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AndamanTribes Kill American Christian Missionary




Normally we do not like to see a fellow human brutalized to death.

But this time, entire 800 million Hindu population of India rejoiced when an American christian missionary who wanted to spread the word of Jesus in highly protected/preserved aboriginal island of India in the Andamans – was killed with arrows by the endangered ethnic tribes numbering mere 50 to 100 (unverified number).

Even for Indian citizens, venturing into these islands is legally prohibited. India zealously guards the indigenous people of Andamans from foreign intervention and exposure, giving in to the will of the tribes to remain secluded and out of touch with modern world.

Now the entire Christian world would not take it easy. They would want to stamp out this little heaven of the natives as they have done with North America, South America, Australia and New Zealand – waiting to hoist their flags atop the graves of the natives once they are ethnic-cleansed.

And believe me, it is easiest to wipe out the tribal races as they are extremely vulnerable to germs and infections, as the ethnic Sentinels have never come into touch with fellow (alien) humans in history. They have constantly discouraged any form of contact and have preferred absolute seclusion, shunning what we term ‘civilization’ and ‘culture.’ Previous attempts to ‘establish’ contact with the tribes have ended in dismal failure,

Greedy fishermen folk who ferried the American have been rounded up.

Americans and Europeans as a practice seem to want to flout local laws and customs and traditions especially in Asian countries.

Hats off to India for not touching the exclusive and elusive Andaman tribes until the 21st century, letting them be. (Few more ethnic tribes have human contact).

What a cruel, twisted and perverted mind would want to sell god forbidden Abrahamic faith to these purest aborigines. Is your Jesus a commodity for you to sell in market place. Shame on you guys! Shame on Christian evangelical missions and shame on America to still want to wipe out natives. Shame on Christianity, shame be to your Christ.

Not an iota of sympathy to this missionary. To me this christian American missionary is as worse as IS.

I wish every Hindu in India musters courage to give such an equal treatment to foreign christian missionaries setting foot in our native soil to convert Hindus. Christian/Islamic terrorism is one and the same to me. You can kill and destroy with AK 47s, you can also destroy nations and people with the Bible.

Welcome to India as our guest, to learn, to work, for medical treatment, for holiday. Come here to proselytize with your Bible or Koran, we shall cut you to pieces and feed you to crocodiles.

Thank you so much Andaman Tribal brothers and sisters, I may not get to shake your hands, (and I do not want to), still may your tribe increase and flourish! I shall pray for your eternal isolation from rest of the world. May you survive this horrible materialistic sadistic world on your own terms.

Love from Hindus from all over the universe!


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