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India rolls out Covid 19 Vaccine to Public today.

Despite the opposition scheming and despite the media junkies criticizing the govt and spreading false information, India is rolling out the local manufacture Moderna vaccine today for Covid 19 all across the nation. The frontline warriors in health sector and those serving the community such as the police service will be receiving the first batch of shots. Later on, the vaccination will be available to public on demand. I don’t need media guys telling me what to do and when to do. These are the least fit na-layaks to certify anything good and/or worthwhile. My friend who is a experienced medico practising in the US took two shots of Pfizer vaccine and developed (expected) symptoms after the second doze administered after a 28 day gap. She is asking me to go for both dozes that are modified for both the strains of covid-19, and I need no other prescription than this to go for the vaccination. Will do it as and when time permits. Whether we have co-morbid health conditions or not, once you cross 45 or 50 years, I feel we are in a vulnerable age already. Some of us attract infections easily. Women especially have a weaker immune in my thinking. I may or may not be right. I am taking Kabasura kudineer on weekly basis, lemon-ginger-tulsi-garlic-amla concoctions everything which I have been taking all my life, not just because of corona scare. Only now all this is suddenly projected so much as immunity builder to us Indian families. We are doing it for ages. Turmeric, cinnamon, cloves – can’t imagine life without these.

Hopefully we leave 2020 psych totally behind with the vaccine and start fresh life once again. Heartening to read our Vice President Shri Venkaiah Naidu’s address to the nation on the launch of the vaccine to Indian public. I will do a copy-paste job.

“COVID Vaccination DriveToday is a red-letter day for the people of the country. India has scripted history by touching a new milestone in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic with the Prime Minister, Shri Narendrabhai Modi launching the world’s largest vaccination drive. Two Indian manufactured vaccines, cleared for emergency use, will inoculate an estimated 3,00,000 healthcare workers with the first dose today. This is a proud moment for every Indian and I would like to convey my deepest appreciation to all the scientists for the remarkable speed with which the vaccines were developed in a record time. It is pertinent to point out here that it takes several years before a vaccine rolls out to reach people at large, after the successful completion of all trials at all the stages.In recent memory, there was no other medicine or vaccine for which the entire world waited with such anxiety and restlessness as it did for the vaccines for Sars-Cov2, which are being rolled out in some countries.I am happy that the Union Government and all the States are coordinating this immunization programme in a truly ‘Team India’ spirit as more than 1.65 crore doses of #Covishield and #Covaxin have been allocated to the States and Union Territories in accordance with their requirements. The Centre and the States worked in a mission mode to complete the dry runs and take care of the logistics and the required infrastructure.The Centre and States deserve our compliments and appreciation for this synergy and for working in sync to ensure smooth completion of this mammoth task. Following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, India like the rest of the world had faced massive disruption to the economy and the livelihoods of people, even as the novel coronavirus claimed thousands of lives and stretched healthcare systems of the most developed countries, as also ours, to their limits. Hopefully, the days of uncertainty and anxiety will end soon. Motivated by the ‘Atma Nirbhar’ Bharat call given by the Prime Minister, our scientists have risen to the occasion. Their efforts were ably complemented by our frontline COVID warriors- healthcare workers, sanitation workers, police and others who never gave up and walked the extra mile to protect all of us. Today, their patience and hard work have paid off. The country, as a whole, will soon reap the benefits of the efforts of these patriotic men and women. Around 3 crore health and other frontline workers will be covered in this phase—they include doctors, nurses, paramedics and other support staff. Apart from them, police personnel and paramilitary personnel, Home Guards, Disaster Management volunteers, municipal workers, Revenue Officials and other Jawans involved in the containment of the virus will be vaccinated. The same vaccine will be given as the second dose after 28 days. In the second phase, people above the age of 50 and those with co-morbidities will be vaccinated. Apart from them, people living in areas with high infection rates will be vaccinated in this phase. While the launch of the immunization drive is a big morale booster, I would like to appeal to the people, including those vaccinated, to not lower the guard in the fight against COVID-19. Everyone must continue with the ‘social vaccine’- of wearing masks, washing hands regularly, and maintaining a safe distance from others.I would also like to urge all the officials involved in the administration of the vaccine to strictly follow the comprehensive list of do’s and don’ts to avoid any untoward incident. The instructions include specifications regarding dosage, cold chain storage requirements, contra-indications and minor AEFIs (Adverse event following immunisation). As mentioned earlier, vaccine development entails a prolonged scientific process as it has to pass through all the stages of clinical and human trials involving thousands of volunteers. It is truly a feat worthy of our appreciation that the government acted with remarkable speed in completing various aspects like prioritizing the target groups, conducting dry runs, preparing the database of healthcare workers, training the vaccinators, delivering the vaccinations to the final administering sites safely, storing the vaccines in cold storages, and evaluating and monitoring the situation on a real-time basis through the Co-WIN network and central helpline. Undoubtedly, tireless efforts have gone into ensuring smooth operations till the last mile. My heartfelt regards to the field workers, health professionals, scientists, volunteers and the officials for their indefatigable efforts in fast-tracking the entire process and bringing to fruition the two Indian manufactured vaccines.India has developed a reputation as a world leader when it comes to immunization. The latest experience in developing a vaccine in record time only adds to that legacy. We have already done a fantastic job in the export of medical equipment to fight COVID-19- from PPE kits, N-95 masks and ventilators to other countries. It is not just the developing world, but the developed world too which looks up to us now as the ‘Pharmacy of the World’.We must build on this momentum and become the vaccinators for the world too in the true Indian spirit of treating the entire world as one family—‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’. We have already offered support to our neighbouring countries with COVID-19 vaccine. Soon, as the domestic demand is met and with ramping up of production, we can match and deliver to the global demand too. I am sure that today’s drive will serve as a successful template for immunization of the larger population in the coming months. My best wishes to all the people involved in the drive today.”

I trust the Indian physicians/scientists/health workers/community service workers one hundred percent completely. They are by far the best.

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The loud mouth of some self-appointed custodians of Hindu Dharma!

Like any faith, Hinduism is not 100% perfect. We have our ups and downs. Casteism is our gravest concern. A lot better than we were even a mere half a century ago, Hindu revivalism rests amply on how we take it from here. It is the responsibility of every single Hindu to ensure that none is left out and that our fold is inclusive of those in the fringes.

I shall explain quota reservation the way I have in my previous posts.

Carpark for the disabled is reserved in every corner of the globe – be in shopping malls or cinemas or stadiums or airports or theme parks or public places or wherever. The unreserved if they cannot find parking, can still drive around a block or two and walk a couple of streets to the mall. Something the physically challenged may find difficult to do. Reservation quota is such a small aid given to the underprivileged. You may claim some slots remain vacant, yet they don’t let you fill up because you can take care of yourself as you are fit as a fiddle. You will survive walking the extra 500 m or 1 km. Whatsoever, you will find your way to the mall and will not get lost. You need no direction or assistance. You cannot argue that you have been a fine driver all along and now you are forced to walk in hot sun, but the maimed or handicapped man enjoys the privilege of parking under cool shade even if he arrived late. You cannot argue it is you who is shopping maximum and adding value to economy, and the reserved carpark man in wheelchair shops for nothing and is merely window shopping. You cannot claim the reserved carpark allotted to him is going waste because he brings back nothing from the mall. You cannot lament, you have to carry the shopping bags two streets down to your parked car even if you are able-bodied enough to do it. May be the damaged man/woman was hit by your speeding car in the highway who knows. Hit for long that he cannot raise by himself or drive by himself. He needs a crutch to lean on and to take even a single step forward, while you have been enjoying riding your car at highspeed after a headstart and parking in forefront as long as one can remember…. And in case you deny reserved carpark for the disabled, isn’t there every chance he turns away from the mall disillusioned and disheartened.

At least this is how I see reservation. None in my family has benefited from any form of govt concession. But we enjoy the privilege of our sound birth which has put us ahead of millions in this country. Painfully I remain aware of this one differentiating fact.

Some of us fail to understand the basic lack of humanity in our society and the need to equalize chances for everyone. Which is why we have today ‘Black lives matter.’ If someone is gullible, it does not mean we can continue to take them, for a ride.

The animal abuse in Hindu temples is horrible, horrendous. No endearing kinship between a mahout and an elephant can justify such a blatant cruelty inflicted upon hapless voiceless five sensed gentle giant that belongs in the wild, in the name of God, in the abode of God. One has to be a sadist to do this to a living creature, especially something as beautiful and enchanting and magnificent as the Indian tusker. The spirit of the beast is snuffed in the name of God, the will broken in the house of God. How many know what it takes to ‘break an elephant.’ A sin like none other. Even thinking of this breaks my heart and brings tears to my eyes.

The greatest enemies of Hinduism are right here. If they shut their big mouth, world will be a far better place to live in. Anyway who gave these men and women the right to represent Hindu Dharma. Self-appointed custodians of Sanatana I suppose.

I have raised a lot of questions over conversion, yet I have to concede, none in India is forced into conversion kicking and screaming their way. They embrace the Abrahamic fold in freewill because when one’s dignity is at stake, nothing else matters really.

I have not seen worse passive aggressive lot like my fellow Hindus. I have lived among Malaysian/Arab muslims. Filipino christians. What we nurture that they don’t inherently have in them, is this ‘kallam, kabadam’ or ‘soodhu vaadhu’ – trademark birth character of all Hindus. And this ‘holier than thou’ attitude or this nauseating hypocrisy. Such a smug self-righteosness! What an insensitivity and lack of empathy.

Every single argument or post in mass media/social media these days is about castes or religion. Dear smartass Hindu, Lord Shiva cares really whether I go see him in menses or with a cigar dangling in my lips or after a peg of whisky. Whether I go see him in bikini or burqa. Or whether I had beef or panjamritham. This decorum is yours, NOT HIS! How senseless of you to reduce something so profound and infinite to mere rituality and your petty stupid dirty imagination! Whether He is Shiva, are you sure. Have you come back from Kailasha or what, you seem to know too much! Disgusting!

You are born no better than your neighbour by mere virtue of birth. Denying a fellow human his/her dignity is an unpardonable crime against humanity. Parasitic among us will find a 1000 reasons to counter social justice and equality.


  • Reservation can be phased out step by step, generation by generation. This nation will continue to produce first generation literates/graduates for another 100 years. A clear proof of deep driven schism in Hindu society in existence for millennia.
  • Animal abuse in places of worship to be treated as criminal offence punishable with a sentence. With none to argue their case, wildlife/domestic animals in India suffer trauma at the hands of the abusive.
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Why The Farmers Agitation Will Die A Natural Death.

We eliminated sharebrokers when we went on digital platform and opened demat accounts to trade in stocks and mutual funds. Any retail investor mourned the loss of income to small investment brokerage firms?

What did we do to stop futures trading. Has it or has it not led to hoarding as feared. What are the effects of commodity futures on our national economy. (Me too know some economics ma).

We allow foreign retirement funds to invest in our stocks and take flight after zooming to extraordinary heights in unprecedented bull runs. They drop us like hot potatoes and make good with our invaluable investments leaving us high and dry. Have we even learned our lessons. After all we have allowed Bhopal.

We eliminated house brokers/real estate agents when we started browsing 99 Acres and Sulekha… Have those whose services are now redundant held protests.

We have IKEA-like assembly showrooms now, NO manufacturing units. Any enragement from woodworkers or carpenter class.

We have sedans and SUVs assembled in India, not made in India from scratch.

We ordered our Sardar Patel from China.

Our mobile phones and even air conditioner spares and laptops are made in China.

We blocked the chances of quota doctors who serviced the far-flung and most underdeveloped pockets of the Indian nation, mostly rural and unreachable and cut-off from civilization (kind of) when we ushered in NEET. Now we are waiting for corporates to open swanky hospitals in lieu of primary health centers in these tribal/backward districts. In another 20 years.

We gave a free rein to Bill Gates foundation whose diktat we obediently followed with our immunization programs. We trusted foreign organizations with the health and fertility of our future generations. Hindu population of India is done in. Our fertility rates have plummeted at rocket speed – can anyone deny this. An open challenge to our LIBERAL demographers to elaborate on this.

We permit foreign NGOs to convert Hindus and tribals to Christianity with bribes and rice bags. We have a 100 tv channels in Tamil language alone run by the church. Do we question them. Pseudo liberals please answer this question.

Do we audit madarasas, mosques, churches?

We cribbed about demonetization but lived through it.

We ranted and raved about GST but soon pieces fell into places. Seamless borders now pan India.

We even had issues with our Aadhar-PAN linking but we can’t think of a better fool-proof accounting and taxation method.

We cried foul over Sabarimala and Ayodhya. Ironically we also were up in arms against ban on Triple talak. How is this consistent???

Talking of Ayodhya, what happened to the 100 year church lease expiry in India. Almost all leases granted in British Raj days have expired. Liberals, can you take steps to handover the real estates to Govt of India. Every single christian missionary estate holding title needs a serious legal review.

We deplore caste system but we have no intellectual honesty to admit to victimization by islamic marauders and invaders. We justify Hindu genocides over centuries terming it the war dharma of the bygone eras, but is not by the same law of nature, restoring Ayodhya to Raam an evolutionary step in our history. So is Kashmir. History in the making. Survival of the fittest.

We forget our corner shop/kirana store with Amazon and Flipkart. Now these are fixed unchangeable ingredients of our lives. Living without them is unthinkable.

Is life without Swiggy and Zomato possible either.

PETA more important over local interests and native aspirations and customs and culture. Natives never hunted down any wildlife species to extinction dear liberals. White man did. Founding father of your darling PETA. Which native race hunts wild life for trophies.

India without PETA, Greenpeace, UNICEF, World Vision will be devoid of ‘foreign hands’ and ‘foreign agents.’

From chemical pesticides and fertilizers to GM seeds and GM cows and calves, we have to import semen for any kind of biological reproduction in India (how many of us are aware that there is no more natural conception of cattle in India/other Asian countries these days) because we are sold to the west in and out. Be it native flora or fauna nothing is ours anymore. IVF centers mushrooming is only the next inevitable step. 80% of urban Indian young couples today cannot conceive naturally without medical intervention. Just dare me.

So what is this Farmers agitation for. We are to succumb whatsoever. Corporates manipulate our lives and we dance to their tunes.

It started the day we picked up Pepsi and Coke smashing our Campacola and Thumsup bottles.

Not that we were better off before globalization. We have been controlled by one or other as we know from Shastri’s mysterious death in Russia.

Ignorance is bliss. Those who couldn’t care less are fortunate. Half-baked like me are the hardest hit. For we can guess what is coming.

Brazen church sponsor of Koodankulam and Sterlite protests have opened the eyes of the public. Media and leftists could have been the Biriyani packet dealership agents. Modi is busy only eliminating these agents!!!

By the way middlemen and agents have been systematically rendered redundant – this is a collateral damage to achieve larger growth. Draftsmen etc., were sacrificed in civil engineering work. Even chemotheraphy is now possible with pills. We outgrow many old practices in course of time. We switched from VHS tapes to CDs and now we have microchips. Is it not a way forward. Do we lament the closure of video libraries very popular in the 80s.

As the world mechanizes further and further, a lot more skills and jobs will be rendered waste. But the world population is bound to leapfrog by billions every decade. Expect economic downturns, pandemics and chaos and civil wars in every corner of the globe from here on. Not a doomsday pundit, but it is clear this is where presently the world is headed.

We are surviving right this moment a pandemic. It could have been worse. When virtual classrooms and WFH (work from home) can become the new normal, we are open for any improvisation in future. You can’t blame Adani and Ambani for even the corona. Adaption is key to survival. This too shall pass.

We gain some, we lose some. Elimination of Mandis does sound ominous. Effects of having a MS/MD inexperienced at 28 years will be felt like aftershocks some 20 years later. Service quota is not without a reason. Present Farmer Bill effects will be observable in a short period. Along with that couple the NEP (New Education Policy). Meanwhile hawala funds remain untraceable and keep pouring in, and conversion mafia is unstoppable in India. Add, multiply and square and cube all these omg…. India spinning, spinning, spinning out of control….

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Raaman Aandaalum Raavanan Aandaalum….

a picture is worth a thousand words. Indian CEOs in US: single proof of altruistic relations between the US & India irrespective of successive governments and heads of the state in both the countries…

This piece was originally written hours before Joe Biden decisively won the US elections. Hopefully he proves to be good for India. His personal life tragedies, I trust, could make him by far the most compassionate US president in a long time who knows. Those of us who have walked a bed of thorns think differently. I look forward to better India US relations because America is family for me now! I will love America as much as I love India… started loving America like India the day my son set foot in America. Let the world recover smoothly from coronavirus and let us wait for the dawn of happy times yet again. Indians have vested interests in America. The States is like a second home to most Indian families who have a son/daughter/sibling living there. Indian community has enriched America in myriad ways. We have given America astronauts to top surgeons to software professionals to nursing staff and even hoteliers. Sundar Pichchai and Satya Nadella are not born everyday. To the US with love, INDIA.

However I don’t share such generous views on VP Kamala Harris even if she shares Tambram genes equally as Jamaican. She never identified herself as half Indian all these days. Why sudden Indian/Tamil affinity now. Villagers in Mayavaram are crazy holding prayers for her victory. Anything for the daughter of the soil.


What a debate the Trump Biden neck-to-neck contest has triggered in our midst.

India is very much concerned because our economy is directly tied to the US. Latest flashpoint has been the H1B visa renewal revised to every year from every three years badly affecting the IT sector and the fresh graduate Indians in the US. Mostly therefore we look at US elections from micro levels because Indian professionals rule the roost in America in key sectors such as IT, Medicine etc. We are more concerned about our kids going for masters to the US, H1B quota for the IT industry and US$ exchange rate over who is good for maintaining the balance of power in the world. Biden may be a better choice but how many of our liberals and leftists pause to think what a damage the Democrats have done to us Indians over decades. Republicans have fared far better (excluding perhaps Nixon). At macro level, for the Indian nation, Republican presidents have always been somewhat favourable politically.

For the leftists I have these questions: So immigrants are fine in Europe, America and India ( with Rohingyas). But why not in Middle East. Name a single islamic country/Arab nation that has taken in Palestinians or Syrians. How dare you. Come to the gulf. You can see thousands of Palestinians without a passport. What an intellectual dishonesty you guys have! You dare to question Trump, Modi, Macron everyone but you have not an iota of conscience because you never raise the flag as far as the islamic nations are concerned. You talk of islamophobia when you know none else in the world issues a ‘fatwa’ calling for death to fellow humans. Nowhere else in the world are pre-teen non-muslim girls abducted, raped and force converted to Islam as it is happening in Pakistan. Yes, every single non-muslim working/living in middle east cannot even proclaim his/her religion in public or criticize ‘the faithful’ lest he/she may rot in jail for rest of his/her life or worse, be stoned to death. And you talk of human rights in secular nations like India and the US. I am challenging you: try eating a pizza or even a pack of peanut in public in Pakistan during Ramzan in broad daylight , leave alone in Arab countries. I will talk to you if you are not already mutton kheema.

Black lives do matter but minorities cannot ever take law onto their hands whatever the pretext. Playing minority victim card is such a regular scene even in India. Just like our liberals/leftists have no word on conversion mafia/hawala fundings, they maintain a stoic silence on crimes committed by the minorities as well. How good is that Vatican keeps pumping millions of dollars into India for conversion guys? Or are you sleepwalkers with selective amnesia. Is it within human rights for foreign/desi missionaries/evangelists to venture into our tribal lands and convert indigenous natives?

Most of us who have been residents in the middle east are aware of the Trump mischief when he visited Saudi that triggered a commotion in the region and threatened world peace a couple of years ago. Trump was no way saint. Yet, that someone had the nerve to call a spade spade was admirable. Have you ever noticed a single leftist/liberal write or talk on triple talak or UCC (uniform civil code) or suppression of human rights in middle east. The leftist sense of justice: Shout out to Rohingyas but go silent on Yazidis. Raise a storm over Ram Mandir but go quiet on reclaiming church lease estate on expiry of 99 years. Even Hongkong could have gone back to China but not a single church may return to government fold. Law interprets itself differently in India. Or for secular democratic nations in general. Same law holds different again for communists and islamists. No audit for madarasa and church fundings but keep the temple administration with ruling government. If this does not smack of hyprocrisy, what does. My take on world affairs altered after i grew cynical on happenings in India.

Nationalism is not born without a reason. You feed it and then you cry foul.

Dear leftists/liberals today you can wag your tail proudly because Hindu dharma has bestowed such a freewill upon you. Democracy is very much incumbent on demography of a nation. Don’t let population jehad reduce you to minority. Then let us see whether you will even have any scope to exist. How many of you have it in you to admit to this bitter truth, a possibility within this century. Has happened in Egypt. Happening in Turkey presently. How long before it happens in India.

The same leftists who call the Dalit treatment a historical injustice, have no word for forced conversions or jiziya or razing of Hindu temples by Moghuls or the islamic anarchy that bled the Hindus for centuries. When you have no sympathy for the Hindu ancestors who suffered persecution under Arab/Moghul/Turkish/Persian marauders and sadistic invaders, you have no right to talk about the caste discriminations in the Hindu society prevalent for centuries. Both cancel out each other. Both were the prevailing dharma of those times. Even slave trade was the norm and dharma of a bygone era. Don’t hold the current generation responsible for the crimes and injustices and atrocities committed by their forefathers – because you never want to hold Indian muslims responsible for anything from past. Let the past remain in past NOT SELECTIVELY but.

If you want to be chummy chummy with muzzies, you are welcome, but don’t ever wag a finger at us Hindus. We have had enough. And now, we are finally on the offensive, having been on the defensive for too long.

In this context, I have always viewed Trump as a plus for India. His actions on immigration could have cost us a bit even if we are legal immigrants in the US (as white collar workers), but he had every right to regularize immigration in his own country. Average Americans welcomed his reforms, at least to my knowledge and thinking. If trump faulted, it was probably in the management of covid 19 pandemic.

I wouldn’t want to judge a man by his words. Rather by his actions. Trump succeeded in securing maximum benefits for the US economy pushing for lowering of trade tariffs in India, China etc. He did what was good for his country whether be it about Climate change or whatever. In spite of signing up for Climate change, what is India doing for a better environment. What are the efforts for greening the planet by the signed nations.

Trump’s scathing remarks on China are true 100%. His fears about China well founded. His warnings on terrorism were not out of place or time. Democrats such as Obama are known for emboldening terror elements. Just see who is rejoicing with Biden win. Our Paki neighbours. Trump stopped the US from financing terror nations and minced no words issuing a statement to that effect. US economy registered a robust growth in last 4 years.

I am very skeptical about Democrat for POTUS because our history is not rosy as I said. These democrats go soft on terror. Our international policies would be at loggerheads. As for the IT sector in India bringing us valuable foreign exchange, it may however be time to cheer with Biden winning the presidential race and it might be good news for our masters aspirants and research scholars and other immigrants, but we need to wait and watch how these guys are going to take our relationship further.

Mostly Joe Biden will be a mixed bag for India.

Those of you who associate Republican presidents with war scenarios forget that the following Democrat presidents never exercised the option of calling back troops but instead supplied additional troops to war fronts.

Health care reforms are fine but we also have south American economies like Venezuela ruined by socialism. Nothing is free in this world. You have to earn every single penny. Unchecked freebies will take any economy to Venezuelan-like crisis.

May be he was haughty and boorish and hated openly, yet Trump was good for India because he was a thorough businessman. You can deal with this kind. It is the dillydallying ones we have to stay wary of. The suave and sophisticated scoundrels reap all the praise because they have it in them to hoodwink the so-called elitist intelligentsia who fall for these nonsense charms head over heels. As for the general janata such as me, it takes a lot more of convincing to consider someone for what they are truly worthy of.

Too early to predict anything further. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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Tanishq Ad

I have done posts earlier on Love Jehad. I do believe this is an unspoken agenda in India, no doubt. At the same time, there are quite a few interfaith weddings that are also happening for the sake of love. How do you know the difference.

Until now my take on interfaith weddings was severe. But with an interreligious or rather international marriage in family, I am looking at these things now through a different dimension. New perspectives emerge. Some convictions I thought that were deeply rooted, seem to have been shaken. Opinions change, we jig and rejig and reprioritize. Probably time for some of us to evolve.

So i am having a rethink on everything from love jehad to interfaith relationships. I do not know what is what honestly. I just know, until it happens to you it is easy to sit on the fence and comment. The love jehad brides were all over 18. Like our christian converts.

I am a new customer with Tanishq but as for jewelry watches, i have always been a Titan fan… my recent couple of buys were from Tanishq and Caratlane. I did wonder at the profusion of islamic style jewelry in their showroom. I could easily tell apart which design was traditionally Hindu and which was Muslim. I completely ruled out the islamic influenced jewelry. Not many women can do that! I mean, unless you are a regular jewelry shopper hahaha it is not easy to differentiate between the two. In some pieces, the islamic representation is subtle. I steered clear of anything resembling islamic in their gallery.

I was also surprised at their robust number of muslim staff. I have not seen this anywhere in jewelry business. Definitely not in Andhra garu showrooms or Gujju jewelry shops.

What i liked about Tanishq was their transparency. You have access to witnessing the gold smelting process, with gold quality and exact weight, system generated right before your eyes. There is no way you can be shortchanged as the gold purity is indisputable and the customer stands to benefit. Since Tanishq is a corporate company, the standard of jewelry and service are par excellence. My friends refrain from Tanishq because it is deemed expensive. They tease me, Tanishq is for NRIs like me.

In all honestly, my gold shopping is always in Doha. In Chennai it is GRT. But of late I am liking Tanishq. When the standard is best, you don’t care if it is Hindu or Muslim. By the way, Tata is Parsi.

(In Middle East, ever since Kalyan jewelers opened up, there is a big shift in consumer preferences. Most Hindu customers moved over from the Alukkas and Malabar to the Hindu owned showroom for the only reason they did not want to give business to christian and muslim owned enterprises. Until very recently, these two jewelry chains monopolized middle east gold and diamond markets as far as Indian customers were concerned. The profits were ploughed back for propagation of their own faith in Kerala, or so it is believed. Kalyan was very much the need of the hour. Huge tectonic shift in customer base for all the three jewelries in last 4 to 5 years to which I bore witness. So I can personally vouch how religious sentiments can influence and impact trade volumes. In a way it pleased me that the Hindus finally learnt to support their own tribe, but at the same time it hurt that we have grown to be this mean and calculative. My personal favourite in gulf: Damas, Arab owned).

If any jewelry retain chain in India measures upto international standard, I would say it is Tanishq. It is not just about the ambience. Tanishq is clearly a cut above the rest with their neat and precise gem cutting and art work, impeccable details and finishing, elegance, exquisite collection, the tasteful ensemble and class. After Tanishq I have a feeling that a sizeable chunk of our others jewelers are nothing but crude and junk.

I am only middle class but like any shrewd middle class housewife and also middle aged housewife, i am fascinated by jewelry and i possess a little (very little) that i dutifully stash away in bank lockers. Yet i cannot resist the temptation for gold shopping at least once an year. Ask any lady!

Just caught up with the supposedly controversial Tanishq ad. I have this to say: was there a deliberate mischief in the ad making. One cannot be sure. But factoring in the nationalistic wave sweeping India, the Tata group could have exercised caution.

On retrospect i do feel that we have regressed not progressed with time. We did get away with Alaigal Oivadhillai in 1980s. Nobody mentioned Love Jehad then. The picture ran to packed house. We have had a Julie in the 70s. And the way we portray Anglo Indian women in our pictures! ‘Nootrukku Nooru’ in Tamil even if under KB banner, always makes me flinch. And what about even Mani Ratnam’s Bombay.

Love wins over caste, community, language, religion, race. You will understand this when you transcend these barriers yourself, or still better your KID does that!!!

Finally some relief for Arnab Goswami and Republic tv, and why even Sushant Singh Rajput can heave a sigh of relief in the nether world. Let Tata take flak for a while 😀

Why should it always be about religion sigh. I am getting sick of this kind of pathetic mentality.

There could be another angle to this story.

Mostly gold business and diamond trade is in the hand of Gujjus. Or Naidus, Reddis. Ever since Tanishq gained predominance in gold jewelry retailing and diamond counter sales, there is a greater transparency with the real value of the jewelry and purity having to be declared to the consumer/customer without an element of doubt. Everything is legal, on paper, 100% accounted for and mainly no ground for tax evasion. 100% transparency. Procuring the precious metal to production and sales are for public eyes. This is where our old gold mafia might be feeling the pinch. My deduction that’s all. Tanishq does not share any bonhomie with any other jeweler to my knowledge and may not belong in the union of jewelry traders, for the chief reason it is a corporate business house. There is absolutely no compromise in value for price. No jeweler liked Tanishq in my estimate but didn’t know how to bring the Tata house down. Whether the top brass gave the nod for the commercial is not clear. Hierarchywise the men at the top need not have to keep themselves abreast with the nitty gritty of advertising and marketing at the grassroots level. This is managed by the men at the base of the pyramid.

Too many loose cannon tweets and comments on such a fine man as Tata. Where did these half baked and nut cases go during Mumbai 26/11. Did n’t the same loud mouths sing Tata’s praises for his handling of the hotel affairs and staff welfare on the aftermath of the terror attack. Public memory is pitifully short!

Ok the commercial is withdrawn now. What do we do next. Get one gujju bhai to match Tata’s quality and honesty in jewelry industry. How could they with men like Nirav Modi.

If caste and religion must be deciding everything and every judgment in this country, then this nation will only be going to dogs in very short time. There is a lot to learn from the Tatas. There is a lot for the nation to be grateful to the industrious Tata family. India is blessed to have Tata. Gold standard. Pun intended.

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We are the Indian Subcontinent, Not South Asia.

Bringing out from backburners one more burning issue. Reason is, i caught even my Prime Minister talking of South Asia, not the Indian Subcontinent in our Independence day address after flag hoisting in New Delhi. I winced in pain. I know I am heard. So here I go:


(originally penned on December 20, 2014) (with due edits and updates)

Excuse me, we are Indians, NOT SOUTH ASIANS, NOT EVEN BROWNS!

Robin Raphael sometime ago was under investigation by FBI for her alleged spy links during her stint as diplomat in Pakistan. She was well known for her staunch anti-India stance and she is credited with the introduction of the term ‘South Asia’ which region was until then referred to as the Indian Subcontinent. It was supposedly to end the ‘psychological’ superiority of Indians. But what beats me is, why do we Indians have to toe the line. We can continue to take pride in in belonging to/coming from our native Indian subcontinent. The new word çoinage of ‘South Asia’ was meant to appease Pakistan that hated being referred to as part of the great Indian subcontinent, that wanted no part of India whatsoever and no reference in any manner to India.

(Well guys, you cannot write Pak history without mentioning India but India need not have to mention you until 1947. You are one sentence for us, nothing more, in our history text books. Forever you will have to live under the shadows of the big brother India. Live with this now. You simply have NO identity sans India.)

Well how about the Indian Ocean! So how many nations on earth have an ocean named after them? Live with it guys, again, okay?!

The South China Sea is as petty as China-Chinese. The Indian ocean is vast, mighty, diverse, all consuming, all encompassing.

With ‘South Asia’ the West always wanted to refer to India and Pakistan in one breath. Whereas INDIA IS NOT PAKISTAN AND INDIA DOES NOT BELONG ANYWHERE WITH PAKISTAN. The repeated attempts of the west to tie India with Pakistan is showcased best with the successive presidents of US (and China) for instance visiting India and Pakistan always in one single leg of their journey much to New Delhi’s embarrassment. No America, we are not on same footing: India and Pakistan. And do not hop into your Airforce 1 dear American presidents and put your one foot here in India, with the other in Pakistan….

One more reason we Indians do not like the tour itinerary of visiting heads of the state from the west is, when you try to measure us India and Pakistan in the same wavelength at the same instance, you may lose your objectivity. You will never get the Indian perspective.

I have myself referred to ourselves as ‘South Asians’ sometimes but as much as possible I am trying not to do that. Neither are we Indians ‘brown people.’ I mean we are brown, but not when you try to bring us all together under the same umbrella with Pakistanis and Bangladeshis and Sri Lankans sorry. We are Indians, and Indians only.

The reason some immigrants in UK/US refer to themselves generally as ‘brown’ or ‘south asian’ is, they would rather like to pass off for Indian than Pakistani. Which is not fair to Indians. I am seeing this psychology even in Middle-east. Whereas NO INDIAN would refer to himself/herself as brown or south asian. And never as a Pakistani in a million years!

If India is South Asia, then Mexico is also America, is it not! Let us refer to Mexico as North America in our media!

India parted ways with Pakistan long back. Our children do not like to be referred to in the same context as Pakistan. We are different breed today, different culture, different society.

Don’t the Chinese, Japanese and Koreans merit their own specific identity. Similarly INDIAN IDENTITY IS UNIQUE. 

My appeal to the BJP government would be to initiate and promote usage of the term ‘Indian subcontinent’ once again in our midst, in our media, in our mindset and get rid of the ‘South Asian’ term.

Call me a racist, I don’t care. I reiterate my respects for everyone but I want individuality. India has her own currency notation. How many nations on earth have that – hardly a handful.

The Indian Rupee Symbol

Proudly Indian. Proudly Hindustani, Proudly Bharatwasi. I AM NOT SOUTH ASIAN, I AM NOT BROWN, I AM INDIAN AND INDIAN ONLY! And I am from the INDIAN SUBCONTINENT NOT SOUTH ASIA! How much the Hindu Dharma is proving to be an irritant, annoying the west and the islamists! Well WE ARE, AND WE WILL BE! Do what you can! Indian flag flies high in the space and in Dakshina Gangotri, Antarctica!


I take this opportunity to clarify one more fact: been mentioning this in many of my posts:

MOGHULS WERE NOT INDIAN. WERE THE BRITISH INDIAN? Moghuls were barbaric Afghan tyrants and marauders who ravaged, looted India and that’s what they will remain to the native Hindu majority of this nation to eternity. Yesteryear Taliban precisely!

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Greta Thunberg, Muslims MUST have an autonomous state in Sweden-Norway!

Sweden and Norway must allow immigrant muslims to form independent states in Scandinavia because this is what human rights is all about. Extremely pleased with happenings in the Swedish and Nordic nations. Valiant struggle for worthy cause! Noble mission! LIBERATE THE SWEDISH AND NORWAY MUSLIMS NOW!

Let Greta talk about human rights violation of Swedish and Norway muslims next time. On how the racist Scandinavian law enforcement targeted muslims. It is important for Swedish muslims and Norway muslims to have their own autonomous Sharia states within Sweden and Norway. India must do whatever in Her capacity to ensure just that. For a starter, we can offer to negotiate for a separate state for muslims in Sweden and Norway with respective governments.

Greta, what a dream come true to have the caliphates coming up in Norway and Sweden first and foremost in Europe! Every Human Rights Activist’s dream! Let us move towards realizing the vision! Looking forward to your opinion and lecture on this!

By the way,










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Difference between a Hindu and a Muslim is….. BANGALORE.

And None can love India the way Hindus can. And never will muslims be capable of loyalty or gratitude ever. Biting the hand that feeds probably runs in their volatile blood.

No Hindu will have the heart or inclination to do to Bangalore what the muslims did.

Violence in Bangalore erupted after someone (names avoided) posted in social media, caricature of a self-proclaimed prophet. But beforehand, dirtiest caricatures of Hindu Gods and even of our PM were posted in social media by a ‘peaceful’ inviting equally dastardly (favourable) comments. The Hindu tweet was in response to the earlier muslim tweet.

No property was destroyed, no arson broke out and none was killed even if the Hindu gods were desecrated-degenerated by the muslim in social media but Bangalore burned when a single Hindu reacted very mildly despite blatant targeted provocation by the muslim miscreant.

Only absolute hate-filled useless and brainless humans can act so devilish and inflict so much of violence and loss of property under the circumstances. You can see this psychopathic streak in all islamic nations. The way the entire episode was orchestrated with the help of left leaning media was even more deplorable.

It shows, followers of bloody violence will NOT ever be civilized. They are the cancer of our nation, cancer of the world.

I breathe a sigh of relief that in my time atleast, India is still Hindu majority and not gone to these DOGS. In my secular, democratic nation, a Hindu gets booked for this worst series of events that shook Bangalore very recently. This is why we have to enforce with immediate effect Uniform Civil Code (UCC) and must also initiate steps towards building a Hindu Rashtra.

Also time to hunt down the Rohingya and Bangladeshi vermin in the country and send them packing. Not a single one of them must remain in Indian soil.

As i have mentioned before in my blogs, world reserves the best punishment for this senseless thankless community: SHAME.

In world history, their faith will always be demeaned, their lot will be shown disrespect, each and every one of them will be suspected of being a potential terrorist, they will not be trusted, they will be denied equality and dignity. History will record them as TERRORISTS, world will fear them, loath them not because they are heroes, but because they are cowards who will not stop from destroying, destructing because this is what their culture is about and this is what they are capable of given their low IQ (congenital). This is what their religious philosophy is about.

My heart bleeds and my blood boils when i think of what these terrorists did to Bangalore. Slave mentality of the converted sheep who have no identity, who have no shame calling the next door arab uncle their dad.

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Let me do a copy-paste recap job on New Education Policy 2020 from the social media.

New Education Policy 2020

1. 10+2 board structure dropped
2. School structure will be 5+3+3+4
3. Up to 5 pre school, 6 to 8 Mid School, 8 to 11 High School, 12 onwards Graduation
4. Any Degree will be 4 years
5. 6th std onwards vocational courses available
6. From 8 to 11 students can choose subjects
7. All graduation courses will have major & minor
Example – science student can opt Physics as Major and Music as minor. Any combination can be chosen
8. All higher education will be governed by one authority.
9. UGC AICTE get merged.
10. All University government, private, Open, Deemed, Vocational etc will have same grading and rules.
11. New Teacher Training board will be setup for all kinds of teachers in the country, no state can change
12. Same level of accreditation to any college and based on its rating college will get autonomous rights and funds.
13. New Basic learning program will be created by government for parents to teach children up to 3 years in home and for pre school 3 to 6.
14. Multiple entry and exit from any course
15. Credit system for graduation, for each year student will get some credits which can be utilized when a break is taken in course and could come back again to complete the course.
16. All school exams will be on semester basis twice a year.
17. The syllabus will be reduced to core knowledge of any subject.
18. More focus on student’s practicals and application of knowledge
19. For any graduation course, if a student completes only one year, will get a basic certificate, if complete two years, then will get Diploma certificate and if completes full course then will get degree certificate. So no year of any student will be wasted if a break is taken in the course in between.
20.All the graduation courses fee of all Universities will be governed by single authority with capping on each course.

Education system to be at par with education in modern countries and future of our children to be brighter.

My Comment:

If New Education Policy is indeed implemented successfully, it will prove to be a turning point in Indian history for the better. Long since overdue. Vocational education and training to be at par with academic studies, which is a welcome move. Education will cease to translate to mere book knowledge. Practical application of one’s learning will gain impetus. School and college drop-outs will be minimal. Education being equally skill-based and on even footing with academic proficiency can ensure dignity of labour and bring about a more equitable society in the long run. Special children will stand to benefit. Knowledge imparted to be qualitative. Quality of manpower will see tremendous improvement. Holistic approach to Education. Development can be wholesome. We can have a far mature society in the making.

However the new policy sounds too very ambitious, but then knowing Modi and his demonetization and Balakot surgical strike and even the implementation of NEET for Medical entrance throughout India in one stroke and of course the revoking of article 370 in Kashmir, I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets things rolling as soon as possible, beginning with teachers’ training on war-footing basis (this is more important than going on war really), upgrading our schools’ infrastructures, overhauling the entire education system which is in kind of a mess… although I can’t rule out the possibility of the first few batches becoming the experimental scapegoat… Streamlining such a massive machinery of education is no easy task in India, especially given the very brief time frame…. then again I pin my faith on the one-man-army called Modi. No, he isn’t really a one-man army or your usual sycophant surrounded by gibberish fools. I understand, a totally dedicated, devoted team of thousands of engineers and medicos and technocrats and scientists and educationists and bankers and others work for PM Narendra Modi fashioning his policies for the nation over which the bureaucrats and Delhi Babus of the ministry have hardly a say. This education policy so well outlined could be the brainchild of such an expert team. How to standardize education in rural and urban dwelling. A big challenge here.

Environment Impact Assessment Draft 2020

The best efforts ploughed in by our prime minister with the New Education policy 2020 may come to a naught if EIA (Environment Impact Assessment) 2020 is to be enforced as well.

The draft EIA paves way for environment clearance for future (foreign) (mega) investments in India without adequate notification and assessment of the impact on nature and wildlife in India. Most of the protective measures instituted so far for safeguarding the natural environment in India can be bypassed, should the EIA draft 2020 be approved. This means, our rivers can get even more polluted or even be sucked up dry, and India can be completely depleted of its natural resources such as water, minerals, metals and forest wealth in no time. If the draft EIA is facilitated at the behest of MNCs, then in less than hundred years, India could become the next Somalia so that the present generation capitalists can live life kingsize.

Every highway bisecting the elephant corridor in India is one more nail in the coffin of India’s natural environment. Shiva can never become the Adi Yogi turning back pachyderms descending down the Velliangiri Hills of the Blue Mountain (Eastern Ghats) of southern India. Their home is lost. Pathanjali the ancient Yogic Guru, can have nothing to do with the Ayurveda brand promoted by destroying the forests of Assam. This is the only Dharma that I can reckon with.

One of the best things about Nehruvian era was the unwavering protection of our reserve forests that are the natural habitat of some of world’s most endangered and exotic species of wild life, animals, birds and plants. These are the very lungs of India in this 21st century. India’s forest cover has remained vastly untouched over decades. Disturbing or encroaching upon Reserve Forest range and/or harming wildlife are non-bailable criminal offences. Forests department is very much functional. Which is why actor Salman Khan got into legal trouble when he shot the blue buck, a native species.

Indira Gandhi directed the Project Tiger which is bearing fruits today. India accounts for maximum number of tigers in the wild in entire world. India is also home to over fifty percent of the world’s elephant population.

Elephant population in the country is estimated at 29,964 as per the census conducted in 2017. The South Region accounted for 14,612 followed by North East with 10,139 elephants. The tiger population across the country is estimated at 2,967 as per the 2018 census

The current government has a policy for compensatory afforestation when prime forests are claimed for development purposes. However in truth, the secondary forests can never make up for and match the primary forests limb to limb. Despite our best and no holds-barred conservation efforts, forest cover in India is steadily shrinking, with loss of natural habitat for our wildlife reported every single day from every corner of the country.

Science is for arts’ sake, never vice versa. This is my last word on EIA if this controversial amendment is to go ahead.

Prime Minister Modi’s ‘Man vs. wild’ with Bear Grylls seems a cruel joke now.

The rich bio-diversity we have in India is unparalleled in any other part of the world, except for Africa. Gir Lions to Asian elephants, and Bengal Tigers to Single horned Assamese Rhinoceros, with the spectacular array of flora and fauna we boast of, along with the brilliant plumage of avian population co-existing with the 1.3 billion strong humankind is a miraculous feat we can find nowhere on earth. Well, I remember once driving through the sandalwood forests in Kerala-Tamil Nadu border. Sheer magic in the air. For how long shall we have this precious cherished gift? Man-Wildlife conflicts are on rise but so far we have been able to arrive at a truce. For the first time in Indian history however, nature stands to be beaten black and blue and man will trudge on merciless, leaving in his wake the carcasses of rotting wild elephant and tiger…

The price we have to pay for wanting to become the next China!

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Continuing Atrocities Against Hindus In Pakistan

Updated July 23, 2020

Torture and massacre of minority Hindus in Pakistan is no news. Hindu population in Pakistan stands decimated and is on the brink of extinction in their very native soil. From over 12% in 1947, it is now under 1% which must explain the systematic Hindu persecution in the country. Everyday news from Pakistan is of abduction and rape of Hindu girls who are then sold to prostitution and/or converted to Islam forcibly married to muslim men. Even so, two recent videos that surfaced in social media shed shocking new insights into cruel fates of Hindus hanging by bare threads for survival in Pakistan.

One is of the demolition of a wall of a Hindu temple in Islamabad, Pakistan by Pakistani muslims. A second is of a Pakistani Muslim father looking on proudly as his child not even about 10 years, threatens with killing every Hindu if the Hindu temple is constructed in Pakistan. The boy of such a tender age already bears the markings of a perfect future global terrorist, clearly a terrorist in the making.

(A third is the brutal killing of a Pakistani Hindu man butchered to pieces. It is a gruesome video that I opt not to share.)

Obviously, both might not have made to headlines in any Arab news agency or to the media news like BBC or CNN.

Well, there is now a fourth video surfacing, of a 1700 ancient Buddha desecrated and destroyed in Pakistan, with Pakistanis stepping on the Buddha with their foot. Heart-stopping footage. How about getting some return respect of same degree for their own belief system now. I have grown up believing that whichever civilization or nation that desecrates Hindu/Buddhist temples/Gods live to realize their past Karma the way we see today in Afghanistan, Iraq etc., and this video could be the ultimate proof of why this deep-rooted Hindu philosophy of justice is proving to be true. Hindu-Buddhists are passive by nature and in India’s history of over 10,000 years, we have hardly invaded a foreign nation. Never plundered by aggression and destroyed native cultures and decimated the original sons of soil, to live a proud and opulent life the way Islamists have done. Even today, India’s conflicts are about protecting our own sovereign territory. Defensive, over offensive. Which is why whether China or Pakistan, their future generations will pay back their bad Karma one day.

The British were in India for 300 years, but they never razed a single Hindu temple. Temple histories and edicts in some cases reveal, how the British were in awe of Hindu Gods. Quite a few of them paid obeisance to ancient Hindu temples and contributed towards their upkeep. Prime example, Eri Katha Ramar temple, near Madurantakam, Tamil Nadu.

The other day I was watching Vox You Tube video on Kashmir. Not a single mention of the massacre and ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Hindu pundits in 1990 by the Kashmiri Muslims who hunted down and chased away the Hindus overnight, burning villages and towns, raping Hindu women and killing in cold blood the Hindu men who dared to stay back. The Kashmiri Hindus who fled the valley have ever since been living as refugees (IDP) (Internally displaced persons) in refugee camps near Delhi, with their homes and wealth and belongings taken over forcibly by Kashmir muslims. How can a media report ever be complete without an honest mention of them. However Burhan Wani made it to the Vox report. Not surprising.

All these go on to show how mainstream media is paid media and how journalists don’t hesitate to sell their soul if it can butter their bread. Intellectual Honesty: not a characteristic trait of any political columnist or journalist or media person/house.

There is no way we passive Hindus can win against this kind of hatred, barbarity and cruelty. But we win when we defy them in every way, refusing their supposed maker, denying their faith, disrespecting their community, cold shouldering them in international arena and isolating them, and forever branding them as terrorists in our hearts and minds. The universe has awarded these violent perpetrators of inhumane crimes SHAME. Their bloody brutality will go down in recorded history, forever tainting their origins and beliefs and customs and general life. World will always nurture this phobia against them and treat them with indifference. May be this is the best punishment of all.