy downpour by the Navy. Figure for casualty reported in media is far from accurate. Those who lost their lives must have had a very torturous death. Is this what engineers/government servants deserve in my country. Battered and weakened by corona, such a preventable accident is the last thing that we must have let to have happened.

Dear India and Indian govt when will you guys learn. I am sick of this lethargic/complacent attitude in our masses. Will we ever change!

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Who will take responsibility for India Covid.

Who was the authority behind the conducting of state assembly polls in India in April. And Kumbhmela (that was dispersed after a reported fifty crore had already assembled).

Will those who are responsible come forward and take dharmic responsibility for the sorry and heartbreaking condition of my Mother India today.

Because even until April third week, India was recording very low stats from covid 19 first wave. My hometown Chennai was recording around hardly a hundred fresh cases. Total India fresh infection numbered a mere two thousand plus, negligible figure on one billion plus population.

It appeared, we had almost scraped through the corona crisis.

Most of us were visiting each other from November last, gathering in wedding halls and parties and even holidaying in local resorts, flying to destinations within India with covid protocol in place, and with covid safety precautions followed. Of course there is always this percentage that went without masks. This happens in every other country, not just India. Buses and trains were operational minimally in my state Tamil Nadu. By and large, normalcy was returning with businesses and factories running in full swing. Workers had returned to their trades and banks and other offices were fully functional. Even the beauty salons and gyms had opened up with malls not far behind. Restaurants were seeing steady footfall.

So what went wrong for us that we see ourselves in this horrific condition today. This is a mere 15 day development. Even as I boarded flight from India to Middle East on April 21st, the situation was not this nightmarish. There were reports that covid was on rise but the survival rate was still too good, close to one hundred percent recovery rate.

Assembly polls were due in key states in the month of April, but reportedly the election commission became the puppet of someone in authority. Mass rallies were seen everyday in populous states and even our national leaders seemed to endorse the crowds, forgetting that a pandemic was raging around the world. Call it over-confidence or short-sightedness or simple stupidity, the nation is paying a big price for this grave slip (pun intended) with dear, dear lives of my countrymen. It breaks my heart to see the funeral pyres burning day in and day out, of the chimney of the electric crematoria breaking down on nonstop workload and highest temperatures… A friend who is rendering humanitarian service as a volunteer said, the crematoria are open until midnight with corpses queueing up even in my hometown. Normally the closing time is 4 to 6 pm with prior booking in place. Blood banks are running low, oxygen howmuchever produced is proving to be insufficient and there is endless wait for hospital beds, with lifesaving drugs becoming scarcer and expensive…

None of us imagined this day when we voted for the assemblies in our states that were sworn in recently. Polling was a peaceful exercise and not rushed. In the meanwhile, vaccines were being administered. I got both my doses of Covishield in March-April in India. Some of my friends took the desi Covaxin, supposedly the best in the category. The vaccination drive however was yet to pick up in full throttle, even if it came free in govt PHCs. I took the jab in a private hospital that charged me a reasonable 500 bucks for both doses. My immunization certificate was downloadable from govt website. Everything seemed to be in proper place and working. In fact I was looking forward to a covid-free India by year end.

Then the hell broke loose and we did not know what hit us. The massive massive covid 19 second wave was on us like a tsunami. By this time I had left India (not fearing covid but because I waited for this day for 1.5 years to join my husband working abroad).

Not only the political rallies for the Assembly polls, even our religious places that opened up fully were a reason for the covid to flare up. I am a pretty regular at our temples but I visited the temples when the crowds were thinnest. I was shocked to see thousands gathering at Kapaleeshwara temple festival. The friend who is cremating near and dear ones today was also posting pictures from Marudeeshwara temple festival in the city not more than a month back. Not only the government, even the educated did not realize the gravity and severity of the corona pandemic. There were proud social media doctors who claimed victories for our temples that saw historic crowds with resumption of temple festivals. Recently a friend said, many who attended the Arupathumoovar festival of Kapali temple in Mylapore got infected and quite a few of them lost their lives in the weeks that followed. This time the covid struck without notice. Asymptomatic mostly, the symptoms such as breathlessness on oxygen depletion surfaced much later when the lungs got infected majorly. By now, the patient barely would be left with any any survival chances.

Last but not the least is those like Sadhguru himself irresponsible and misleading masses. Who can forgive or forget him for taking over the elephant corridor and installing Shiva in nature’s setting denying the pachyderms their dwelling place, forest country and endangering the very survival/existence of the jumbos. This one man could be singly held for extinction of Indian wild elephant (in future if it must happen (god forbid)). What about the Assamese forests taken over for Ayurvedic private labs by this Baba Ramdev for commercial ventures. Will the helpless cries of our hapless wildlife leave this nation without any curse. You are talking big on Karma and Dharma. Old man Sadhguru, do you even know the real meaning for these terms. You are destroying one majestic life species and planting trees as compensation by river side. Never mind, I too have chipped in with my little contribution because I want more trees. Is this the guru’s true sense of justice. You are arguing who must by birth be performing puja in temples. No, I didn’t even listen to your nonsense on that. I may not be the most enlightened, but I am clear on what constitutes equality and social justice. None including you have been out of this world and returned alive in flesh and blood to tell us what lies far behind. Yours is yet another floating theory. I have enjoyed the Shivratri celebrations at Isha but this year I gave it a deliberate miss. I have not watched a single performance this year. This god man who talks too much still had the gall to convene this celebration with thousands of guests dancing and singing at the height of a ruthless bloody pandemic situation. What kind of guru is this one. Now safely tucked in in his secure ivory tower, he is giving lectures as to how to deal with the pandemic. Should we tolerate such mindless gross violations of nature and law only because someone tags the Hindu line and we would like to check the expansion of the Christian missionaries in the region.

We blamed the Jamat for convening at an inappropriate time and spreading the first wave far and wide. Will those in charge explain why even the Kumbh was given a green signal in the first place. What use in retraction at a later stage after the damage was inflicted. Indian masses are not one hundred percent literate.

As for Assembly elections, Tamil Nadu has gone without one for over two years in the eighties when the then prime minster Shri Rajiv Gandhi annulled the DMK assembly in the state. Governor rule ensued and the state assembly polls followed in the year 1991 (during which campaign Rajiv was assassinated). Who says there is no precedent.

I don’t know to write fancy, I write what I feel strongly about. I am not a member of any political party. I am aware that with a little more caution and prudence, India could have skipped the second wave totally. We could have made it unscathed, we were almost there. Or we could still be having things under control – not like this with pandemonium prevailing everywhere. Well, I think i just discovered the root word for ‘pandemonium.’

My heart beats and bleeds for India. My prayers are for all Indian citizens as well as global citizens. How many ever janma I may take, I want to be reborn only a Hindu and in India, nowhere else and as none else.

May peace times return soon.

Media vultures feeding on dead corpses, please keep off.

China will always go down in history as a monstrous bloodsucking life-taker, hated globally. The world will never, not in a zillion zillion years forgive China. India with all our woes will still be remembered the life-giver by many nations, loved by most. It makes one hell of a difference. Let our vaccines program continue. Even in our difficult hour, let us go on serving humanity throwing a lifeline to poorest of poor nations with our covid vaccines.

I choose to stay positive. I believe in a better world. I look forward to a glorious dawn shortly.

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Pay off the PTC women passengers with TASMAC revenue.

I don’t always agree with him but here’s something for Tamil Nadu from Kerala. As a woman I resent and reject concessions and seek/demand equal footing with men anywhere and everywhere…

Social media is abuzz with the infectious glee and chatter of women passengers of city’s PTC buses grateful to the newly sworn-in chief minister of Tamil Nadu, MK Stalin, for the free bus ride. Once upon a time the coveted transport of middle class Madras, now the metropolitan buses mostly ply working class as we have been sighting a profusion of four wheelers and two wheelers in the city in last 10-20 years leaving no space to pedestrians. From vegetable vendor and flower seller to factory worker and house maid, women who rely on bus services are overwhelmingly from our lowest strata who cannot afford pricey modes of transport to ferry them across the quagmire of our city traffic.

PTC has been heaping monumental losses for years on row now. When was the last time we had surplus over deficit when it came to running our transport department. The present fleet of vehicles on road is in no good condition which can do with replacement or effective repair . How many Diwali eves we have had in the past when the annual festival bonus payable to the PTC staff (especially the drivers and conductors) would be held back by ruling government for want of funds, forcing the crew to blackmail both govt and public with an indefinite strike. The buses remain the lifeline of the lower middle class commuters, so the government would buckle down with no other choice, giving in to their demands. The threat had the potential to bring the city to a standstill, not to leave out the political overtones it can take.

From my school/college days, concession in bus fare has been available to students of educational institutions using the PTC services. Only concessions, not total waiver. And even this small rebate would be applicable only in regular routes/buses never in specials (and specials outnumber regulars any day).

So how will it be possible for the newly elected DMK govt to offer free rides to women passengers?

One or only possible answer: TASMAC. The government liquor chain outlets of the state will foot the bill happily by all means, unless there is a corollary to this theory.

Who are these women grinning ear to ear with the govt freebie announcement waiving off their bus charges? Our part-time sweepers and cleaners, housemaids, cooks, factory workers, tailors etc. Dear ladies, can you assure us now that the extra pennies you save thus will not end up in TASMAC bars through your alcoholic spouses.

Don’t please blame our Bihari or Nepali bhais ever for stealing your jobs. They make our lives much more easier than your busy husbands in the TASMAC queue. They also charge a fraction while delivering quality work in time. In ten years they will vote the BJP state govt to power!

This freebee culture is killing the industriousness and productivity in Tamil population. It has done its damage to the rural sector. Now whatever is thriving in the urban centers will be challenged.

Will the DMK govt clarify on these points:

  • Will the same frequency of services of PTC buses be maintained if women passengers are not to be charged for the rides.
  • How many plying buses, how many corridors exactly. How many in sheds for repairs and refurbishments. Exact figures please.
  • How many buses need replacement.
  • Will the waiver of bus charge be applicable to air-conditioned services, special routes and special services?
  • Will the waiver of bus charge for women be applicable to additional services provided for festival times.
  • Will there by any pay-cut for PTC staff. Will the promotions due to PTC staff, increments pending etc., be on time or will they have to be postponed to pay for the expensive DMK picnic with our women population.
  • Will there be a reduction in fleet volume.
  • What will happen to modernization plans. Will everything be put on hold.
  • Data on the staff recruitment status and human resources training in PTC please. Will they have to be deferred to afford this concession to women passengers. When are the next recruitment drives and HRT due. Will they be as per schedule or will these be cancelled out.
  • Strength of the fleet that will be operational six months down the lane along with corridor picture as against the present prevailing scene. A complete and comparative list must be published in media.
  • What is the balance sheet of PTC showing. Exact magnitude of losses. How is the deficit going to be met.
  • What is the revenue from TASMAC and how is it exactly reinvested.
  • Why no TASMAC outlet is closed as yet. It was the DMK govt who protested in a big way for closure of TASMACs during JJ reign. Personally i was witness to one in Harrington road being shut forever thanks to the violence unleashed by the party. We had to turn back from our street fearing mobs instigated by the party workers.
  • Can the DMK publish a declaration in social media that none in their political party or ministry or their families has a vested interested in anything connected to TASMAC including in the breweries.
  • Are there plans to channelize any central funds into PTC women freebie.
  • What is the DMK plan outlay for PTC improvement in next 5 years. Will the transport corporation ever become debt-free in DMK governance.
  • What is the exact loan component the DMK is planning to add to the state exchequer with the women’s freebie. Is the party going to leave the state neck deep in debts.
  • Is there a proposal to raise property taxes, electricity charges and other corporation/municipality levies in next 2-3 years.

Finally, as a woman who demands equality with men on every and equal footing, I resent any concession given to women because of our gender. It is a shame and it is regressive.

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Dear PM Modi, Please dispatch Corona Vaccines to Nepal

Nepal, once the only constitutionally Hindu country in the world now sadly neutralized into secular, is seeing catastrophe with covid surge. India, the behemoth, can survive any onslaught, but Nepal cannot. None can deny the cultural connect we Hindus have with the Himalayan kingdom. Ever since Nepal started batting for China, India-Nepal ties are strained. India should be the good samaritan, the big brother it is to the subcontinent, and come forward to help Nepal in this distress. India has the capacity and capability to accommodate Nepal in the scheme of things. Is our PM Modi listening. An earnest plea dear prime minister, let not our Nepali brothers and sisters suffer. Please fly a contingent right this moment to the landlocked nation that is helpless. Nepal direly is in need of corona vaccines. I am well aware, India needs to take care of 1.3 billion. Still, let us not give up on each other. Vaccinating a few more crores of Nepalis won’t hurt India.

Prime MInister Shri Narendra Modi ji. My earnest appeal to you. Please help our brethren in Nepal on warfooting basis putting aside our political and policy differences. Please send a batch of our India made corona vaccines (Covaxin if not Covishield) at your earliest to Nepal, on humanitarian grounds. Please lend Nepal a helping lifesaving hand in this crisis. I am thanking you in advance on behalf of my Nepali friends.

Nepal is family. Whatever the differences, when India can do this for Bangladesh, why not for Nepal.

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Humbled By The Humanitarian Help

India never accepted aid whether it was for Tsunami or for the Latur earthquake. One proud third world nation.

But now we have this humbling experience as world rushes aid to the country struck hard by the second wave of Covid 19.

When the US could take in help during their worst hurricane that tore up New Orleans, India need not have to feel guilty or shame when it comes to receiving help when it is really needed. There will always be a time to give back.

I read a Sadhguru quote that said, no nation in the world has endless supply of hospital beds or medicines or oxygen. Only what is normally required on average is stocked up in whichever part of the world as we know.

India could have boosted oxygen production but overconfidence in dealing successfully with the first wave lowered our guards. We did not understand the pandemic in its totally or severity. What a cost of learning!

One billion nation, we were donating/exporting corona vaccines as well without reserving everything for ourselves.

India has flown food and medicines to every other part of the world as aid when hit by natural disasters or war. Not to leave out the Indian Peace Keeping Forces for troubled parts of the world. It is okay to accept help my dear fellow countrymen in present times. India needs no economic aid. Only oxygen cylinders even if oxygen production is wholly boosted in last few day locally.

It is all a give and take. World is responding because world remembers what we have done for them in the past. Just before the double mutant took us by shocking surprise and speed, we had flown batches of corona vaccines made in India to Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada etc., on humanitarian consideration. Our good work speaks for us. India is cashing in on goodwill earnt. When the world wants to lend a helping hand, let us take it dear Indians.

It does hurt me though terribly that we are humbled today to receive this help in this crises. How many aids India threw out.

India is grateful for this timely help. Grateful to our second home Qatar. Your help will never be forgotten. Grateful to France. Russia.

Humbled and most grateful, is all I can say. Thank you world community. Very much appreciate this kind gesture. The favour will be returned with thanks at a later date.

Nobody is infallible, invincible and nobody is indispensable. Nobody is too insignificant or petty either. Siru thurumbum pal kutha udavum as they say.

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World Reporting On India Covid

Well, every dog has its day in the sun and today is simply not India’s day. The dogs I can think of include BBC for one thing.

Before going to world reporting, let me analyze what could be the reason for the first world nations turning against India.

  • India Covid vaccines are cheapest in the world and over 85% effective. Pfizer is many many multiple times more expensive than India made Covishield (for Astrazeneca) and Covaxin (100% India make which is rated the best for the live vaccine it is).
  • India is unofficially the vaccine capital of the world and the american pharma etc., are losing heavily to India in the business who would like to monopolize corona vaccine industry.. First of all no share in the huge India market of 1.3 billion population. If not for India, there is only China for bulk production of corona vaccines.
  • India is distributing Covid vaccine mostly free to poorest nations like Bangladesh. Over 100 nations are looking upto India for corona vaccine that cannot be disappointed. All this business is supposed to go to US or Europe.
  • The richest nations have stocked maximum covid vaccines and the idea of the third world nations having access to corona vaccine is unacceptable to them.
  • Shortage of Covid vaccines in India could be due to the fact that we are also catering to the world at the same time and not holding back everything for ourselves. It is like a man having housing loan, car loan etc., still supporting someone poorer and down the line. The logic is as simple as that.

Yes, the toll is mounting in India yet it is not as bad as it was in US or UK or Italy. Why do foreign media sensationalize India covid news?

  • Hindus cremate the dead and the image of cremation can be grotesque unlike plain burial in islamic or christian societies. You can bury a hundred in quiet but a single cremation can be indigestible. Its a very very ghastly sight. Which is why women are not allowed for cremation in India ever (traditionally). Now the metropolitan cities and second tier cities have completely switched over to electric crematoria, still the villages etc., go for woodpyre only. If you take the case of Delhi, the capital is surrounded by UP villages from where patients descend upon the city for major medical treatments. Their rural dwellings have no electric crematoria mostly. A cremation makes for most horrific picture. Sight of more than a couple of cremations at the same time can be visually upsetting. A cremation also consumes more or maximum time over burial. It is therefore understandable that when there are more deaths than usual, there can arise a contingency situation unlike in the case of christian/islamic burials. You have to have real courage to look at the cremation pictures. It is exactly this kind of human tragedy that BBC is cashing in on. One has to be a sadist to cover these things round the clock. Sensationalizing death and disease. UK reported maximum deaths in second wave, running short of hospital beds but none of us glorified death scene like these Brits are doing now. Same goes for America.
  • Even the current stat on world meter is because of India figure going ballistic in last 10 to 15 days only. Just a week prior to that we were reporting national average of 16,000 fresh cases only per day on 1.3 billion population count.
  • Undoubtedly in last 10 days, the death statistics in India have gone for a toss. Even in February this year, my hometown Chennai recorded less than 100 fresh cases per day. Situation was perfectly under control. It was as if we had made it without a second wave. April caught the nation by shock and surprise.
  • The second wave in India is lethal as the coronavirus is airborne now as second mutant and third mutant appear on the scene. These arrived in India from the UK mainly.
  • BBC and UK/Europe have long held agenda on India They want to christianize India while the arab world would want to islamise us. India is still an unfinished business for them. The one single largest Hindu nation in the world hurts and dents severely the western sentiments. They will do anything to break a Dharmic India headed by our PM Shri Narendra Modi who is Hindu nationalist.
  • More and maximum rapes in UK and US but how India rape story is media-hyped is well known. UK holds world record for maximum male rape cases in the world and US for maximum female rapes. Have the CNN or BBC ever done lead on their own rape cases. This India covid coverage by them is as intentional as their rape reportage.
  • Lastly India supplying vaccines to the world is just not going down well with the west. At any cost they would like to wrest the capability and capacity from India sooner or later. First step towards it is this image damage.

Still what went wrong on our part that resulted in this current crisis.

  • We relaxed our guard going complacent when covid cases hit bottom. We got emboldened and did not learn our past lessons or others’ experiences.
  • We could have saved the vaccines for ourselves first. Charity begins at home. Our poor are the first neediest over foreign countries.
  • State Assembly elections could have been postponed. In 1980s, Tamil Nadu was under Governor rule for over 2 years after PM Rajiv Gandhi dismissed the ruling DMK stage government. So why not? In whose interests were the elections conducted.
  • Why was Kumba Mela cancelled only after assemblage of crores of devotees in these pandemic times. By the time the damage was done.
  • I did watch the massive massive West Bengal election rallies. I half expected this disaster like my fellow citizens. The scene was no better in Tamil Nadu.
  • In a controlled measure, the Indian economy was being opened up. I have attended weddings and parties too and flown to another city as well in this pandemic period but following complete covid safety protocol. But I gave the temple car festivals etc., a deliberate miss when thousands gathered throwing caution to winds. Why did our law enforcement allow this.
  • Who is really responsible for conducting of state assembly polls and ordering of Kumba mela in the first case. Was it the Election commission. On whose advice precisely.
  • BJP won their last Lok sabha elections easily on social media canvassing. What was the need for huge rallies now for assembly elections. Why could it not have been done via social media as it was done before.
  • Whoever is directly behind the current heartwrenching condition in the country, must harbour some accountability and responsibility and own up to the truth. This nightmarish situation could have been easily thwarted. We Indians were almost there before all hell broke lose – because of selfish manipulation by some political groups.
  • Families broken, lives lost, hopes dashed, livelihoods crushed… all for what? Is it just a collateral damage to some vested interests to score an election victory.
  • Corona does not discriminate dear Indian politicians. Just see the diamond capital of the world/India Surat. The chimney of the electric crematorium broke down when overloaded and overworked. Corona knows no geographical or religious boundaries. It has no age or social status or sex barriers.
  • Why was not the oxygen production boosted and hospital bed capacity increased after the first wave of covid. Why were life saving drugs superstocked. Why were exports allowed.

Finally guys, as I said, every dog has its day in the sun. Today happens to be your day.

Remember, India is one big nation, strong and proud. We are 1.3 billion. Whether UK or US just check your medical system. Over 30% of your medical staff are Indians by origin. Even NASA employs over 30% Indian scientists. We will spring back and will do good very shortly. We are super shock-absorbent as our history can reveal, and we are simply colossal for anything to jolt us – even if it means corona.

Whereas think of UK or Germany. Can get trounced in no time.

Every single nation in the world that is spewing venom on India and basking in our death and misery remember: one day you will be there too. Not that I wish for. If this can happen to a resilient India that can bounce back with an inherent strength, who can be spared.

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The Hindu Reasoning

Was watching a critically acclaimed/awarded documentary last evening. Time ran out so I had to give up half way through. Its never possible for me to watch any flick at one go. In between will have a 1000 chores and errands to complete even if people may think I am jobless.

Can’t agree or disagree with the picture totally. Its a very heavy subject. Such controversies used to be of great interest to me once upon a time. Nowadays I want only peace at any cost. May be signs of ageing.

But I am clear on one thing. No Hindu is terrorist. Maximum you can blame Hindus for hooliganism. If you have the cheek to call Hindus extremists for sporadic incidents of violence, and if you can go blind on Islamic terrorism that has been bleeding this country for centuries (from historic times) and the cultural mayhem unleashed by foreign-sponsored Christian evangelists/missionaries bent on breaking up India, then you are an intellectually dishonest lot who will never win public sympathy. I shall never have an ear for this kind of flawed philosophy. I have my sympathies for Dabolkar, Pansaar etc., but there the buck stops. These are isolated cases. Justice must be served and the assailants brought to book no doubt. These communists seem to be good men with right ideals. Their idea of universal brotherhood is really the way forward. I totally agree with the injustice of casteism etc. But above all that, India reigns supreme for me and comes first. Some collateral damages here and there. Unavoidable. Do these guys really think that we can create that perfect Utopia where nothing will be out of place one hundred percent. Just who are you kidding.

We Hindus are not aspiring for a Hindu rashtra in America or Australia or Africa or Arabia or Antarctica. India is the birth place for Hindu Dharma and the branching Buddhism. We have every right to strive so as to remain a predominantly Hindu nation to eternity because we are vested with such an onerous responsibility of passing on the Dharmic traditions without a break. Other (follower)s are welcome but when a guest outstays hospitality shown by the hosts, then issues are bound to crop up. The hosts have every right to prove assertive to the guests. How can nationalism be wrong in such a case. You are talking about a nation that has suffered from invader-marauders since the 7th century CE. Is this new self-defence so abhorrent. No society is flawless and we Hindus have our own inherent flaws on which we are working right now.

But I appreciate the sincerity behind the efforts in making of the picture. I only hate the condescending tone on the Hindus. Hindus could be hypocrites and passively aggressive, but at least Hindus give you a stage to speak your mind. I wish this Anand Patwardan or whoever has the guts to produce a similar story on Islamists. Haha you cannot even scribble a cartoon remember!

All these intellectuals today are talking without mostly having NOT lived as a minority in a theocratically islamic state. I have. I do. That’s what it will take for some good sense to rub into you. You are welcome to live in Saudi or Pakistan for 1 year, why even 1 month as a free secular and democratic individual (the way you live and talk in India) and post your reviews. In this one month or so in that Islamic heaven, I dare you to munch a packet of salted peanuts during Ramzan fasting hours in full public view. How about asking muslim women to forego their black veils and speaking on their suppression and rights in their mass media.

Why should justice, equality etc., be only a Hindu’s moral responsibility. All said, I am for social justice always. I am equally concerned about casteism but at the same time I brook no nonsense when it comes to pointing out to islamic terrorism. Or christian conversion mafia. I have been blogging that India’s democracy is incumbent on India’s demography first and foremost. Suvar Irundhaal Thaan Chithiram Ezhudha Mudiyum. Only in Hindu India can you come up with this ‘reason’ or any reason for that matter!

Why such a hue and cry about Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination. Why should everyone accept him as father of the nation. I am an admirer of Gandhi as well at the same time. But Bhagat Singh and Subhas Chandra Bose to me are equally important in Indian history. One man’s terrorist is another man’s martyr. World juggles and champions such converse logics. Why can’t these leftists come to accept that contrary views exist? I am divided on Gandhi at times. Not comfortable about all his decisions. Just who was he to solely represent India. Who was Nehru. Why should these two come to unanimously represent entire India. They probably filled a vacuum, perhaps.

Undoubtedly Mahatma Gandhi spearheaded the Harijan movement that marked a paradigm shift in the way the Hindu society functioned. Gandhi was the influence perhaps for the Dravidian movements at a later stage. Over his role in India’s freedom struggle, I respect Gandhi more for his contribution to social change in Indian society.

However, I am not for this naming and shaming of any particular community. All the upper caste Hindus are in equal measure responsible for the cruel caste prejudice that is prevalent in our midst even today. Some are passively aggressive and rare few take to arms (resorting to hooliganism). Not all the forward castes have been prosperous as well. Quite a number of them have languished in poverty over centuries. The upper castes also bore the brunt of the islamic invasions paying a heavy price. I strongly believe Dharma can take care of itself and establish an equilibrium over time. Balance always gets restored. In Tamil we say, ‘muppadhu varusham vaazhndhavanum illai, muppadhu varusham thaazhndhavanum illai.’ Everything is a cycle. Gene pools go stale for the most forward castes/races in course of time as lethargy and complacency set in. We see this in UK now 😀 Fresh infusion of knowledge in the most backward communities releases locked potential and bright ideas. You see the surge of scheduled castes/tribes sports people etc., in India presently. Africans in athletics, etc.

Changes are happening as we are seeing. It can’t be said that nothing is happening. Groundbreaking transformation is on already. Maximum awareness is there at grassroots level. If anything smart phones etc., quickened the timeframe for awareness and change.

What was established practice for 2000 years cannot be undone in mere 50 to 70 years time. Give some time for the society to mature. We do see seeds of social justice perking up in every quarter. The educated are thinking.

In my personal view though, casteism as of now takes a back seat to classism in India. Casteism is done in. What we have in its place is now classism. Wonder what the leftists have to say on this.