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Review: Queen (Tamil Web Series)

Queen (Tamil Web Series) is on MX Player.

Directed by Gautam Menon (No.1 copycat and idea thief from Hollywood and crypto (?) christian allegedly responsible for maximum conversion to Christianity along with actor Joseph Vijay in Tamil film industry), starring Ramya Krishnan as Jayalalitha…. yes, this is supposedly the life story of the most beloved woman from Tamil Nadu by the masses, our ex-CM Jayalalitha Jayaram, who died an untimely (and an unnatural?) death just a couple or more years ago…

Eyes pregnant with tears, i am glued to my screen even though most of JJ’s private life was public as well. Her rise from stardom to the state politics. Her topping the entire state in the school final SSLC board exams, her reluctance to join the showbiz world, her short lived love story, her gradual climb to power with authority and strength… We will never see a woman like her for a long time… I missed Indira Gandhi mostly. In fact it was a working day for us in our school when Mrs. Gandhi got assassinated. But what I missed about Indira Ji, I caught up with in JJ. She was the one and only queen. Queen of the masses. Intelligent, shrewd, with an inborn compassion for fellow women. She did not bow down to anybody. May be that cost her her life who knows.

As ever, I got my first opinion on JJ from my maternal granny. I think she attended JJ’s ‘Bharatnatyam’ arangetram (south classical dance debut stage performance) at RR Sabha in Mylapore. The function was presided over by thespian Tamil actor Shivaji Ganesan, reigning hero of silver screens at par with MGR in those days. Shivaji referred to Jayalalitha, the 15 year old, as ‘thanga padhumai’ (golden doll) that made to headlines in Tamil dailies like ‘Dina Thanthi’ then. Her first film happened almost immediately. This interesting snippet was missing in Queen although i do not expect the director to cover all grounds. Supposedly, JJ’s dance recital pictures in black & white were splashed in Tamil magazines and newspapers that won her her entry into the tinsel world.

Jayalalitha was a contracted actor working with M G Ramachandran, popularly known as MGR, who became Tamil Nadu’s chief minister in 1977. Before her for MGR, there was Saroja Devi, and after her there were Manjula and Latha. MGR’s ‘contracts’ were ‘popular’ indeed. It was also common knowledge that Jayalalitha’s impending marriage to Shobhan Babu, Andhra actor, was done away by MGR. JJ was manipulated throughout her life. First it was her mother who stage-managed her, then it was her co-actor MGR before she fell into the hands of some ‘vested interests.’

Shobhan Babu passed away a few years before JJ. Every time I pass his house and his bust (what for??), i can’t help thinking of his love affair with Jayalalitha in the ’70s. In fact on his demise, I half-expected JJ to turn up for his funeral. No chance, still. There was and is a secret love child, now into her 40s, as rumours have it. Shobhan became one more man who hardened Jayalalitha into toughest woman with his cowardice.

JJ’s relationship with MGR may have been an open book but looking at the old black & white and colour pictures that came later, the bond that they shared is pretty evident. There is more than hero worship in JJ’s eyes for MGR. True, she had none to blame. Much of her pain and suffering was self-inflicted. After Vaijayanthi Mala, Rekha and Hema Malini from Tamil Nadu who graced Bollywood, it should have been Jayalalitha next before Sri Devi’s turn. Reportedly she turned down a Raj Kapoor offer on MGR’s diktat. MGR could have made a star out of JJ, but she also in turn seems to have paid a heavy price. A stint in Bollywood could have changed Jayalalitha’s life completely freeing her from MGR’s clutches.

I have no memory of JJ’s film life. By mid ’70s she was already out of films entering the next phase of her life. But it was the time when I discovered pictures. The earliest memory of mine about Jayalalitha is her appointment as propaganda secretary for ADMK. We had a maid in our house when I was a little girl. She was smitten with MGR films those days. I remember her telling me and my sis MGR picture stories as she hounded the cinemas almost every week. Almost always the heroine of the story would be Jayalalitha. My fondest memory is making our teenage maid tell us the story of ‘Kannithai’ (virgin mother). Many many more films of those times. This might have been between 1972-1976. This is how Jayalalitha became familiar to me at a very young age. I had never watched a single film of her until we bought our own tv (in 1977) but I had listened to her film stories from a huge fan of hers describing to me scene by scene, dialogue by dialogue. The pair’s unbeatable winning combo was also JJ’s debut film ‘Aayirathil oruvan’ (one in a thousand).

I don’t remember having any political opinion on JJ therefore when she entered politics somewhat backdoor. Jayalalitha became a part of active memory for most of us only since she became our chief minister for the first time in 1991. I remember watching live her oath taking in tv. This is however for the next series.

The series stops with a rising Jayalalitha, pushed from MGR’s funeral cortege by Janaki Ramachandran’s kith and kin. Her phenomenal rise in Tamil Nadu politics is national news. The single shove that sent her reeling down the carriage forever uplifted her in public memory as the still was played repeatedly in tv winning JJ public sympathy. That combined with the sympathy wave for Congress after Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination (ADMK had tied up with congress for 1991 elections) saw her becoming the state’s first woman chief minister. She was only 43 then. The next series will hopefully start with her ascension to power and her way of conducting administration.

We Tamils have felt safest and securest when Jayalalitha was around. Civic administration was its best – long before Swachch Bharat got enforced. Every ten foot stood a cop on patrol day and night around the city. I was once surprised to find two women constables in Aalaiamman temple in T. Nagar where I had gone visiting (2003 or 2004) for cooking and offering sweet jaggery pongal for Mother Goddess within the temple premises. The temple, even if at the heart of the city, was empty. Two women cops came to our rescue and gave me and my aunt some interesting company. They even drew water with us from the temple well for cooking pongal. As the temple invited women devotees mostly, JJ saw to that women who visited the temple didn’t get alarmed as the place was deserted. Extremely thoughtful of her. May be it was not the need of the hour but she made women’s security her top priority. There was not a square inch of the metro that was not under police survey. CCTVs arrived later. I have a lot to say on JJ. I have blogged much in the past about her. But nothing is concise enough to put down here. I will keep some info for the next series of Queen. I have seen JJ touch women’s life. In this part of the world, it mattered. It is such a basic but powerful thing that couldn’t be missed. Health center medicos met regularly every week in Rippon Building in JJ’s times. I came to know of this through the car driver of a lady doc who used to have an easy time in DMK period. New born girl babies health and post natal death stats of mothers/infants were high on agenda, as JJ took a personal interest in women’s affairs. Never were the health centers run with such an efficacy as in JJ’s period. Even today if you walk into govt primary health centers run by state govt in Tamil Nadu, you can see how well it is run and managed and how hygiene is maintained. And it is almost free or heavily subsidized. Rare to see corporation/govt run clinics on their toes. She put into place a good and functional system regularizing the basics. Hopefully the set-up holds good after her.

Watching Queen, I reminded myself the reason why JJ accorded a priority to women’s issues. She became the one true ‘kannithai.’ – the Amma.

Jayalalitha passed away in power on her fourth term as the state’s CM. She returned to power effortlessly not even battling it out tough the final time as her deteriorating health took a heavy toll on her after her brief spell in Bangalore prison. The masses were aware, how much of her wealth was self-earned. Long before she joined politics, JJ was already a star. She was born with silver spoon and attended the finest convent in the city. If JJ had to suffer a sentence for corruption, I wonder what must be the case of EVERY SINGLE INDIAN POLITICIAN. Vendetta politics killed Jayalalitha. Disloyalty  shadowed JJ right through her life. What a tragedy. Not having a single human being to love or trust being so powerful, so beautiful, so successful, so classy, so wealthy. The unfairness of her Bangalore prison stint still hurts me and millions of Tamils. She did not deserve it. Okay, let me wait for the next series.

Ramya Krishnan is trying her best to justify her role as Jayalalitha in Queen but she has large shoes to fill in. I don’t have the names of those who have played the roles of younger JJ – first as a pre-teen and upto 15 years first and then as JJ in her twenties. They both have done a stupendous job. The MGR character selection is also good. It is possible that the actors have been chosen for their resemblance to original characters and also for their good mimicking of the stars’ mannerisms. JJ’s pout especially with her slightly upturned lower lip. Very characteristic of her and the one who played JJ in her twenties has tried her best. Still has not got it! Okay almost there.

Back in 1960s or 70s we had no mass media. Only by late 70s and early 80s, most of us got home even a black & white tv set. So it is interesting to watch the MGR JJ scenes being played out. Not much of info on Sandhya, also an actress and JJ’s mother. Not a happy childhood for JJ. Her whole life was an untold tragedy even if she was too good for the state. How could someone have lived such a lonely life entirely, yet become the CM of a male chauvinist province. Who cried for Jayalalitha when she lay lifeless. Which kith and kin. Her loneliness from the start is what breaks my heart.

Jayalalitha Jayaram will always be my heroine No.1. Bollywood did not have the fortune of having her because she was destined for greater glory. Although I became aware of her from the 1990s only, ever since i had paid her great attention. Her upright governance, how she took things head on and made the men squirm at her foot – won her accolades from every quarter. She toughed it out bravely and singly in an all-male world. Not even in my wildest dreams did i think that her chapter would draw to a close so soon. I will wait for the next series of Queen.

There is no point in producing a film on JJ if it is not honest enough. If truth does not hold good, it is better if this series is not made at all. I hope the director-producer keep this vital point in mind. I have nothing to say on screenplay/direction because this is a known script. You know what is coming.

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Dharma In The Times Of Corona Virus

First of all let me express my utmost and sincerest empathy with the people of China whose entire world has turned upside down in a jiffy thanks to the Corona virus.

May be this is not exactly the time to preach, but let me take the risk.

The vegetarian food habits of Hindus have always drawn flak from the west (for supposedly being an imbalanced diet)  although of late we see many turning to veganism even there. Similarly, the cremation of the dead by Hindus also used to be criticized. There have been instances where it would mentioned that only ‘heathens’ burned their dead and not believers. (I am not believer of your God, I am believer of MY God!!!). The Chinese govt has now ordered cremation of the virus victims as new reports pour in. Hindus continue to cremate their dead in utter disregard to world opinion for this very same reason. Another spiritual reason is that, the dead should not linger behind for any reason whatsoever. Their role in this mortal world is over. Not a trace of them can remain on earth after their time expires. Now this is a big chapter by itself that I shall skip.

Liberals advocate no boundaries, no caution. We Hindus and we Indians in general often are accused of nationalism and racist cultural practices.  Our ancestors did not ask us to refrain from meat without a reason. There are non vegetarians among Hindus as well. Even the hard core non veggies among Hindus have poorest appetite for meat when compared to the Abrahamics. For instance, in winter (I mean Indian winter), non vegetarian Hindus refrain mostly from eating meat for religious purposes. Similarly after monsoons, we have Hindus practising strict dietary controls keeping in line with the revolution of earth and consequent changing seasons. In Tamil Nadu, for instance, in the months of July-August (Aadi), the serving of ‘koozh’ (millets) along with buttermilk to cool our bodies after a long summer is a common religious/cultural practice. For an entire eight weeks, the custom is observed in Devi temples and rural homes which prevents the onset of small pox, chicken pox etc. Next comes September or the Shravana month when again, 99% Hindu meat eaters give up meat. Then the festival season. If you carefully study the times of outbreak of epidemics and/or the incubation period, you will notice that the infectious diseases spread after the monsoons and during winter months when there is not enough sunlight/heat to kill the bacteria/virus.

A friend was once struck by JB syndrome that paralysed her for four valuable years in her thirties. Where did this infection come from. The west of course. Then the germ adapts to Indian climatic conditions and mutates. A young father with an expectant wife returned to India after weeks in Hong Kong some years back. With him he carried an infection that was passed on to the pregnant mother. The child was born with an anomaly. Tests later proved that the infecting strain was alien to India. These cases cannot be proved at the world stage. These germs are not of Indian origin yet they find a way into our country destroying lives. It is funny that when those from the west want to visit India, they take preventive vaccinations!

Why don’t Hindus eat beef. It is possible that our forefathers discovered that the beef eaters developed heart ailments dying before their time. It is now established that the Indian subcontinent stock inherit the narrowest arteries by genetics compared to other races of the world. Risk factor for us for heart disease therefore is maximum. Blocks are common occurrences. Abstinence from red meat saves millions of lives every year in India.

China is a communist state controlled with an iron fist. No ethics, no conscience, no morality… Whatever control exists in public life in China seems completely absent when it comes to the personal lives of the chinese. Looks like the chinese students who travel abroad for education ask back when questioned, ‘Tiananmen, what Tianenmen??’ If you have read ‘1984’ by George Orwell, you will know what it is to ‘ERASE’ from a national memory a part of real time contemporary/happening history. How do we even compare China with India or with any other nation for that matter. Such a meticulous management and planning. Such a manipulation. I can’t believe in that case that the corona virus broke out of Wuhan just like that. How did things go out of hands.

There goes a conspiracy theory that, China was developing a bio weapon to take on India after the Doklam setback for the chinese in the bordering Himalayas. Is it the Corona virus? Was there an accidental leak from the lab. Many Israeli and US reports point to that. Even if so, my heart goes out to the common man of China who may have nothing to do with the sinister plan of their government. Once again, Karma is at play. Another conspiracy theory is that the west let loose the virus in China fearing China’s growth, to contain China. China is racing ahead of the US to become the next first global super power. The 21st century will be China’s, not America’s. (With China, India may join the race).

So many many millions assemble at a spot in Kumbh Mela in India every 12 years. Even the Haj draws millions from around the world to one place in Arabia every year. Do we see such horrendous outbreaks of epidemics anywhere. What is the reason. Self control. Regulated food habits. Hygiene that is not mere pant-suit and scented perfume.

The ancient and still-practised Hindu custom of eating with bare hands from the banana leaf (green plate), washing (!) with water, brushing with neem stick etc., are the healthiest and most hygienic practices that we need not have to be ashamed of. A carbo rich breakfast is the ideal way to kickstart your day. Not a sucking Keto diet! The cow urine is the best natural pesticide and antibiotic. The cow dung is the most natural and oxygen emitting cleanser and fuel – the only biogas to emit oxygen and not CO2. While ridiculing Hindus for the cow fascination, the west still has not alongside stopped from patenting even the cow urine benefits. The cow milk of the Indian subcontinent alone is A2 milk which is a brain stimulant that is not derived from the Jersey cows of the west. A2 is again patented and the Asian countries are forced to breed inferior and non-native cattle using global trade pacts. In this part of the world, we don’t even consult a physician if we get measles. We make the patients lie on neem leaves and feed them neem paste. Now that neem formula is patented by the west. Same for jaundice. For jaundice, we feed the patients with ‘keezha nelli keera’ (a green that grows only in India mostly). No medication. The patient makes a full recovery. This green is also now patented by the west. Ayurveda and Siddha are the best streams of medical practices in the world but mostly under-rated. Food is therapy for us Hindus. Food is holistic. Banana stem is a vegetable we include in our menu every week. This is a natural colon/bladder/kidney cleanser. So much has been taken out of India and patented for material benefits by vested interests. While at the same time, anything and everything Hindu has been ridiculed and mocked at.

Years back however, bubonic plague broke out in India (1994) out of nowhere. Surat was the epicenter of the plague. Fingers pointed to only one direction: field experiment by the rich and powerful nations. One can’t help believing the conspiracy theories in this case. Every Indian citizen believed it was a well executed lab test.. Soon situation was brought under control on quarantining the region arresting the spread of the dreadful epidemic.

When I was reading the ‘Kite runner’ by Khalid Hosseini, I was shocked that the little boy grew up watching the sacrifice of goats and cows in the name of God. It was normal and accepted in the society where he came from. Then it dawned on me why some ideologies breed terror. The little boy was comfortable watching cattle slayed with blood splashed. In fact, it was an annual ritual he eagerly looked forward to as a child. Our food habits have a lot to do with our spiritual quotient. Our moods and behaviour. Even our intelligence. Our conscience. Our gunas (qualities) ‘Satva’, ‘Raja’ and ‘Tamas’ are determined by the food we consume. Our food maketh us. Hindus are satva for the reason that we are basically, inherently and mostly vegetarians. The gunas are not limited to individuals. The gunas are applicable to races and nations wholesome. I understand my native culture and my dharma a lot more now than I did all these years.

We will never know the real reasons behind the Corona virus. Neither will we have the actual statistics from the chinese government.

Back in India, masses are worried more about the rising cost of spare parts for anything and everything as flights and container shipping to and from China are suspended until further notice. Meanwhile wondering how Gwadar is pulling. Hoping for some nice corona figures from our friendly neighbourhood?  😀



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Decoding Dharma – 3: Why Dharma.

Why Sanathana Dharma (Hindu Dharma).

Because none other seeks the light of knowledge for salvation, awakening of higher consciousness and liberation of the soul from the birth-death-rebirth cycle as Dharma does. No Abrahamic way is anywhere close to the truth. There is no heaven or hell. Only this. You attain supreme conscience or opt to be reborn up until you are ready to merge with the creation and become part of it all on attaining the state of  ‘Mukthi’ or ‘Moksha’ (‘Nirvana’ – enlightenment). How easily said than done. Ant and the boot story as I have mentioned many a time in my blog posts. I can never reach up to higher level than this. I am stranded. I am all admiration for those Maha Avatars who have managed to transcend through time and space into the Infinity, with immense mind control. This is after all the land of Gautama Buddha and Mahavira and Vivekananda and Ramana Maharishi. Of great Sadhus (sages), Rishis and Yogis. Just listening to their life stories suffices for me. I may take a 1000 janams (births) or probably much, much more to reach there, but who cares. I am aware of my own limitations. Unable to rise above this ground level of the pyramid of spirituality. Materialistic aspirations have dulled not just me. The damaging impact is all across the world and the purpose is lost. The one Adi Yogi who always resides in my heart is Lord Shiva.

Other folds have fielded their self-proclaimed prophets and saints and supposed sons of Gods as if we are running a race – and how wrongfully they succeed in weaning away masses from the one right path. It is not even apt to talk about them here when I think of the Maha Yogis who have walked the length and breadth of not just my country India, but the universe. India has had many of them, India is ancient. Cradle of civilizations. Only Hindus believe we are re-evolving after we devolved. It is next to impossible to make an Abrahamic understand this ingrained belief in every Hindu. This is why Dharma has to survive. The one true path. The one visible only to the seeker. Seeker of higher intelligence and truth. The only way you can bust your physical body to enter the realm of supreme existence. Other than on embracing death that is. Our Karma decides where we belong. Whether we must be recycled.

The way I look at our timeless temples, our Gurus, our ancestors, our Gods, our saints and even our mountains …. all this has changed vastly in recent years. I am now a staunch advocate for Hindu Dharma for this reason. I may never unravel the truth in my limited capacity and confinement, but let the seekers who have it in them go after the truth…

Sometimes this moves me to tears. The inability to go beyond my level. Sheer greed I know. The physical, mental limitations. The insignificance of my being. The pointlessness of material life.

The significance of our brain size proportionate to our body mass – i never paid more attention to this like I do now.

My prayer these days is : I can never reach up to you Oh My Mother and Father, but you can reach down to me. Elevate me a little.

Meditation is not easy. But a wise path to tread. Focus sharpens for the starters. Long winding road ahead… Yoga and meditation are good tools to work with in this direction.

The more you become aware of the bonding chains, of your level of intelligence that really matters, the less is the pain of suffering. More acceptance. More Peace. Om Shanthi!

At the end of the day, I am still the materialistic average human. Self-serving and taking refuge in small pleasures. The whole life becomes a summary of such trivialities. But how to get rid of mortal attachments. If I have to wait a lifetime every time, I shall. In this assignment that i have willingly taken in (I believe), let me score my best.

In this birth, in this defined role of mortal life wherein familial duties get duly prioritized, here and whenever possible I gaze at Thee in wonder. Who I cannot reach in a zillion ages. But I am happy to SEE, Thou are incomprehensible. My brains may burst to dust defining Thy dimensions. Thy Immensity. I am fulfilled right now. No aspirations. Ground level view is good and satisfying. Self realization can be at multi-level. I am at the entry stage. To realize that I can’t realize ever is my greatest achievement in this janam!

Pranaams to the greatest Mahans of Bharat! I cannot feel their presence, but I believe they are all around us. The vibes I sense on setting foot in our temples are a proof that I do not expect others to understand. Why great souls are not born these days. Materialistic vision clouds mind. Rituals drown or dissolve the essence. Meaningless pursuits lead us astray from the one goal: Mukthi. Liberation.

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Is it time to shut down JNU.


Up above: One reason why JNU /useless universities spawning venom in the national capital must be shut down. This anti-national was research student of ‘African studies’ or some such (of what relevance to India God knows) for over 5 years at the expense of tax paying citizens.

You check the roster. Invariably the striking students will be majoring in useless worthless art subjects with no science or math quotient. Easy papers.  No sweat job. Irrelevant specializations that will not benefit the nation or community in any manner. Branches that can land you only in marketing or paid media invariably. If at all they are even that good.

Now tell me, who majors in history, civics, languages, african studies (!), arabic studies (!) in India these days. Universities are shutting down departments for want of students and even teaching staff. Only those who cannot fit in the science world, who cannot think productively, who are intellectually lazy opt for art subjects. Who are not competent enough to study for a degree in science/math/tech/medicine. These guys have lots of time and pent-up energy in store in art schools that they can expend on any number of slogan raising and other anti-national activities. Easiest for them to turn to activism. In fact its their hobby. Mostly spoilt kids from rich families with big fat pocket money or the reserved category guys with a hurt ego and a suppressed anger towards the progressive class. We have all crossed this phase of life. We have seen the difference between serious academics and trouble makers with too much time in their hands.

There is a saying, ‘if you do not heal from what hurt you, you will bleed on who didn’t cut you.’ This is sadly true of the dalit students in India. Their condition is not like it was centuries before. Neither did they suffer as the blacks did at the hands of whites. Indian class and caste system and prevalent discrimination of those ages was never as brutal or senseless as it was in the islamic/western world. Which society is one hundred percent perfect. While the government is trying its best to make amends, the scheduled castes and tribes do not appreciate what is coming their way. This community suffers from a collective ‘sense of entitlement’ in the present for what was lost for centuries to them. Understandable. But should that mean you have to take out your wrath over every trivial issue to the extent of crippling India. In the last 70 plus years, this community is more than compensated at the expense of India’s development and future. We in India give up our growth because our wronged brothers and sisters have to rise along with us. But what are you rising for? To cut us down to pieces? To tear up this nation? India stalls and lingers backward because we are waiting for our beleaguered scheduled castes/tribes to catch up with us. If not for you guys, we would be far ahead in every sphere, do you ever get it. You are pulling down every single arena of growth potential with you, do you ever get it. You are not rising with rest of India, in your fit of rage you want to bring down entire India to knees with you.

What kind of intelligentsia will admit to this truth. Will rub this truth in these thoughtless people. Who is selling farm lands today to get their kids flashy motor bikes. You cannot change your lot overnight. Growth lies in phases. Like from the pupa stage to caterpillar and then finally to the beautiful free butterfly. What reserved categories instead want to do today is, to kill the golden goose in one stroke. Finished.

Indian muslims are another headache. More than headache. A malaise. Born with a complex. For them arab nations that suppress human rights are holy. They are all arabs mentally. Human rights are issues only with secular democratic nations like the USA and India and UK and Europe and Australia. Arab countries are fixed deposits for them, never to be touched. India is the current deposit that they can withdraw from at their whim and fancy even if we are going to go bankrupt. Breed, breed, breed. Don’t stand up for national anthem. Don’t salute Bharat Matha. What an ungrateful and vengeful people we are having amid us. Trust factor with this community: zero. Loyalty to mother country: zero.

The same Ayeshas should be raising their voices in Saudi first. Wearing the burqa mind you. Take care ladies, tomorrow no man can talaq you over phone or post card because our Modi ji saw to that. You were as fragile, remember.

Frequently you hear media screaming of IITians joining (various) protest movements. Never. Never do the undergrad and post grad IITians go anti-national. The undergrads have just spent some 4 to 6 or even 8 years from high school, trying to get into the nation’s most esteemed tech schools. The post grads don’t have it easy either. They have to sit for GATE  which is one of toughest exams to clear in the world. You think after all this hardwork, the IITians can stoop to shitty JNU level. The IITians quoted in media are really the reserved category research candidates like our useless Kanhaiya Kumar, studying for over a decade withdrawing handsome stipends and producing zilch. All paid by you and me. There is even a rumour going on that the church has entered into IIT Madras campus and are feeding on vulnerable young IITians. Conversions taking place right in the campus as some students undergo severe academic stress.

All the government has to do is conduct this survey: how many of the protesting students study useless arts courses. How many are enrolled for STEM courses. This will give one a good profile of the protester mentality.

Paid media and a desperate Congress party are fueling these protest marches. I am not ruling out the hand of ISI and its journalist spies who have made it their top agenda to publicize the campus strikes in India. The D gang funding is making the Bollywood stars sing their tune like parrot. Why not. We all know who is behind Sri Devi’s unnatural death. Who could have masterminded it and who could have executed it offshore. Why Deepika Padukone has no guts to speak about it. Or even voice her doubt about Sri Devi. Is the mass public conscience flawed. We know what goes unsaid. I am not a politically connected person. I am a housewife. When you keep your bloody mouth shut for the death of a fellow star in unnatural circumstances, you have compromised Deepika. Shame on you. Bollywood has no locus standi to speak up on anything- because those who have no basic morality and ethics and principles in life have no right to talk of national things. If you have not taken up a role by ‘casting couch’ /financed by India’s dreaded terrorists operating via gulf, you have every reason to speak up. How much of your earned money is really clean. How many bollywood actors can answer this question to their heart honestly.

Jayalalitha Jayaram, our ex CM was a leading heroine of her times as well. But never did she preach or stand by anything anti-national.

Sometimes, a wrong has to be corrected by another wrong. If you cannot get it in you, be a silent observer. After all, for every injustice are you reacting and voicing your opinion. If you speak up, speak up for everything. Clean up your profession. Cleanse your earnings. Let there be no blood smear of our soldiers in your rupiah.

Shame on our tv channels for propping us these characterless women in their news casts. Are these our role models. Is being a movie star your only credential to force your opinion on the masses. Who is not aware how Khushboo painted the whole town red in her heydays. Today she is an icon for useless NDTV and some such sick channels. Have India’s standards dipped to this low.

Every single protesting body/student has an agenda against the government fueled by the Congress. That is the best the congress party can do. Whatever the congies could not achieve in 65 years, in four to eight years Modi ji is achieving. Revoking of article 370 for one. OROP for another. Ayodhya. Triple Talaq. Even illegal conversion by the christian church mafia in India given a free rein by the italian catholic Sonia Gandhi. Pushing out the illegal Bangladeshis.

What is CAA. What is NRC. Why should you bother if you have your papers correct. Even if you may not have papers, if you are son of this soil, you have nothing to fear and you know that. Why should India give asylum to muslim refugees. How many of these Ayeshas will ask the gulf nations to take in Palestenians and Syrians. Or even the Pakistanis. Or how much funding these Ayeshas are ready to pledge for personally to rehabilitate Bangladeshis in India. How many muslim families are you willing to adopt, after all being muslims yourselves.

India, as the world’s only and first and foremost dharmic nation, also has this dharmic responsibility of taking care of every global Hindu/Buddhist/Jain/Sikh. If our secularism prevents that, then it is time to redraft our constitution. Let us become a Hindu Rashtra constitutionally.

Never mind, CAA has no soft corner for Sri Lankan or Nepali Hindus. It is specific about Pakistan/Afghan/Bangla Hindus because these nations systematically decimate the Hindu community. Hindus here are the most persecuted historically and have nowhere to turn to.

Where in media have you seen coverage on conversion of Hindus with bribes and by brainwashing by the church. Such an intellectually dishonest life is theirs.

Where have you come across media questioning even the burqa – as basic as that. If they do, their heads will roll on ground in no time. But these guys have the audacity to talk about Sabarimala (even if I do not have to share popular opinion). India’s mosques do not allow entry to muslim women. Have you seen the debates on this on NDTV or write-ups in the Scroll or the Hindu.

Have you come across any media report prefixing nations like in – islamic Pakistan, islamic Malaysia, islamic Saudi? But India is Hindu nationalist to these bastards and scoundrels. If so, I am proud really! Muslims and Christians have to cover up their shame of conversion having lost their pedigree media guys – a Hindu’s conscience is clear. We don’t have to pretend to be who we are not by gene or culture or even geography. We don’t have to try to live the arab life. We are what we are. The proud follower of Sanathana Dharma. If this is nationalism to you, so be it. This is healthy unlike your sick pretense as if you belong in middle-east (where you can be sure of getting kicked in your belly by that desert camel, you fools).

Legal profession and media profession are the worst in the world. In both you have to defend murderers, most corrupt and liars and manipulators selling your soul. This is your survival mantra. A lawyer knows a murderer yet defends him in the court of law, his sacrosanct institution where he swears under oath. A journalists knows the truth yet sticks to his/her gun because he/she wants to shape up the public mind- manipulate and influence public opinion. A journalist’s view is never neutral.

This is what is happening in India today. The media wants you to think anti-India like them. Hell, no way will they succeed.

Modi will return for a third term so what can you do.

Is n’t it a wonder that you never blamed the EVMs when congress party won in two successive central elections but you are to quick to blame when BJP is elected. Did Rahul Gandhi win by manipulating the EVM in Wayanad?

Prime Minster Shri Narendra Modi ji. A one man army. An entire battalion is against him, but he pushes on relentless. For a man who wants nothing for himself this comes on effortlessly. The more venom you guys feed the public, the more will the Indian masses love him and respect him.

Indian economy is not suffering. It is restructuring. India is phasing out fossil fuel by 2030. People in mechanical spare parts industries tell us how in the place of 200 parts, the number you need for production is going down and down. By 2030, it may not even be 20 parts as production designs get simpler. As India goes gearless belatedly and switches over to electric vehicles, the line of production will get altered. Employment scene will fare worse and more and more jobs will be rendered irrelevant. Alternate employment generation is possible but manual labour volume will reduce globally. Didn’t we grow out of VCR and CDs.

And this is happening all at a time, all across the board: MECHANIZATION. COMPUTERIZATION. As simple as that. Many hundreds of thousands of jobs will go irrelevant but new positions created though in meagre numbers. Employment is an issue because one particular community in the world is over-breeding. Can you guys stop or control that.

Is it India alone that is seeing economic blues. Whole world economy is on downswing. India fares a lot better.

In India specifically, the restructuring that was pending and postponed for decades by the congress govt.,  is happening simultaneously at multiple levels right now. In economy (demonetization and GST), in revenues (PAN Aadhar linking to bank accounts), in production line, in farming, in real estate sector, in IT sector, even in our civil society (CAA/NRC) and political sphere (article 370). This is not a slow down at all. We have actuals. We have reality. Indian nation has to keep up pace.

Indians black money racket bombed with the demonetization move of Modiji. India had a parallel economy running. That financed the sports cars, foreign holidays, jewelry, imported limos and motor bikes, wedding extravaganzas, shows etc. Now when you have to link your PAN and Aadhar with your bank account and insurance and IT filing. how much of black money do you think one can hoard. May be you can still, but not to the extent it was possible in last couple of decades. You cannot have that dream villa any more by the sea side because you have to account every single paisa. Naturally those who have had a lucky streak so far have a lot to complaint. Have you ever heard of the Indian middle class complaining? Middle class is happy because real estate is finally at rock bottom realistic prices. Affordable.

Who says anyone suffered demonetization. The poorest I saw were happiest that the rich got punished. I could see their sense of satisfaction. This is what won Modi his elections.

Those of us middle class families who have nothing to hide have nothing to fear about. When you have to stash anything illegally, then it has to have you concerned.

Modi is doing the right things for India. I am happy and feel blessed, my nation is in right hands. You have to be bold and brave to be doing what he is doing. Balakot for instance. That guts. That steely nerve.

I have the honesty to see how good he is for this nation.

To hell with secularism. I will not allow islamization or christianization of my dear Bharat. I will do whatever in my capacity to stop that. Because democracy in India truly banks on demography in India. We have to remain a Hindu nation for our own sake. Only then does even our paid media stand a chance!

I am wishing my prime minister dheerg aayush – i pray for his health and long life every single day. I recite the Mrithyun jaya mantra for him. It’s not just me. Many are doing it across the country – including my friends. In every temple archana, we include his name. Modiji’s sincerity touches our heart. He is like family member to most of us.

Because you come across a gem like Modi ji once in a lifetime or centuries.

We don’t know when India will ever produce such a selfless man again. This man stays awake for 20 hours a day so rest of us can sleep peacefully. It is my duty to show him my gratitude. I am not a Sanghi . Neither am i attached to anything political. This is why I can openly state my frank opinion.

No muslim protested for Ayodhya verdict or for revoking of article 370 in India. No reason for them to protest for CAA either. Unless it is financed/ sponsored by vested interests.

Come to Tiruppur, Coimbatore, Kochi – see how many illegal muslim Bangladeshis are here. Crores of them in India. Why should we harbour them.

Modi ji. You are on right track. We the public are with you. Please do not go by the media.Or celebrity endorsements. If what they assessed was right, you would not be in Delhi today. We the public never trusted the social media or mainstream media or movie actors or celebrities. We put our trust in you. Don’t fold back. Don’t roll back.

I am from Tamil Nadu, one of the supposed anti-states. Believe me, vote share in Tamil Nadu and Kerala for BJP is forever increasing and for communists and Dravidian parties forever decreasing. You may have lost elections, but you are scoring better and better. Do not go by popular opinion. Every temple going Hindu loves you and adores you and sees what you are doing for Bharat Matha.

I have friends and relatives in every field – from medical to engineering to business and production line and IT field. Even in real estate and construction industry. Every single business person/ industrialist/ professional/ homemaker i have come across thinks you have put the nation on right tracks. In fact many of them are not doing good precisely at the moment. But like me, they have the honesty to admit openly, if they do not do it now, their children will have to do it at very high price tomorrow.

Modi ji you can postpone crisis to later generations like the congress did. But you have not done that. You are bravely taking on the challenges and resolving issues. Now that is an issue by itself to your critics and paid media and opposition.

Collateral damage is sometimes unpreventable. We the Indian public take cognizance of that. We factor that in your actions and results. We are ready to offer our share of sacrifice for the sake of the nation.

Go on, godspeed Prime Minister. Let not the anti-nationals deter you or bother you. I am sure they won’t.

Let the barking dogs bark at the mountain. The mountain can remain stubborn and rooted and calm and unwavering.

Meanwhile, India cannot afford politics in campuses. Only those who have been parents/are parents will know why. Amputate the political arms and wings of our universities. You will be doing the nation one more great favour, thank you!



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Elephant At Crossroads

Humans are too very selfish and self-centered. Preoccupied with their list of priorities. What about the Wildlife. What happens to our wildlife. No place to go home to, caught in the crossfires? The case of the Indian/ Asian elephants traumatized by border skirmishes is of a serious nature.

As the CAA protests die down, I have finally chosen to voice my concern about the wild elephants crossing from India into Bangladesh and vice versa.

I am an avid supporter of CAA myself. Ever since I keep wondering, what happens to our elephants now. Are there earmarked elephant corridors between India and Bangladesh. Indian government hopefully allows in the Bangladeshi elephants. Is our government tagging the Indian elephants with any kind of identification collar. How to differentiate between the Indian elephants and Bangladeshi elephants. Census of Indian elephants could be reflecting an inflated figure in the absence of any distinction between the Indian and the Bangladesh elephants in the border areas.

Wildlife knows no man-made boundaries. The border dispute takes as much toll on wildlife as humans. Perhaps, far worse.

Crossing over to hostile territory may cost one one’s life:

The tragic story of the mighty elephants separated by borders:

Elephants in a reserve forest along India-Bangladesh border struggle for survival

Indian elephants ‘strayed’ into Bangladesh ??? The choice of words is intriguing. So are our elephants numbered or radio-collared. I hope so. India to some extent takes care of the wildlife and keeps a headcount.

Elephants caught in human conflicts. Elephants in Burmese-Bangladesh border pay a heavy price thanks to the Rohingya Refugee influx.

The Bangladeshi illegal immigrant elephants in Indian soil keep officials on toes:

A breather: consolatory safe passage to illegal immigrant elephants :

Indian elephant shot dead in Bangladesh:

Man-Elephant conflict rages as Rohingya Muslim Refugees displace native elephants from their natural habitat in Bangladesh:

The list goes on and on…

How many of the so-called liberals and leftists gave a thought to our wildlife bearing the brunt of border conflicts. The distressed elephants have nowhere to go, driven out of their homes to accommodate the so-called refugees. Is it morally or ethically permissible to settle the Rohingyas in elephant habitats that have been their natural home since the dawn of the universe. Let CAA include the Bangladeshi elephants with the list of Hindu immigrants from Bangladesh-Pakistan! The Indian tuskers too need a safe passage into Bangladesh and back. The jumbo population is dwindling at a very fast pace. The gentle giants that grace our beautiful country with their sunny presence may soon go extinct right in front of our eyes. Hopefully the governments of India and Bangladesh will resolve the elephant migration issue as well in our border areas. This is one special case of illegal Bangladeshi immigrant Elephants that may be given an exemption to overstay in India or seek asylum in India!


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Pakistan’s Frustration

Many (meaning Paki Bangla Indian muslims) question the exclusion of Muslim immigrants from the recently passed Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) , 2019 in India.

Tejasvi Surya reflected best, what every Hindu in India already knew at heart.

Pakistan and Bangladesh were created exclusively for the muslims of the Indian subcontinent. Both today exist and function as theocratic Islamic republics. Ahmedias and Shias constitute a good percentage of these islamic nations. Note, these are muslims not non-muslims. As of 1947, they were muslims with a vengeful hatred for anything Hindu. If they are suffering persecution in their respective countries today that they helped form, it is still owing to sectarian violence not religious. These same Ahmedias and Shias were in the forefront of the struggle for founding of Pakistan. Pakistan was created as a synthetic state in 1947 IN THE NAME OF ISLAM thanks to their ceaseless efforts. Then how come today, some of these muslims are vying for Indian citizenship. You create an islamic republic. You live there for 70+ years. Now India has to accept you and award you Indian citizenship just because we are secular and democratic, is it.

Only Jews sought asylum in the aftermath of Nazism in the World war II, never heard of German Christians seeking refuge anywhere. Persecuted followers of Dharmic faiths the Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs along with Parsis and Christians therefore have a moral and ethical right to seek Indian citizenship (from the three islamic nations Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan). NO MUSLIM FROM PAKISTAN/BANGLADESH/AFGHANISTAN HOLDS LOCUS STANDI when it comes to seeking Indian citizenship which is the most basic, underlying fact.

Not even Nepali Hindus and Sri Lankan Hindus or Buddhists from elsewhere are extended this concession of fast tracking of Indian citizenship application that the CAA facilitates. Global Hindus have every right to seek Indian citizenship given, India is the only Hindu majority nation in the world next to Nepal. India may be constitutionally secular and democratic but our soul is Hindu. Not even the Pakistanis can deny this. Like Israel is there for the Jews all over the world, India holds the dharmic responsibility for global Hindus and Buddhists and Sikhs as the origins of these Dharmic folds lie in India. No room for more expansion of ‘desert cult’ in India therefore than the bare minimum necessary.

So what frustrates Pakistanis today. Why are these guys so wrought about what is happening in India these days.

  1. Removal of Article 370 integrating Kashmir with India is a pain in the ass for entire Pakistan. It has shaken them to the core. The dare devil move of India was something that took Pakistanis by surprise and shock. Kashmir is now Sour Grapes story for them.
  2. Shame from Balakot. Cannot even lick the wound in public.
  3. Success of Ayodhya verdict. The peace that followed unsettled Pakistanis who rambled in the media of the injustice even as no Indian muslim heeded to their cries of war
  4. Mother of all: The glorious return of BJP to power at the center. Not another word until 2024
  5. Collapsing Pakistan Economy. Time running out for Pakistan as noose is tightening from all sides
  6. Rising debts with China that will soon not be serviceable and Pakistan’s default is inevitable and irreversible.
  7. Swathes of Pakistan territory to go to China starting with Gwadar for non servicing of Chinese loans

In contrast, just check how much of Pakistan coverage is Indian media alloting. What is Pakistan’s problem when Bangladesh has issued official statement offering to take back their illegal immigrants from India.

In the light of these facts, hopefully the nonsense from Indian muslims and Pakistan will stop.

Let the media that fans violence with biased views and news coverage try answering these questions:

  1. How many Hindus from India have sought refuge in Pakistan since 1947. Also in Bangladesh.
  2. Most importantly, HOW MANY INDIAN MUSLIMS WANT TO MIGRATE TO PAKISTAN. How many have migrated since 1947.
  3. How many Indian muslims have migrated to Bangladesh since 1971.
  4. How many Kashmiri Muslims want to forego Indian citizenship for Pakistan citizenship. How many are for migrating for good to Pakistan with doors closed from Indian side. Now that the Kashmiri muslims can no more have dual citizenship, let them choose. And if they are to choose the green passport over the blue, none can get more happier than a Hindu.
  5. Why have not No.2 and No.3 or even No.4 happened in reality.
  6. Compare No.1 + No.2 + No.3 with Number of Hindu/Sikh/Jain/Buddhist/Parsis seeking citizenship in India from these three islamic nations Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. As for N.o.4, Kashmiri Hindu Pundits hold record for their status of being Internally Displaced Refugees within India, driven out of their homes by Kashmiri terrorist muslims. Kashmir ethnic cleansed.
  7. Any street or district or state in India or in our neighbourhood where the muslims have been ethnic cleansed similarly by Hindus.
  8. How many cases of forced abduction, rape and conversion of Hindu girls to Islam in Pakistan. How many muslim girls have faced such a situation in India at the hands of Hindus. On the contrary, there is the ‘Love Jehad’ where Indian muslim men target Hindu girls, trap them and convert and marry. Let us ask for statistics for all these actual scenarios.

Shame on Indian muslims and Indian media and Pakistan media and Pakistan muslims and Pakistan PM.

If Pakistan is such a heaven, why has not a single Indian muslim offered to migrate to Pakistan. If India is that very unsafe for (Indian) muslims, why are the Indian muslims here. Why have you not at least sought asylum in Pakistan by now. You have had 70+ years to know the difference.

Constitutional Amendment is India’s internal issue. Neither America nor Russia can have even a word on our internal matters. To hell with BBC and CNN. Who cares.

It is not that Pakistanis cannot decipher facts. It is just that their frustration is building up like a pressure cooker about to burst any day India is a quick release. Escapism.


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Indian Muslims & Bangladesh Illegal Muslim Immigrants Torch India, Media & Opposition Mum

How a supposedly minority community holds the majority to ransom; emotionally blackmails the majority; goes beserk with violence destroying public property; bombs mother country, wars with the majority abducting, raping, converting daughters of others; yet cries foul when pointed out.

Only one community in the world dares to murder, pillage, engage in arson and loot and even rape in the name of their God, you know who. This is programmed in their gene. Thanks to inbreeding for generations.

These are the violent arsonists engaged in setting fire to everything in India today. The progeny of the yesteryear Taliban aka Mugals. Their mad streak could be inherited from anyone from Turk to Persian to Mongol to Arab. None of them knows which gene went where. They are all from the harems of the rabid Sultans, invaders and marauders who built their empire bleeding natives, razing temples and plundering kingdoms. Not a single day’s hard work in their bloody history. What more can you expect from our bhais then.

Right now India is burning. Because muslims are setting fire to anything and everything in sight. There is every possibility of this being orchestrated from Pakistan. Clearly ISI hand in this. Anti-Hindu and anti-India and anti-Modi news propagated by Pakistan media (journalists) who have sold their soul to their terror spy organization bankrolled solely to spit venom against India. Our Indian bhais haven’t an iota of loyalty in their blood and gene either – not surprisingly. Biting the hand that feeds is their religious rite.

Reason for arson: Because India stood up to its stance and refused to legalize the illegal Bangladeshi muslim immigrants, some tens of thousands of them. Once muslims enter India illegally, they start outbreeding us native Hindus in every village, town and district. Our local Indian muslims are already reproducing like rats and rabbits. Then how to feed your family or educate your children. Join terror groups and receive handouts.

Ajmal Kasab the Pakistani who was hanged for Mumbai 26/11 terror attacks in India confessed to this wonderful truth.

The smugglers, the terrorists, the dope dealers, the pimps, the mafia, the gangsters with terror connections: all these are 99% muslims in India. Of course they are funded by our neighbours like Pakistan and some Arab countries to instill fear and stoke violence and unrest in India. These are the same groups who are also ‘hawala traders’ pumping terror funds into India.

India is unfinished agenda not only for the Christian cultural mafia from Vatican. India is also an unfinished business for muslims who want to realize their ‘Ghazwa Hind’ – of establishing caliphate in the Hindu majority India.

The shocking insensitivity of our media funded and owned by foreigners is appalling. Why can’t the same CNN IBN or NDTV that is very close and dear to Pakistan ask Pakistan to take in the Bangladeshis and Rohingyas. Where were you when Syrians crossed over to Europe because the Gulf states shut their door on their faces. Will these guys run stories on abduction, rape and forceful conversion of Hindu girls in Pakistan.

Rahul Gandhi and the opposition Congress are siding with terrorists. Why should Sonia and Rahul bother. After all they are Italians. Non Indians and Non Hindus who have nothing to do with us.

Pakistan was created to give muslims a separate nation. Bangladesh also exists today for the same purpose. There is no reason for India to tolerate the muslim atrocity that is increasing day by day , threatening our national security. India must have been declared a Hindu nation in 1947. Better late, than never. We can still do it gradually. We will have our Hindu Rashtra, the world’s largest, one day in future.