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India Bombs Pak Terror Bases Deep In Pakistan Territory: Beginning Of An Ending?

They lied about Osama Bin Laden but were caught redhanded in Abottabad. They lied about Mumbai 26/11 but were caught redhanded with Ajmal Kasab. They are habitual liars. They will lie time and again. They violated our sea limits and sovereign territory when they executed Mumbai 26/11, so they have to gulp down today whatever India imposes on them and choke with shame and self-disgust. They earned this. This is Pakistan, the world’s epicenter of terrorism. Every single Pakistani is a terrorist one way or other: if not taken to arms, expect him/her to be a supporter of terror ideology. Sickening to see their published journalists writing for spy organizations selling their soul for a penny. That is Pakistan for you. There seems to be not a single ‘clean’ Pakistani untouched by terror. They are all TERRORISTS. 


India in a pre-dawn daring airstrike yesterday, bombed three different locations in POK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir) and deep within Pakistan territory destroying in a span of 21-25 minutes, major terror bases housing half to a dozen terror camps each training hardcore terrorists. In deed, India has rendered the world a great service. 

We Indians heaved a sigh of relief after our IAF avenged Pakistan for the massacre of our CRPF Jawans, 40 of them, in Pulwama, Jammu & Kashmir, this February 14th. Balakot, the Hizb and Jaish terror training base with over half a dozen camps reportedly, is 91 km inside Pakistan from LOC while the other two locations Chakoti and Muzaffarabad are in POK. 

Pakistan Defence minister admitted, it was ‘too dark’ when the attack happened !!! As Pakistan PM Imran Khan rocked away their high level meeting fitted in a stylish leather jacket, Indian television reeled out the probable list of important terrorists whose heads rolled this morning – as IAF liquidated high commands of terror in a daredevil retaliatory action (not to be mistaken for military attack). This is purely a Politico-Military Surgical Strike 2.0 after Uri – a counter terror operation. But if Pakistan is to treat this as war, they will be not exist to learn their third valuable lesson in reality. 

Time has also come for India to put things in proper perspective and assess various options. 

  • Can a perpetual liar like Pakistan be trusted (after Osama and Kasab)
  • Can a terror mastermind like Pakistan reform (after Kandahar Indian Airlines Hijack in 1999 and Mumbai 26/11 and a dozen or more bomb attacks throughout India in last 2-3 decades)
  • Can a saboteur like Pakistan be trusted. Because, it is unimaginable that a productive nation like India would waste energy and resources devising a destructive mission like Mumbai 26/11 to punish Pakistan. It is not in our DNA. It takes a very sick mind to go to this level of planning and execution of terror attacks. But Pakistan will not stop. 
  • Pakistan can be stopped only when it CEASES to exist. 70 years after India’s independence, this is the conclusion, Indian nation has arrived at. In order for India to live, Pakistan must not continue to exist. It has to be broken down into bits and pieces.
  • Pakistan is also a menace to the entire world. World is waking up to this undeniable irrefutable fact. India must capitalize on our goodwill hardearned through our channels of diplomacy. Both India and Pakistan were born as two independent nations in 1947. Each however traveled in a different direction. Pakistan is extremely jealous and filled with unabated hatred and vengeance for India. They will not come around or mature with time.
  • Pakistan economy is in doldrums. Their foreign reserves have plunged to under 6 billion $ and this would be right time for India to take them out. Is Modi thinking like me. 
  • China has vested interests in Pakistan. But China is also extremely self-centered. India can count on Chinese selfishness. China will stick to their CPEC corridor and may not venture out given the sheer size of business the Chinese do with Indians. One month of boycott of India of Chinese products could have a devastating effect on Chinese economy. Noticeably, China is not issuing statements for Pakistan any longer. Deafening silence from China, well, well, well….
  • India came menacingly close to CPEC corridor with Balakot strike. India must frustrate China-Pakistan. China has to feel the heat.
  • India has turned off the river waters for Pakistan right after Pulwama (will be secured completely in under six months). Over 90% of agricultural lands in Punjab province of Pakistan that is major wheat and food grain producer will be hit with this extremely crucial political maneuver by India. Pakistan can move any world court. Taps turned off, that is final. Bring in the waters from China, if you want. Lay water pipes in CPEC. Or ship from Saudi. This can have a debilitating effect on an already floundering Pakistan economy.
  • India holds the diplomatic leverage over Pakistan which stands totally and one hundred percent isolated today in world stage as Modi pushed relentlessly for just that in last 4 years. Pakistan is unwelcome even in Arab nations where their PM Imran Khan has to self-invite himself swallowing his pride. 
  • Close all Pakistan Lawn shops in Delhi and in other cities/places with immediate effect. Terminate contracts with all Pakistan artistes/sportsmen, cancel their visas and boot them out. 
  • India did cancel MFM status for Pakistan that was long pending.  No more trade sops or duty concessions to Pakistan. 
  • There is news of blockade on medicinal/pharmaceutical supplies to Pakistan from India. India is a global pharma leader. The common man in Pakistan will be hit drastically in this case. The Aam Aadmi in Pakistan must rally in unison to fight their terror propagators – their army – and bring them around which is the only solution for lasting peace in the Indian subcontinent and in the entire world.
  • Block Pakistan in every sphere in global forum. They stand isolated already. Take it to next level. Sever their contacts and relationships with a fresh vigour. Counter them at all levels. Kill them diplomatically.
  • We need a multi-pronged strategy when it comes to dealing with Pakistan: Military, Diplomatic and Economic blows all at the same time that could prove to be a lethal combination
  • India is aware, there  will be a little collateral damage in the process. Today as I blog this, Pakistan claims that IAF pilot Abhinandan Varthaman is in their custody. 
  • Pakistan’s curse is that, they will always have to live in India’s shadows. India does not need Pakistan, but Pakistan needs India for its very identity. 
  • Pakistanis overrate themselves especially their journalists. 1947 was a blessing in disguise. No Indian citizen wants to unite with Pakistan. We want only our Kashmir, WE DO NOT WANT PAKISTAN which is sick, sick, sick. The India of today is our own making from after our independence from the British. We will never share our success with yours. Salute to Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan. You did us Indians a great favour!
  • Finally Kashmir is India with or without Kashmir Muslims. Choice is theirs to integrate wholeheartedly with rest of India or migrate. 
  • Repopulate Kashmir with non Kashmiri Hindus – from Bihar, Orissa and Bengal, India’s poorest states. And retired soldier families. Modi govt must consider this as serious option. 

India has had numerous occasions in the past to crush Pakistan, but previous Congress governments squandered every golden opportunity. In spite of winning the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War, India failed to capitalize on the mammoth winning of war. India exercised restraint after Mumbai 26/11, but that was encashed as goodwill for the nation by isolating Pakistan in every field across the globe. Military attack pending, this still was a great diplomatic drive and huge success.India still was a soft state, and has always been. May be that has got to do with our Dharmic roots. Being Hindu changes everything. We just cannot kill like they so easily butcher in the name of God. Our God is not that. Our way is not that. It takes a lot for a Hindu dharmic nation to attack someone or even retaliate. It takes a great mental resolve and strategic thinking to steel yourself and arrive at such a drastic step given our history and DNA. With Balakot, this Hindu nation of ours breached a psychological barrier. After this, it will not be easy to stop us. 

Very few dynamic leaders in the world have it in them to ‘do or die.’ Fortunately for India and unfortunately for Pakistan, we have PM Narendra Modi wielding the power not a Congress weakling, to who they are used to deal with and shortchange. This man our man Narendra Modi is a hero. He is fearless. He has nothing to lose. He came with a single box to Delhi. He says, he will leave with that one box back to Gujarat in case he loses this upcoming general elections. Losers will be us Indians, not him or Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP), if that has to happen.

So is this war hysteria. Or are we psychotics. Only a badly scared Pakistani can say this. Because Pakistanis on average breed eight to ten kids through every one of their four wives (or more). Dozens of wasted young  men and women. The extra fittings, if they are girls, are married (or rather sold) off to Saudi Arabs (on temporary basis like for one month when they come camping for buzzards hunting, to serve and ‘entertain’ the aging sheikhs as one of their unnumbered wives to crossbreed the fakes who will be later useful as camel boys in Middle East). The extra boys reproduced like Ajmal Kasab may be enrolled in Saudi sponsored Madarasas for free food and terror indoctrination brainwashed from very young age with convoluted ideas and misconceptions and abject hatred, to be recruited later as expendable terrorists serving the dreaded terror outfits operating in sovereign Paki soil under the auspices of Pakistan govt and their spy organization that runs their military. This is the blood culture of Pakistan. They have big useless families feeding free like this in every village of theirs. This shame is honour for them. This is how they are Arabising and corrupting their blood line deliberately wanting to produce fair skinned sons and daughters with pea brains. Not much of difference between Pakistan and Thailand, right. Why degrade Thailand. This society that asks no questions but who can become cannon fodder easily is what Pakistan govt and army want. The girls are like the golden goose. They can feed their big families from their harems. 

Coming to their Casanova PM, what can you expect from this 60+ man who married for a third time in a gap of two years, stealing the much married mother of five children who was giving him the so-called religious indoctrination. This woman was hooded head to foot with slits just for her eye. What a modesty. Paragon of virtues really! Watching their tv soaps, it is unbelievable how the third wife of a second husband discusses her children from the first husband with another wife say second or fourth of her current husband!!! She may decide to go for a third husband whose fourth wife she could be but note, she never raises her head that is always covered. No shortage for boys, as the reproductive machinery of Pakistan keeps running 24 hours, 365 days an year nonstop with world record output of dreaded terrorists. No need for industrial jobs or white collar jobs for this booming young population. Madarasas and Jaish will take care. Otherwise there is always the camel jockey opening in Arabia. Trusted drivers and servants for Saudis are mainly these crossbreed sons who will never become pedigree or belong, but remain unpaid and ‘taken care of’ lifelong as shameless but loyal slaves waiting on their bid and call. For a wage.

As noose  is tightening over Pakistan, we can expect them to undertake desperate measures. A Paki media guy was screaming, they were not jingoistic or sensationalizing things like Indian media. Oh is it. You only go ballistic LYING right. How many screeching headlines in your media owning upto Osama Bin Laden. How many of you hung your heads in shame for Ajmal Kasab. Can you even today write a line in your papers about Mumbai 26/11? You can, with your heads rolling in your press. Intellectual Honesty: this is the basic characteristic for any journalist. Not a single Paki journalist comes with it. A nation that lies like that, a nation that is cowardly can never be heroic. That is why you are producing scum. You deserve the Hafez Sayeds and Masood Azhars. This is what you are capable of. 

Today the Pak PM was already seen begging India not to escalate the tensions, but it is in India’s benefit to finish this issue once and for all. Nuclear or non nuclear. Anyday in a conventional warfare, India will outclass Pakistan because we have won each and every war with Pakistan in the past. It is our mistake, we failed to capitalize huge on the back of such glorious victories. Adharma does not deserve Dharma. Adharma has to be broken with Adharma only. 

Break Pakistan ECONOMICALLY first. Crush them from every side. Cut short their imports. Initiate the internal civil war. Make them like Rwanda and Zimbabwe – paupers with worthless currency. Get nations to eject Pakistanis from every fold. Let Pakistan break into bits and pieces. May be not today or tomorrow, but it will happen before the turn of this century because every single Pakistani who is in denial, who is a coward to admit truth, is working on that already.

What is her name, Shameem? Stripped of her UK citizenship for her IS association, very soon she will be flying back to Pakistan. This is your shame Pakistan. Take her back and flaunt her to the world in all your tv channels. All avenues closed for you as far as India is concerned. 




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A Billion Heartbreaks

A quick recap on terrorism in sovereign Indian soil sponsored by Pakistan in my adult memory. Interesting, how terror reporting has also evolved over years in India. By Pakistan I mean here, the involvement of Pakistan state, Pakistan army (armed forces) and their intelligence agency ISI who all tirelessly work together to wreck havoc not only in India but around the world.

As India grows and prospers, is terrorism a price we have to pay for our progress?


Bharat, my nation, has seen a series of bomb blasts owing to Pakistan terror outfits sponsored by both their military and elected governments over decades. The first earth shattering one happened in March 1993, the Bombay Stock Exchange blast. As a single and working girl about to be married, I recall hearing the radio commentaries in my workplace as my colleagues stayed glued to news bulletins on hourly basis. In those times, many of us were trading already albeit meagerly in equity markets – manually. Only brokers had access to computers (as our departments and workplaces were getting computerized one by one starting that year). BSE was computerized and my male colleagues would be frequently on phones talking to their brokers who then did a roaring business having access to computers in their workstations and internet. (I think I heard the word internet first in real life when a cousin got his dial up internet connection in the city for his new computer that cost six-figure in Indian currency). For the first time in financial markets, stock values were transmitted live which was a feat over a quarter century back. In fact my interest in stock markets perked in that phase of life. Which is why BSE mattered so much to me, especially in that exact point of time. Looking back, I realize how technologically advanced even then India was in a way – for a third world nation. Infosys and HCL and Wipro were starting to make waves. Bank reforms were on cards and the Indian economy was going for a big change. On top gear was BSE driving the growth indices of the India story that was at last kick-started by Narasimha Rao government.

So nothing could have devastated us more than the bomb blast at BSE masterminded by Dawood Ibrahim, planted by Pakistan, now living like a prince in Pakistan with their government and military protection. The blasts killed hundreds of innocent Indian traders and investors in the stock exchange and nerve center of the financial capital of India. The terror attacks aimed at bringing the Indian economy to a stunned standstill and collapse, and India to her knees. Well, the terrorists could not succeed on that ground. If anything, we Hindus are made of sterner stuff. We picked up from the pieces even if we had paid a huge price, and made good the huge human and financial losses through sheer spirited hard work, with a vengeance to succeed.

The Mumbai Stock Exchange blasts got etched in my mind in that young age as exchange brokers became our news bearers from national tv news that was relayed from Delhi. It was an age when credit cards and mobile phones and computers still remained a novelty in the nation, out of reach of the masses, privilege of very few. We had only the print media apart from radio and tv news casts. BSE bomb blast was the first major mass terror attack in India in my adult memory. Things as ghastly as that were unheard of until then. We had had two prime ministers assassinated beforehand, still that did not daze the nation as the bomb blasts did. Only train accidents killed us Indians in hundreds before that. That an Indian muslim and Pakistani govt/military together orchestrated the blasts was incomprehensible for us Indians. Although we put behind the economic losses in days, the shock and dismay stayed with us for a long time. We Hindus learned a hard lesson: who we should NOT AND NEVER TRUST. This is something America and UK and Europe and starting to learn just now.

MUMBAI 26/11 (2008)


Ever since there have been periodical and multiple bomb blasts in Mumbai (Zaveri Bazaar and other places), Hyderabad, Bangalore, Coimbatore (serial), Delhi (Karol Bagh and other places) and of course in Kashmir. Each killed and maimed hundreds of innocent Indian civilians. The Mumbai 26/11 terror attacks by Pakistanis gained media attention worldwide. Pakistan once again was in denial mode. But their own God spared Ajmal Kasab who would live on to reveal to the world the Pakistani hand in planning and executing terror attacks in sovereign Indian soil. This was one more mission of theirs that had the army and government connivance, sickening. Kasab was later hanged to death. Had it not been for Kasab, Pakistan and China and even our own leftists in India would have blamed Hindutva men for ‘staging’ the Mumbai attacks.

I have to share this on Coimbatore blasts. Friends from Coimbatore reported how they were personal witnesses to funds remittances to Coimbatore terrorists and muslims from Saudi Arabia for a long time after the blasts. These were direct eye witnesses, something that will never be reported by/in the media. The Coimbatore blasts of 1997 revealed to us how sinister the network of terror is and wherefrom it is fueled. All remittances to Indian muslims need a vigilant monitoring especially from offshore.

Everytime there is a bomb attack in India, we Indians go numb; we freeze; terrorism is such a dastardly cowardly act that you forget how to react for a moment. During Mumbai terror attacks in 2008 when Pakistan terrorists got to Mumbai via sea in unearthly hours hoodwinking patrol and laid siege ransacking the city in different locations, no fires burned in our kitchens; nobody celebrated or partied; whole of India went into mourning. I know, because I felt heartbroken, I remained so for days after that. It took time for us to return to normalcy. Social media was not as active then as it is now. Still, I know how India stumbled. There was round the clock news coverage in tv news channels from local to international like the BBC and CNN. Right then we Indians wanted a revenge on Pakistan. To blow up Pakistan. We missed a golden chance.

Mumbai stays fresh in world memory even today because it came after Newyork 9/11 that remained a raw wound in world psyche. By this time, world had woken up to ugly reality of Terrorism and Hatred the way it never did until then.

Through all this, Israel has been a good and trusted friend of India. India benefits from precious Israeli wisdom.When we have Israel on our side, we need none other. Love and respects and prayers from India.


During Kargil war started by Pakistan, I was a resident of Malaysia. How much we hung on to tv news from India in those days in foreign news channels. Almost everyday we called home to check what was going on. Although we had internet even then by way of dial-up network (year was 1999), news was never up to date. What we NRIs went through then was miserable. Out of India, but our hearts beating for India. India had the moral support of all Asians then, no doubt. To my knowledge no one supported Pakistan at least in theory. No chinese liked Pakistan, at least Malaysian chinese. For one main guessable reason. Terrorism and war were still new vocabulary in the world gaining notoriety since the turn of the millennium only. India however was fighting her own lonely battles already.

At the start of the Kargil war I was in the last leg of our Singapore tour. Grateful forever to Singapore for unbiased news coverage in their television and radio and 100% moral support to India all the way! The tiny nation had the courage to call a spade a spade.

Ethnic Malaysian Indians expressed their solidarity with India and BJP government in particular during our Malaysian days. Hindu interests are important not only for the sake of India, but for the great Indian diaspora spread around the world as well.


Kargil is the only Indo-Pak war in my memory as I was barely three during the last one in 1971 when India broke Pakistan into two parts carving Bangladesh out of their east wing. The first war after the 1947 violence was in 1965. PM Indira Gandhi the Iron Lady of India, took on the likes of US President Nixon and Henry Kissinger single handedly in 1971 and led India to a massive victory. America remained anti-India and pro-Pakistan for a long time. Indira Gandhi kicked out Coca Cola and IBM out of India which were to return to the nation after a 20 year hiatus, only in Rao period when Indian economy was opened up after globalization. China deserted Pakistan in the 1971 war and will do it again in future when it really matters. India can count on Chinese cunning and selfishness one hundred percent if not on Pakistan cowardice and ineptitude.


Pathankot and Uri were very recent terror attacks by Pakistan in India. There have been terror attacks in India carried out by Pakistan on daily basis in Kashmir that we have lost count of our martyred brave soldiers ambushed and slain to death in connivance at times with local Indian muslims. This we call Cross-border Terrorism and it is worse than a full scale war. It takes a huge toll on soldiers’ morality and bleeds you gradually. It is proxy war really. This is the dirtiest work and injury inflicted by Pakistan on India.  Indian muslim implication is the hardest thing to digest. That your own blood could turn against you. This harsh reality tears your heart. Disloyalty and betrayal are the worst crosses we Indians especially Hindus have to bear. Yes, we breed local terrorists. I hope even America and UK will agree because they are facing a similar situation: homegrown terror.

Social media took over from mainstream media by this time. Social media is a double edged weapon. But it gave common man in India a forum to express his/her wrath on Pakistan and Kashmir during Uri.


I shop for handloom textiles in exhibitions and fairs. We buy routinely from our Kashmiri muslim brothers wanting to give them business. Wanting them to grow.They always return to our cities and towns throughout India selling their wares. We invite them into our homes in case they are street hawkers and they normally invite us to Kashmir for tourism as well. Many have given us visiting cards. To be fair to them, most of them like and respect the Hindu literate and business mind and acknowledge that their growth and prospects are with rest of India only. They speak our language now, quite a few of them. Even a few months back I and my friend were chatting up two Kashmiri muslim men in Chennai. We shopped for 5 minutes but lingered with them for 50 minutes talking this and that. The guys were making us laugh with bits of Tamil they picked up singing to us Tamil songs. I doubt if any Indian will trust Kashmiris in future after Pulwama. Gone to wind is the bonhomie. In handloom expos, every state in India has representation. The Kashmiris never stood out of the crowd. They were one and the same as rest of India. As I frequent these expos, I and my friend are now familiar with our regular Punjabi, Gujarati, Bangali, Maharashtrian cooperative staff. To the extent we exchange pleasantries. The exhibitions are pan India bringing everyone together.

I wish Kashmiri youth who turn to terrorism can come and see for themselves how much they are loved and wanted and included in everything Indian. We send our Kashmir brothers back home with bags of money. Even if they have been stone pelting our soldiers. May be now, we must revise our opinion. I have not come across a single Indian threatening or troubling a Kashmiri in all these years. The Kashmiris know it deep down.

Amidst the Pulwama terror attack, Indian airforce still plied over 300 Kashmir students to their exam centers to enable them take up their GATE exams. Thousands of Kashmiri students attend universities all across India. Many thousands work in Indian banking sector/IT companies etc., earning their livelihood in India. Now how to trust them any longer. What if they are sleeper terror cells.

During Kashmir floods in 2014, the same Kashmiri terrorists were thrown lifeline by Indian army that saved hundreds of lives and restored their damaged properties.

The Hurriyat security is withdrawn finally today by Indian govt. India has been spending a whopping 5000-6000 crores of rupees on their security cover.

Music has started for Kashmiris as their undergrads are evicted from universities and sacked from their jobs across the length and breadth of India. Now this is new: this retaliation.

Pro-terror Kashmiri students get expelled from universities across India while their working counterparts get sacked. Bihar villages evict Kashmiri tradesmen as Indians rise in waves of unabated rage and disgust against Kashmiris (image from WhatsApp and Facebook posts)

Every Kashmiri muslim must ask himself/herself, why no Kashmiri Hindu Pundit is a terrorist. Why no Hindu pundit KILLS. After all, the Kashmiri terrorists had raped and killed thousands of Hindu Pundits burning their homes and evicting them from Kashmir. Today, the Kashmir Hindu Pundits are refugees in their own homeland living in pitched tents in and around Delhi in inhumane conditions. So what makes you a terrorist that does not make a Hindu a terrorist who has lost much more than you can ever give back. You have ethnic cleansed Kashmir of Hindus. If anything, the Hindu Pundits must have become hardcore terrorists by your own logic. Why haven’t they? Let me give a one word answer here that you can never bring yourself to admit: HINDU-DHARMA. The corollary is implicit.

PULWAMA (2019)

Pulwama has broken a billion hearts. Not seen such a collective rage and anguish in India in a long time. Precisely I am seeing the same reaction I saw after the 26/11 Mumbai attacks. At that time however, it was Congress govt in power.  Now it is BJP headed by Modi. It makes one hell lot of a difference.

History shows how every single Indo-Pak war was initiated by the Pakistanis who were defeated in everyone of them. Every single terror act not only in India but also around the world similarly has a Pakistan hand in it.

The Times of India came under fire for underming the Indian sensitivities and security concerns as the group owned by foreign church came out with deliberately misleading headlines as usual. Many including me quit reading print/online TOI group of publications months/years back. Subscriber base wearig thin for anti-nationals like The Hindu and TOI owned by Christian conversion missionaries as the Hindu are on staff retrenchment mode reportedly. (Image from Whatsapp and Facebook posts)

Mainstream media has received flak for biased coverage of Pulwama, from Indian public who have gone on to put the anti-nationals in the dock with the aid of Social media. The pro-terror have had it coming, and a virtual war rages in social media where the common man again can express his angst without restraint, directly debating the national issues and security. For a first time, the public voice is heard loud and clear, and it is not one-way like it has been when mainstream media reigned supreme.

Media in India has proved to be untrustworthy as it has now emerged crystal clear how they are owned, managed and run by either pro-terror and terror sympathizers or foreign church/conversion missionaries.

Projecting terrorism and terrorists as normal and regular: How India Media act pro-terror and glorify terrorism (Image from Facebook). India Today and The Quint aware, most serial killer psychos are just your average guy next door on surface? Bet what the editors get slapped with. Sedition charges?

Over 25 years have passed since the Bombay Stock Exchange terror attack. India has come a long way. Now we are a booming economy and we are in driver seat. We command world respect and Hindus are a dominant and acknowledged intellectual community today on the global stage. We have a voice. We have powerful lobbies and we have sympathizers. We have bargaining capacity in the present as we have never had in the past. We can push agendas. We can dictate terms. We can broker and deal what is best for us. We can afford to take some collateral losses as well. And finally we are ready to deliver Pakistan the knock-out punch. At the same time our enemy has been spiraling down and down… that if they are not to be dealt with their death blows by us Indians, they will anyway have it coming from China the friendly neighbourhood backstabber. Either way it is win-win for India.

Hopefully the sacrifices of our bravehearts in Pulwama will not go in vain. The martyrs have laid down their lives for the motherland: 40 of them. It is easy to preach that hate is wrong, but then a venom must be and can be broken only with another equal venom. Adharma does not deserve Dharma. Adharm has to be fought with Adharm only. So says even Lord Krishna in Bhagwad Gita.

A billion hearts lie broken. They will heal only when we avenge Pakistan for our martyred heroes. Jai Hind!

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Where Did The 300 Kg RDX Come From.

Tweet by Arti Bajpai Dubey (hope that’s okay):

I am #Pulwama I am Charlie I am Paris I am Orlando I am Brussels I am Nice I am Munich I am Berlin I am Westminster I am Barcelona I am London I am Norway I am Manchester I am Kabul I am Uri I am Mumbai I am Madrid I am New York I am Ankara I am tired …


Where did the 300 Kg of Explosives come from for one of the worst terrorist attacks in Indian soil. Of course from Pakistan, where else. Now cross check the Pakistan connection to all these terror attacks around the world.

Jammu & Kashmir is a landlocked state of India with Indian army troops guarding the Himalayan paradise from our terrorist neighbours. Kashmir shares borders with China and Pakistan. The explosives for the Pulwama terror attack on February 14th could have originated from only one source: Pakistan. Smuggled into India through our porous borders. This is if we are to give the benefit of doubt to China, unless otherwise China is hands in glove with Pakistan in masterminding terror attacks. China anyway has been blocking India from getting the terror chief Masud Azaar on the docks for a while now, at the United Nations. Role of China cannot be entirely ruled out in acts of terror given their nexus with Pakistan. At the least, the financial arrangement is a possibility given the Chinese vested interests in Pakistan.

India is the wise old Elephant that shall neither forgive nor forget. For a first step, river waters flowing from India to Pakistan will be summarily stopped forthwith. Not a single drop of water. Taps to be turned off for Pakistan.

The pro-terror tweets and social media comments of our desi anti-nationals to be viewed seriously by government and dealt with accordingly, because facts can be misconstrued easily here. Men and women who are terror sympathizers are losing their jobs and livelihood left and right with their misplaced loyalty. The idea is to make clear the India stance against terror ideology. Either you are with us or against us, that is it. All Indian citizens must furnish our government with proofs of any pro-terror remarks and posts in Indian mainstream media and social media for necessary legal and criminal action as deemed fit.

Indian Army may be given full control of Kashmir shortly. India will choose where and how to bleed Pakistan and to what degree. Before the turn of the century, there won’t be a nation ‘Pakistan’ – India will erase the terror state from world map. This is a distinct possibility now.

Security cover to Hurriyat to be withdrawn laying them bare to decimation anytime, and stone pelters to be shot dead at sight. Very soon this will be a reality. Kashmiris were being funded with fake Indian currency notes (Rs.500/- denomination precisely) by Pakistanis who are notorious counterfeit currency printers and suppliers in the world blackmarket. PM Modi’s overnight Demonetization of higher denominations of our currency brought the stone pelting to a grinding halt in Kashmir as supplies dried up from our terrorist neighbour.

It is also time to throw out the Kashmir undergrads and post grads and research assistants from Indian universities into their own hell hole. Kashmiris to be stripped of their employments /positions through out India and businesses to Kashmiris to be actively discouraged.

In 1947, before the state of Jammu & Kashmir acceded to India there was a looting and raping spree by Pathans and other Paksitanis in entire Kashmir that the Maharaja of Kashmir begged PM Jawaharlal Nehru to rescue Kashmir and drive out intruders. As winter closed in, Indian army secured the rest of Kashmir except for what remains today as POK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir) driving out rapists and looters. Maharaja Hari Singh of Jammu & Kashmir signed the letter of accession of Kashmir to India LEGALLY. If not for Indian intervention, there would be no Kashmiri left in today’s Kashmir with his/her dignity intact. Pakistanis would have resettled in the valley reducing and depopulating ethnic Kashmiri race. Present day Kashmiris have forgotten their turbulent past and especially the aftermath of 1947 and what could have happened to them if not for India. If not for the solid weight of India behind them, Kashmir would have been the next Afghanistan by now.

Kashmir has had a Hindu ancestry from before the time human history got recorded. Kashmiris were force converted by Aurangzeb as late as in the 17th century CE at the point of sword. It is not uncommon for Kashmiris to sport their surnames Butt/Bhat or Guru for instance even today, a telltale giveaway, as their ancestors never wanted to remain for long in the converted alien faith. The Kashmiri forefathers hoped for one day to return to their Hindu Dharmic roots, so they adhered to their surnames doggedly for centuries. Today it is the same Kashmiri Pundit and Baniya who are transformed into worst world terrorists. Three centuries of foreign faith seems to have erased the complete good of Dharma from their bloodstream. Thousands of years of Hindu roots destroyed beyond recognition. Kashmiri terrorists later ethnic cleansed the state of their Hindu neighbours in the 1980s, at the instigation of slain Pakistan PM Benazzir Bhutto. Kashmir is one classic case of what can happen to you if you are ‘infidel.’ Your own neighbour can take your life before raping your daughter in front of your eyes and setting your home to fire. Just ask the Kashmir Hindu Pundits driven out of Kashmir, forced to live as refugees in makeshift camps in their own native country India.

If Kashmiri terrorists are in the right, then Germany and Canada may follow suit and become Caliphates in near future. Canada is teeming with terrorists drawn from every corner of the globe. It is a pressure cooker waiting to burst anytime. This is what happens when a wrong ideology is supported baseless and the essential truth is brushed under the carpet.

Kashmir needs to be repopulated with Hindus, recolonized with Hindus once again. So long as Hindus formed majority of Kashmir, the region was peaceful. Along with the Kashmiri Pundits, Government of India must rehabilitate retired army personnel with their families and Biharis in Kashmir.

All Kashmiris living in other states of India to sign in nearest police station every fortnight. All Kashmiris with Indian passports working in foreign countries must be asked to sign in Indian embassy every month. This will help keep track of their sleeper cells of terror, just in case. Kashmiris are tainted blood who just cannot be reformed. Terror corruption runs deep in their veins. We Indians have been in denial of this acid truth for long. Time to let reality sink in and remove Kashmiris from Kashmir in entirety. These traitors belong in Af-Pak or in Middle East or wherever. No place for them in the land named after Hindu sage Kashyap or in the valley of Mother Vaishno Devi with capital ‘Sri Nagar.’

India to warn world nations to limit their business interactions with Pakistan. India must take up with each and every Arab nation in middle east on this on warfooting basis. Pakistanis need further isolation.

India must reduce trade contracts with nations which engage with Pakistan on favourable conditions. India must review relations with nations sponsoring or sporting Pakistanis or Pakistani businesses.

India should disrepair and undermine the CPEC project of Pakistan with China, but why bother. India will benefit hugely as Pakistan sells itself more and more to China like some African nations have done. Day is not far when the entire strip of their territory leading up to Gwadar will not only be under Chinese control but also under Chinese sovereignty.

Mutilating Pakistan must be first priority for India, breaking them to bits and pieces. Balochistan is ideal ground to start with. Not in a million years can Pakistan tear away Kashmir or Punjab from India. They know it well.

A low key but severely debilitating war that will bleed Pakistan slowly and surely to death is the best viable option. India has been steadily breaking their wings: stalled the sale of F16s to Pakistan by America, annulled the US aid to Pakistan among other things. Pakistan is steeped in debts and economically crushed already, head barely above waters where it concerns China. Last year India dealt a severe blow to Pakistan by way of Uri Surgical Strike that reportedly vaporized a Paki terror camp of 400 armed corps deep in their terrain. In 1971, India bifurcated Pakistan into two parts carving ‘Bangladesh’ out of the eastern one.

Hopefully Modi sarkar will be analyzing issues from all feasible angles and arrive at a tangible solution/plausible conclusion.

We cannot let this proxy war against India to go on forever. Let us get it over with.