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India Bombs Pak Terror Bases Deep In Pakistan Territory: Beginning Of An Ending?

They lied about Osama Bin Laden but were caught redhanded in Abottabad. They lied about Mumbai 26/11 but were caught redhanded with Ajmal Kasab. They are habitual liars. They will lie time and again. They violated our sea limits and sovereign territory when they executed Mumbai 26/11, so they have to gulp down today whatever India imposes on them and choke with shame and self-disgust. They earned this. This is Pakistan, the world’s epicenter of terrorism. Every single Pakistani is a terrorist one way or other: if not taken to arms, expect him/her to be a supporter of terror ideology. Sickening to see their published journalists writing for spy organizations selling their soul for a penny. That is Pakistan for you. There seems to be not a single ‘clean’ Pakistani untouched by terror. They are all TERRORISTS. 


India in a pre-dawn daring airstrike yesterday, bombed three different locations in POK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir) and deep within Pakistan territory destroying in a span of 21-25 minutes, major terror bases housing half to a dozen terror camps each training hardcore terrorists. In deed, India has rendered the world a great service. 

We Indians heaved a sigh of relief after our IAF avenged Pakistan for the massacre of our CRPF Jawans, 40 of them, in Pulwama, Jammu & Kashmir, this February 14th. Balakot, the Hizb and Jaish terror training base with over half a dozen camps reportedly, is 91 km inside Pakistan from LOC while the other two locations Chakoti and Muzaffarabad are in POK. 

Pakistan Defence minister admitted, it was ‘too dark’ when the attack happened !!! As Pakistan PM Imran Khan rocked away their high level meeting fitted in a stylish leather jacket, Indian television reeled out the probable list of important terrorists whose heads rolled this morning – as IAF liquidated high commands of terror in a daredevil retaliatory action (not to be mistaken for military attack). This is purely a Politico-Military Surgical Strike 2.0 after Uri – a counter terror operation. But if Pakistan is to treat this as war, they will be not exist to learn their third valuable lesson in reality. 

Time has also come for India to put things in proper perspective and assess various options. 

  • Can a perpetual liar like Pakistan be trusted (after Osama and Kasab)
  • Can a terror mastermind like Pakistan reform (after Kandahar Indian Airlines Hijack in 1999 and Mumbai 26/11 and a dozen or more bomb attacks throughout India in last 2-3 decades)
  • Can a saboteur like Pakistan be trusted. Because, it is unimaginable that a productive nation like India would waste energy and resources devising a destructive mission like Mumbai 26/11 to punish Pakistan. It is not in our DNA. It takes a very sick mind to go to this level of planning and execution of terror attacks. But Pakistan will not stop. 
  • Pakistan can be stopped only when it CEASES to exist. 70 years after India’s independence, this is the conclusion, Indian nation has arrived at. In order for India to live, Pakistan must not continue to exist. It has to be broken down into bits and pieces.
  • Pakistan is also a menace to the entire world. World is waking up to this undeniable irrefutable fact. India must capitalize on our goodwill hardearned through our channels of diplomacy. Both India and Pakistan were born as two independent nations in 1947. Each however traveled in a different direction. Pakistan is extremely jealous and filled with unabated hatred and vengeance for India. They will not come around or mature with time.
  • Pakistan economy is in doldrums. Their foreign reserves have plunged to under 6 billion $ and this would be right time for India to take them out. Is Modi thinking like me. 
  • China has vested interests in Pakistan. But China is also extremely self-centered. India can count on Chinese selfishness. China will stick to their CPEC corridor and may not venture out given the sheer size of business the Chinese do with Indians. One month of boycott of India of Chinese products could have a devastating effect on Chinese economy. Noticeably, China is not issuing statements for Pakistan any longer. Deafening silence from China, well, well, well….
  • India came menacingly close to CPEC corridor with Balakot strike. India must frustrate China-Pakistan. China has to feel the heat.
  • India has turned off the river waters for Pakistan right after Pulwama (will be secured completely in under six months). Over 90% of agricultural lands in Punjab province of Pakistan that is major wheat and food grain producer will be hit with this extremely crucial political maneuver by India. Pakistan can move any world court. Taps turned off, that is final. Bring in the waters from China, if you want. Lay water pipes in CPEC. Or ship from Saudi. This can have a debilitating effect on an already floundering Pakistan economy.
  • India holds the diplomatic leverage over Pakistan which stands totally and one hundred percent isolated today in world stage as Modi pushed relentlessly for just that in last 4 years. Pakistan is unwelcome even in Arab nations where their PM Imran Khan has to self-invite himself swallowing his pride. 
  • Close all Pakistan Lawn shops in Delhi and in other cities/places with immediate effect. Terminate contracts with all Pakistan artistes/sportsmen, cancel their visas and boot them out. 
  • India did cancel MFM status for Pakistan that was long pending.  No more trade sops or duty concessions to Pakistan. 
  • There is news of blockade on medicinal/pharmaceutical supplies to Pakistan from India. India is a global pharma leader. The common man in Pakistan will be hit drastically in this case. The Aam Aadmi in Pakistan must rally in unison to fight their terror propagators – their army – and bring them around which is the only solution for lasting peace in the Indian subcontinent and in the entire world.
  • Block Pakistan in every sphere in global forum. They stand isolated already. Take it to next level. Sever their contacts and relationships with a fresh vigour. Counter them at all levels. Kill them diplomatically.
  • We need a multi-pronged strategy when it comes to dealing with Pakistan: Military, Diplomatic and Economic blows all at the same time that could prove to be a lethal combination
  • India is aware, there  will be a little collateral damage in the process. Today as I blog this, Pakistan claims that IAF pilot Abhinandan Varthaman is in their custody. 
  • Pakistan’s curse is that, they will always have to live in India’s shadows. India does not need Pakistan, but Pakistan needs India for its very identity. 
  • Pakistanis overrate themselves especially their journalists. 1947 was a blessing in disguise. No Indian citizen wants to unite with Pakistan. We want only our Kashmir, WE DO NOT WANT PAKISTAN which is sick, sick, sick. The India of today is our own making from after our independence from the British. We will never share our success with yours. Salute to Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan. You did us Indians a great favour!
  • Finally Kashmir is India with or without Kashmir Muslims. Choice is theirs to integrate wholeheartedly with rest of India or migrate. 
  • Repopulate Kashmir with non Kashmiri Hindus – from Bihar, Orissa and Bengal, India’s poorest states. And retired soldier families. Modi govt must consider this as serious option. 

India has had numerous occasions in the past to crush Pakistan, but previous Congress governments squandered every golden opportunity. In spite of winning the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War, India failed to capitalize on the mammoth winning of war. India exercised restraint after Mumbai 26/11, but that was encashed as goodwill for the nation by isolating Pakistan in every field across the globe. Military attack pending, this still was a great diplomatic drive and huge success.India still was a soft state, and has always been. May be that has got to do with our Dharmic roots. Being Hindu changes everything. We just cannot kill like they so easily butcher in the name of God. Our God is not that. Our way is not that. It takes a lot for a Hindu dharmic nation to attack someone or even retaliate. It takes a great mental resolve and strategic thinking to steel yourself and arrive at such a drastic step given our history and DNA. With Balakot, this Hindu nation of ours breached a psychological barrier. After this, it will not be easy to stop us. 

Very few dynamic leaders in the world have it in them to ‘do or die.’ Fortunately for India and unfortunately for Pakistan, we have PM Narendra Modi wielding the power not a Congress weakling, to who they are used to deal with and shortchange. This man our man Narendra Modi is a hero. He is fearless. He has nothing to lose. He came with a single box to Delhi. He says, he will leave with that one box back to Gujarat in case he loses this upcoming general elections. Losers will be us Indians, not him or Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP), if that has to happen.

So is this war hysteria. Or are we psychotics. Only a badly scared Pakistani can say this. Because Pakistanis on average breed eight to ten kids through every one of their four wives (or more). Dozens of wasted young  men and women. The extra fittings, if they are girls, are married (or rather sold) off to Saudi Arabs (on temporary basis like for one month when they come camping for buzzards hunting, to serve and ‘entertain’ the aging sheikhs as one of their unnumbered wives to crossbreed the fakes who will be later useful as camel boys in Middle East). The extra boys reproduced like Ajmal Kasab may be enrolled in Saudi sponsored Madarasas for free food and terror indoctrination brainwashed from very young age with convoluted ideas and misconceptions and abject hatred, to be recruited later as expendable terrorists serving the dreaded terror outfits operating in sovereign Paki soil under the auspices of Pakistan govt and their spy organization that runs their military. This is the blood culture of Pakistan. They have big useless families feeding free like this in every village of theirs. This shame is honour for them. This is how they are Arabising and corrupting their blood line deliberately wanting to produce fair skinned sons and daughters with pea brains. Not much of difference between Pakistan and Thailand, right. Why degrade Thailand. This society that asks no questions but who can become cannon fodder easily is what Pakistan govt and army want. The girls are like the golden goose. They can feed their big families from their harems. 

Coming to their Casanova PM, what can you expect from this 60+ man who married for a third time in a gap of two years, stealing the much married mother of five children who was giving him the so-called religious indoctrination. This woman was hooded head to foot with slits just for her eye. What a modesty. Paragon of virtues really! Watching their tv soaps, it is unbelievable how the third wife of a second husband discusses her children from the first husband with another wife say second or fourth of her current husband!!! She may decide to go for a third husband whose fourth wife she could be but note, she never raises her head that is always covered. No shortage for boys, as the reproductive machinery of Pakistan keeps running 24 hours, 365 days an year nonstop with world record output of dreaded terrorists. No need for industrial jobs or white collar jobs for this booming young population. Madarasas and Jaish will take care. Otherwise there is always the camel jockey opening in Arabia. Trusted drivers and servants for Saudis are mainly these crossbreed sons who will never become pedigree or belong, but remain unpaid and ‘taken care of’ lifelong as shameless but loyal slaves waiting on their bid and call. For a wage.

As noose  is tightening over Pakistan, we can expect them to undertake desperate measures. A Paki media guy was screaming, they were not jingoistic or sensationalizing things like Indian media. Oh is it. You only go ballistic LYING right. How many screeching headlines in your media owning upto Osama Bin Laden. How many of you hung your heads in shame for Ajmal Kasab. Can you even today write a line in your papers about Mumbai 26/11? You can, with your heads rolling in your press. Intellectual Honesty: this is the basic characteristic for any journalist. Not a single Paki journalist comes with it. A nation that lies like that, a nation that is cowardly can never be heroic. That is why you are producing scum. You deserve the Hafez Sayeds and Masood Azhars. This is what you are capable of. 

Today the Pak PM was already seen begging India not to escalate the tensions, but it is in India’s benefit to finish this issue once and for all. Nuclear or non nuclear. Anyday in a conventional warfare, India will outclass Pakistan because we have won each and every war with Pakistan in the past. It is our mistake, we failed to capitalize huge on the back of such glorious victories. Adharma does not deserve Dharma. Adharma has to be broken with Adharma only. 

Break Pakistan ECONOMICALLY first. Crush them from every side. Cut short their imports. Initiate the internal civil war. Make them like Rwanda and Zimbabwe – paupers with worthless currency. Get nations to eject Pakistanis from every fold. Let Pakistan break into bits and pieces. May be not today or tomorrow, but it will happen before the turn of this century because every single Pakistani who is in denial, who is a coward to admit truth, is working on that already.

What is her name, Shameem? Stripped of her UK citizenship for her IS association, very soon she will be flying back to Pakistan. This is your shame Pakistan. Take her back and flaunt her to the world in all your tv channels. All avenues closed for you as far as India is concerned. 




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