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AndamanTribes Kill American Christian Missionary




Normally we do not like to see a fellow human brutalized to death.

But this time, entire 800 million Hindu population of India rejoiced when an American christian missionary who wanted to spread the word of Jesus in highly protected/preserved aboriginal island of India in the Andamans – was killed with arrows by the endangered ethnic tribes numbering mere 50 to 100 (unverified number).

Even for Indian citizens, venturing into these islands is legally prohibited. India zealously guards the indigenous people of Andamans from foreign intervention and exposure, giving in to the will of the tribes to remain secluded and out of touch with modern world.

Now the entire Christian world would not take it easy. They would want to stamp out this little heaven of the natives as they have done with North America, South America, Australia and New Zealand – waiting to hoist their flags atop the graves of the natives once they are ethnic-cleansed.

And believe me, it is easiest to wipe out the tribal races as they are extremely vulnerable to germs and infections, as the ethnic Sentinels have never come into touch with fellow (alien) humans in history. They have constantly discouraged any form of contact and have preferred absolute seclusion, shunning what we term ‘civilization’ and ‘culture.’ Previous attempts to ‘establish’ contact with the tribes have ended in dismal failure,

Greedy fishermen folk who ferried the American have been rounded up.

Americans and Europeans as a practice seem to want to flout local laws and customs and traditions especially in Asian countries.

Hats off to India for not touching the exclusive and elusive Andaman tribes until the 21st century, letting them be. (Few more ethnic tribes have human contact).

What a cruel, twisted and perverted mind would want to sell god forbidden Abrahamic faith to these purest aborigines. Is your Jesus a commodity for you to sell in market place. Shame on you guys! Shame on Christian evangelical missions and shame on America to still want to wipe out natives. Shame on Christianity, shame be to your Christ.

Not an iota of sympathy to this missionary. To me this christian American missionary is as worse as IS.

I wish every Hindu in India musters courage to give such an equal treatment to foreign christian missionaries setting foot in our native soil to convert Hindus. Christian/Islamic terrorism is one and the same to me. You can kill and destroy with AK 47s, you can also destroy nations and people with the Bible.

Welcome to India as our guest, to learn, to work, for medical treatment, for holiday. Come here to proselytize with your Bible or Koran, we shall cut you to pieces and feed you to crocodiles.

Thank you so much Andaman Tribal brothers and sisters, I may not get to shake your hands, (and I do not want to), still may your tribe increase and flourish! I shall pray for your eternal isolation from rest of the world. May you survive this horrible materialistic sadistic world on your own terms.

Love from Hindus from all over the universe!


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Hindustan UniLever Must Withdraw Vaseline Ad

My status in Facebook today:

“Shocked to watch Vaseline body lotion ad in tv where coolly the comparison is made with Coconut oil and the native traditional cocount oil is pronounced inferior to this chemical Vaseline product which is a petroleum derivative in truth. How Govt of India can allow such a senseless and insulting ad is surprising. Will Vaseline maker compare their products similarly with Olive oil and run such a n advertisement pumping lies in Mediterranean countries. In India you can bash all that’s Hindu and native Hindu/Indian and get away with that. VASELINE, TAKE OUT THE COCONUT OIL COMPARING AD now. Swear never to buy Lever products. Must be sued in the court of law.”

Added this comment: “Request all my friends to stop using Vaseline products until the insensitive and damaging ad is withdrawn . With an apology.”

One thought the world is going organic in a big way. And now this.

The commercial goes on to say how coconut oil lets your skin go dry in less than one hour whereas the chemical Vaseline, product of Lever, keeps your skin hydrated for hours. That a foreign manufacturer has this kind of audacity to present to us Indians such a nonsense and baseless truth is unbelievable.

The nerve these people have (for instance asking us to keep away from savouring Indian/Desi sweets during Diwali for weight-loss whereas Swiss chocolates and the Christmas bakes such as cakes etc., are fine)… Indian media controlled and owned by the Church does its daily dose of mass brainwashing the tv viewers in middle class Indian homes.  See how Times Now is degrading Diwali and promoting Christmas in native Hindu soil. Systematically and slyly, cleverly done in a most unsuspecting way. Pictures courtesy (!): Francois Gautier



Eco-friendly green Diwali is fine so long as Eid is celebrated by muslims without animal sacrifice and Christmas by christians sans the christmas tree. The Hon’ble Supreme Court of India should dispense unbiased justice.


Not long ago, India’s national/traditional costume dating back by thousands of years and as ancient as the very Hindu civilization was communalized and politicized similarly by none less than the New York Times. What must have irked them is that, the unstitched single piece garment the Indian Sari has survived the brutal regimes of the British and the Islamic invaders before them to this 21st century. The Sari is the ultimate defiance. Defiance as to how Hindu Dharma has triumphed over westernization and universal Americanization and even Islamization. That the Sari just cannot be replaced or removed is a reminder to the rest of the world that we Hindu Indians will NOT toe your line. (that the reporter/journalist is a muslim comes as no surprise just like the Supreme court case for women’s entry to Sabarimala Hindu shrine was filed by a muslim who was more concerned about Hindu women rights over his own women hiding behind burqa).

Multinational designers and brands have made their way into India in a big way post globalization, yet the foreign fashion houses are dismayed they cannot dislodge the Sari from the Hindu/Indian soul. India is a huge, huge market of a 500 million middle class families. So these manipulators leave no stone unturned to ensure that the Hindu institution of India is deconstructed brick by brick. It is important that the Indian nari is disrobed of her Sari, only then the jeans and skirts can make headway.

Sari, the stark reminder of all things native and pedigree…

As for China and Japan and Korea and other Asian nations, their societies are westernized beyond recognition already. Something that is impossible to do with in India. Hindus steadfastly hold on to the Carnatic/Hindustani music, Bharatnatyam/Kathak traditional dances and other native art forms without being swept over by one huge tide of westernization. Even the Arab world is westernized. From their food habits to fashion/accessories and lifestyle. Indian Hindu psyche is impossible to conquer. Education/employment makes  no difference to our vast majority. We remain what we are.

The Lever’s Vaseline body lotion/moisturizer commercial now playing in Indian television channels is one more direct attack to destabilize and confuse the native Hindu/Indian. Strike at the base, strike at the core of one’s belief system, shake the confidence. Ridicule all that is original, and super impose the fake ideologies. Lower the native self-esteem. Debase. Denounce. Discredit. Then you win in a big, big way. That is how the Philippines went down.

India is still unfinished business for the west. You have to be either a Christian or Muslim in this world. Belong to one of the two violent blocks. India/Hindu means DEFIANCE. We refuse to follow or accept the Abrahamic fold/faiths. We refuse to agree that God came from Middle East. We refuse to accept both Jesus and Allah. We are here. We are Hindus. Our Gods are our native sons of the soil, our ancestors, our blood forefathers. To Hell with Yours!

This Vaseline commercial is the last straw. Already watching the Colgate Ved Shakthi advertisement and the Hamaam Neem ad., in tv, one feels a surge of anger. How Lever without a care in the world has lifted Ayurveda formula into manufacture (without paying a royalty to Indian govt?) is unbelievable. Such an outright intellectual theft is not something taken for granted or tolerated in America or Europe or Australia. But then this is our India. Here you can unleash a torrent of abuse/insult on anything Hindu/Indian and ridicule/rubbish us to our face taking us for a ride, we shall still remain eternally grateful to these multinationals by making them richer by the day.