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Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2019

Turkey, Malaysia and Pakistan must confer citizenship to Syrians and Palestinians. They are welcome to absorb even Kashmir Muslims from India, and other muslims. With such broadminded gallant nations in our midst, why should India offer citizenship to muslim refugees. Isn’t there Saudi with open doors welcoming one and all of their Umma twenty four hours of the day, seven days of the week, thirty days of the month.

It is the Dharmic duty of the only Hindu nation India (Other than Nepal) to take care of global Hindus who may be persecuted elsewhere for religious reasons. It is our Karma. India is first for followers of Dharma. Until the British categorized Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism as separate religions a mere hundred years ago, all these folds were known as sects of Sanathana Dharma (Hinduism ) only. These are the Dharmic ways of life, not organized religions like the Abrahamic. Not a single extra Abrahamic is welcome in India, because the rest of the world is divided between Islam and Christianity. You have places to go to. Hindus have nowhere else to go as refugees. Except India.


When PM Shri Narendra Modi spoke of ‘achchae din’ in his election campaign, I hardly believed him. Now I do. Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2019 tabled by Home Minister Shri Amit Shah today is one more milestone in the direction. The Bill was passed in Lok Sabha, the Lower House of India’s parliament with a thumping majority of 293 votes to 82 (against). One more election promise of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) kept/fulfilled.

The new Act (when the Bill transforms into one) will facilitate legalizing the residential status of global Hindus (refugees from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh) seeking Indian citizenship, cutting short their agonizing waiting time by years. The Hindu brothers and sisters are in India fearing persecution back home in these Islamic nations.

The Bill in effect seeks to amend The Citizenship Act, 1955 to make Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Parsi, and Christian illegal migrants from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Pakistan, eligible for citizenship of India. I wish they can exempt Christian immigrants though.

In other words, the Bill intends to make it easier for non-Muslim immigrants from India’s three Muslim-majority neighbours to become citizens of India.

It must come as a great relief to Pakistan Hindus who fled the terrorist nation seeking asylum in India. Hindus have been systematically persecuted in Pakistan in the last 70 plus years. With their daughters abducted, raped and forcibly converted to Islam, the population of Hindus is down to 1.6% of total population of Pakistan, from 13% in 1947. Bangladesh is even worse. Hindu temples attacked randomly and razed, and Hindu properties seized forcibly, everyday is a living nightmare for the minority Hindus of Bangladesh.

Both Indian Media and foreign Media as well as the Leftists and Opposition in India are against the Citizenship Amendment Bill as it conspicuously excludes illegal MUSLIM IMMIGRANTS seeking Indian citizenship. The bill’s ramification will be felt across India’s Seven Sister states of North East, where the illegal muslim Bangladeshi immigrants are slowly and steadily outnumbering and displacing the non-muslim Indian citizens. 

Who do you want us to host still. We hosted the Islamic invaders for a thousand years. We hosted the British for 300 years. We are done. Leave India free.

Bravo India! Good job!

Muslim refugees have many nations around the world to flee to. Why have not the oil rich Arab nations taken in the Palestinians. Why should the muslim Rohingya refugees come to India when there are over 50 islamic majority or islamic nations in the world. We are already a 1.3 billion nation.

India is the only Hindu majority nation in the world after Nepal. The only Hindu nation whose doors must be kept open always for any global Hindu seeking refuge. It need not have to be just an Afghan Hindu or Pakistan Hindu or Bangladesh Hindu.

Where were these sick and so-called secular media when ISIS decimated the Yazidis. Yazidis have Hindu roots seemingly. Or a lot of their customs and traditions are Hindu-like. When the Yazidi women were dragged out and raped 24 hours a day in the name of one particular God, where were you shameless journalists.

India must expel the illegal Bangla muslims next. Citizenship registry in every single district and state of India is a must. The Bengali muslims have penetrated deep into south India as well. Anyone employing them (in Coimbatore, Erode, Kerala for instance) for cheap labour must be prosecuted. It is extremely important for India to flush the vermin out.

Will Hindus Cease To Exist In Bangladesh & Pakistan?

How Muslims in India (and elsewhere) are multiplying like rats and rabbits drowning the sons of the soil:

Here is a small sample from just a single Indian state West Bengal.

This is why India’s next mission must be to introduce a strict Family Planning for every Indian citizen. PM Indira Gandhi forced the family planning in the 1970s and 80s only on Hindus exempting the muslims that is costing India dearly. Any Indian citizen irrespective of his/her religious affiliation should lose Passport and Aadhar (identity) if going for a third kid from a cut-off date for instance from 2020 (an idea) .

When will the Leftists in India talk about population explosion by Muslims in India and around the world that eats into the world produce hurting national and global economies.

When will our media talk about family planning for Indian muslims.

What is your answer to this media guys.

Democracy in India depends on Indian demography. The day Hindu population dips under 50% of our total population or the day Hindu population and Muslim population become equal in India (whichever is to happen first), will be the day India will become the world’s No.1 terror nation.


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Kejriwal Denied Chance Of Gifting Sewing Machine To Hyderabad Muslim Rapist

Hyderabad Police shot to death this morning the four rapists and murderers of a young veterinary doctor Priyanka Reddy, in an encounter at the same spot where the 26 year old was raped and murdered by her assailants. Priyanka was on her way back home from the clinic where she worked, unaware that her scooter was deliberately punctured by her would be-rapist-murderers, who pre-meditated and executed the blood chillingly gruesome crime that shook the nation. My blood boils even now. Unimaginably brutal. Not even the death of the rapists can give me peace. Too easy a way out for them. I would have liked the monsters to be castrated live without sedation in full public view. Hung from a pole as they bled to death. Swift justice done however, unlike in the case of Nirbhaya of Delhi where her rapist-murderers are yet to be handed over a death sentence. I am not ruling out clemency.

And thus was lost a great opportunity for the Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, to gift a sewing machine to the muslim rapist as he did with the Delhi accused.

Muslim and christian criminals in India gain the sympathy of social activists who try to colour every crime they commit with communal hues. Their minority religious boards are up in arms in no time defending them. The worst perpetrator of the Nirbhaya rape-murder crime in Delhi exactly seven years ago was a juvenile muslim man who was short of 18 years by months only. He is now a free bird thanks to our inefficient courts and those like the irresponsible Kejriwal, lost and untraceable in the crowd. Unpunished and let out scot-free.

It is shocking that the Indian judicial system thinks a juvenile can be let off the hook when he/she commits a heinous crime but never questions or ponders how the criminal was old enough to rape and/or murder even as a minor. These criminals are supposedly ‘rehabilitated’ thanks to our misinformed activists and given a new identity, with no consideration to the dangers they pose to the society. Worst is, the muslim and christian criminals being given Hindu names to protect their identities!

Rape of young girls in orphanages run by christian missionaries is a global misfortune not limited to India.

Let me make it clear, a rapist is a rapist whether he is Hindu or Muslim or Christian. Unpardonable and deserves death irrespective of his age or religion.

Not only is Love Jehad a reality in India, even Rape Jehad is. A sample of the devious Indian christian and muslim minds:


God save the Hindu Girls! Our Politicians are not with us and label the encounter ‘judicial killings’ (CPI M’s Seetharam Yechury). Our government (Kejriwal) rewards rapists and encourages murderers and criminals. Our social activists and media who must stand with us and fight for us are more concerned about human rights and dignity of rapists and daylight murderers. Our policemen are unreliable and corrupt. Thank God, I am no more a teen and I don’t have a daughter. Otherwise I will have to stay awake 24 hours worrying for her safety and security.

What the Moguls and the British failed to complete, Indian Muslims and Indian Christians may complete some day. Mercifully and hopefully, I won’t be around to witness the death of Dharma. When Dharma dies, world will die with Dharma.


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India’s Past-Present Relationship With Turkey & Malaysia

Late Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee became the first Indian prime minister in a long time to officially visit Afghanistan in his tenure. We Indians have a mental block against islamic nations. Against Afghanistan, this is even more pronounced because India’s worst invaders Mohammed of Ghori and also of Ghazni descended from here. So also the Moguls.

1018: Mahmud Ghazni’s invasion of Mathura

Indian history text books scripted by the previous Congress governments lavish praise on Ghori and Ghazni for repeatedly attacking the Hindu India and razing our temples, looting them and massacring native Hindus. Most of us therefore grew up in this confused state of mind: should we thank the islamists for their barbaric treatment of our ancestors and culture? for the Hindu genocide they committed? for desecrating our ancient temples and destroying our universities? Were the Turkish-Persian-Mongol-Afghans the celebrated heroes of India, and were we the Hindus victims or the cowardly vanquished? It comes as a relief that the present BJP government is for restoring the lost or severely damaged Hindu pride and glory by underscoring essential facts.

During his visit to Afghanistan, Atal ji reportedly asked for a tour of Ghazni. After all, every Hindu grows up with imprinted images of Somnath temple as well as others in our mind that were done to dust by the Afghans. India was the richest nation on earth in those times. The Ghori-Ghazni of Afghanistan led over a dozen war missions to establish a caliphate in India, that went in futile until they succeeded in their last attempt when it came to defeating the Hindu king. It is never recorded in Indian history text books that the Hindu kings pardoned the bloodthirsty islamic invaders everytime they failed and were thrown back defeated. When their last battalion succeeded, the Hindu king ended up getting butchered mercilessly, with his kingdom ransacked by the marauders. This is how Islam made its way into India.

It seems, in Afghanistan, none grew up singing the praises of Ghori or Ghazni. Or hearing bed time stories on the two. None knew of them as we Hindus remembered them centuries after until today. None celebrated both the Mohammads. Whatever was looted from India was long since gone. Consumed. Digested. Or passed over to the Turkish Sultanate. Atal ji was shown very poor impoverished village with no trace of civilization that happened to be Ghazni that was bombed out both by the Soviets and the Taliban. Heroes back in India (!), the invaders were apparently nobody back home. Strange are the ways of history. Today’s Afghanistan is a far cry from what they were originally. Even then over millennia before, these nomadic and/or desert cults thrived on stolen and ill-gotten wealth. It is curious that their holy book had nothing to say on that. The already cultured and civilized Hindu India was no match to these barbarians from another world.

It goes on to show, past is relevant but we live in the present. It is the present that is of more significance.

I was recently touring Turkey. Traditionally an adversary to India. Turkey shares the history of Indian invasion via Ghazni who had his roots in Turkey. India cannot get over with most of her historic invaders –  mostly islamic nations. India has made peace with Britain. India has maintained healthy ties with Arab nations. But the ties with Arab nations are mostly for mutual benefits of trade and politics as it befits this 21st century. There is no love lost for islamic nations otherwise, as far as India is concerned.

Turkey is not in India’s good books for the reason, it is a natural and traditional ally to Pakistan, our adversary even if we are to leave our painful past behind. Very recently Turkey and China voted against India in the UN, on Removal of Article 370 on Jammu & Kashmir by the Indian State (the only two out of fifteen but that came as no surprise). One more nation Malaysia voiced anti-statements on India over the same.

So how did India deal with these adversaries.

Palm oil contract to Malaysia was annulled summarily. India is a major and bulk buyer of Malaysian Palm oil. The order was routed to Indonesia, its rival. Malaysia responded with downing palm oil prices. The competitive pricing is to the benefit of Indian importers who may go in for Malaysian palm oil now at discounted rates. However, future imports are still a big question. PM Mahathir Mohammad of Malaysia is learning a hard lesson on international politics. In today’s world politics, friendship translates to trade benefits and economy. Nothing comes free. For the man who illegally sent his political enemy Anwar Ibrahim behind bars for a number of years on false trumped up charges of sodomy, a criminal offence as per Islam (Malaysia’s state religion) (I resided in Malaysia when this happened), India taught an unforgettable lesson. More to come.

Turkey was shortlisted for a naval contract worth 2.3 billion US$ which was immediately cancelled by Indian govt after Turkey voted against India in the UN.

Turkey To Lose A Whopping $2.3 Billion Deal From India After Erdogan Rants Over Kashmir

China: India deals at various levels with China.

So my Turkey holiday proved to be a complete surprise to me. We booked the tour before the Kashmir voting in the UN. Otherwise, we would have foregone Turkey.

Pakistanis call Turkey their second home, so I was a bit apprehensive. The only uncomfortable factor for me came from the Pakistani tourists flooding Turkey, the one place on earth where they manage to get a visa.

Otherwise, despite our hostile relationship , Turkey is a popular destination for Indian tourists.

Most importantly, I was greeted everywhere in the Eurasian nation with a ‘namaste’ – which means they reckoned at first sight where I came from.

I expected worst from Ergodan’s Turkey. What I encountered was a total converse scene. Most Turks I spoke to confessed that they were muslim by religion, but European by values and culture. None of them sounded religious or fanatical as most of us in India presume. Almost all of them were not happy with Ergodan. They feared further islamization of their country and were worried for their future.

As the world is aware, Turkey has been keen on joining European Union not without a reason. Turks are the last you can call ‘muslims.’ They are the most liberal, most westernized and it is amazing that we have such a misconception about Turkey in India as well as in the west.

The Turks mince no words when it comes to clarifying that Islam is only their religious identity that came with their birth. But there is a lot, lot to them over that. They seem to want to identify more with their European profile over Arab-Islamic.

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, founder of modern Turkey, sought to return the basilicas from the Christian Byzantine era taken over by the islamic Ottoman to their original owners: the Turkish christians. The Hagia Sofia at the heart of Istanbul is a standing tribute to the remarkable feat. The original and underlying Catholic engravings and artwork have been painstakingly uncovered and restored by the Turkish and American archaeologists although the structure now serves as a museum.

My mind automatically shifted to Babri Masjid and Ram Janam Bhoomi and various other islamic structures, all raised by the brutal islamic invaders on razed and desecrated ancient Hindu temples in India. I don’t think Ataturk got assassinated for unveiling the islamic takeover of the christian monuments. However such a move might unleash a flurry of anti-national sentiments both from media and opposition in India. How many terror attacks did we have to suffer for reclaiming the birth place of our Lord Ram desecrated by the bisexual Babur, even as Indian government was doling out funds to our bhais for their pilgrimage to Mecca. Who footed the bill. Mostly Hindu taxpayers.

The wisest and brilliant political maneuvre ever by Ataturk was, switching from Arabic script to Roman script for the Turkish language. With that single masterstroke, Ataturk seemingly cut off a major umbilical cord connection of Turkey with the Arab world. Today, Turkey shares nothing with Arabian world except Islam. Even otherwise, Turkish language adopted Arabic script in the past but was a full fledged language by itself. The change to Roman script signaled the de-communalization of the newly born Republic of Turkey.

Whoever I interacted with in the streets of the Mediterranean city (local muslims) categorically denied favouring Ergodan’s stand on islamization of Turkey. Ergodan won the last elections by a very slim margin. I guess, we need not have to fear as much of Turkey turning out to be the next caliphate over UK. UK could turn out to be Europe’s first caliphate – provided oil lasts for another 40-50 years in Middle East. The spread and hold of islam largely rests on the oil wells of Middle East in my humble opinion.

I also found the turks very friendly and businesslike. Obviously they have moved on. There was no overt pride in the Blue Mosque or at the Sultan’s palaces and wealth. Everything is mentioned as matter-of-factly, keeping in mind the present has nothing to do with the past and that the past is NOT sustaining the present whatsoever. Which is why the present Turkey is both historic and contemporary. A fine and delightful blend. I liked their highways (no patchwork) (as good as any european nation), alleys, bazars, highrises, architecture everything. A very organized country with everything streamlined to near perfect.  Way too cosmopolitan and extremely professional in all walks of life. This kind of discipline I would attribute to their progress. These parameters determine how well we do really as a nation. Five days and one stop may not be the measuring yardstick, but that gives me a great insight into what is Turkey about. I have an aversion to Ottoman that comes with my Hindu bearings, otherwise I would have liked Turkey even better. I have read of the Ottaman brutality and barbarity that I could not banish from my mind. When I looked at the Sultans’ magnificent throne and wealth, it immediately dawned on me that nothing in there was earned – but every single treasure was stolen. Ill-gotten. Acquired by wrong means. Blood-tainted.

It is very important not to get stuck in the past. Turkish shop owners and restauranteers took one look at me and got me my vegetarian food, playing Bollywood music in the background.

In a minibus full of tourists we were two lone Indians (me and hubby). Most were Pakistani and a couple of them Arab and European/American. The Turks paid no attention to Pakis even if they were supposedly friendly nations. India means business. Probably the Turks know this from experience. Straightaway they zeroed in on us greeting us with ‘namaste.’ Many of them referred to India as ‘Hindustan.’ I was surprised when a turk told me, ‘even if you do not believe in islam, please cover your head in the mosque as the decorum requires.’ I did. Rules are rules. I covered my head for a few minutes not because of respect for their faith but because I believe in obeying rules. I liked the fact that he understood and accepted that i need not have to have respect or love for their faith. This kind of maturity is rare and especially rare in an islamic majority country.

Ever since my Turkey tour, this is what weighs in my mind. Where is the so-called enmity with Turkey. Even if Turkey is infested with Pakis, we Indians command a good and better respect there as I saw with my own eyes. We win the attention without having to work hard about it. Ergodans will come and go. They are not important. Indian government should work to improve ties with Turkey. India has managed to wedge a deep cleft  in relations between the Arab block and Pakistan. We can do the same with Turkey. World economy is going through a bad phase. India can capitalize on that.

As for Turkey, I wondered what made them favour Pakistan over India. In my  opinion, whether it is Saudi or Turkey, these nations need a manfriday who can be at their beck and call should there arise an unholy occasion for unlimited cheap and expendable manpower at the battle field or to work as menial labour for a pittance. Pakistan loyalty to Turkey and Saudi Arabia and even China is unquestioning. Pakistan is subservient to these three nations, that are like a master to Pakistan. Pakistan is their lowly servant. India is not. India will never be. All these three nations have critical political issues that can threaten their peace anytime. Even their very security and existence. Pakistan will be required to step in at least in the case of Turkey and Saudi to fight their wars. Turkey has thus ‘cultivated’ Pakistan like a coached parrot.

India need not have to be concerned about the Pakistan angle of Turkey. Chinese Premier Xi opted to visit Chennai in India and relax not Pakistan. Of course he was an unwelcome guest imposed on us! We are equals – India and China. India is not indebted to China. Whether Turkey or Saudi or China. they hold India in respect. In fact, I had friends sulking what our PM Modi sold out to China at Mahabalipuram. We do not feel easy about India-China ties. As feared, many duties levied by India on Chinese imports have been lifted. India is watching Modiji !

I wonder whether an average Turk is aware of Turkey voting in UN against India and in favour of Pakistan. Looking at the animosity they have for Ergodan, I don’t think the Turkish public may support their government’s political agenda. Or as it is for them, politics and religion do not mix, which is good.

Turkey in the past has no doubt groomed warmongers and rogues like Pervez Musharraf but he is an old and useless hag now. Each dawn is a new day bringing us fresh hope. Nothing is unchangeable.

Interesting to note that Turkey is stopping issuance of year long or half year long resident or tourist visas, opting for month long visit/tour visas from near future, that can have direct impact on Pakis moving to Turkey for residence. I gathered that it was to prevent ‘misuse’ by ‘certain nations.’ No prizes for guessing who.

India can deal with Turkey diplomatically and try to change or redefine our existing equations. Past is best confined to the past. India has to masterplan and nudge Pakistan out of Turkey’s ambit and/or vice versa. It is not really an issue, but if it has to be done, let us work in the direction.

India has successfully isolated Pakistan around the world. Only one or two more stumbling blocks in our way. We can do it. I am sure, the cancellation of naval contracts for Turkey may be sounding alarm bells in their capital already.

As for Malaysia, an average Malaysian loves and respects India. Mahathir Mohammad has this against India because his grandfather is Indian by origin. So he feels this constant urge to prove to the Malays that he is not India-favouring. He supposedly did all his astrological consultations in Kerala until at least the turn of the millennium.  The poll dates in Malaysia reportedly used to be fixed in Kerala! His alleged India visits were kept a secret. Of course that was in the past. Mahathir Mohammad is over 90 now, senile and unfit to govern. India should not take him seriously at all. The stories we hear from Malaysia are very troubling. I love Malaysia because I have lived there for four years. I knew even then, I was witnessing the start of the decay of the Asian tiger. The greed of the Malays had started driving the nation to dogs.

If Malaysia has had to bring Mahathir Mohammad back from retirement after decades, it goes on to show how much the once charming south east Asian nation has deteriorated socially, politically and economically in present times. It means, Malaysia has failed to produce a single competent leader. Malaysia is falling apart. It breaks my heart to learn of the current Malaysia ruination from our friends there.

Whether it is Malaysia or Turkey, what I opine is that (whether anyone is listening or not 😀 ), the public are not with their leadership. The masses do not reflect their government’s stand. Their leaders have taken a decision on India without the consent of their citizens that can have repercussions on their economy that they are not comfortable with. Their relationship with India can be strained because of these thoughtless leaders. Leadership defines a nation. With Modi, I find that India has won a huge respect and following in the global stage. India has to weigh in these factors when it comes to dealing with both these nations.

Turkey comes across as a neutral nation mostly. Not at all anti-american or anti-Indian. In fact pro-western, pro-European. Amazing and eye-opener at least for me. Same for Malaysia. As for Malaysia, I don’t have to rely on a third party evidence. I just know Malaysia as well as i know my own India.

I am not a politician or diplomat or anything – just a humble housewife. These are my views as to why India must engage Turkey and Malaysia constructively, irrespective of our past mutual relationships. Open fresh dialogues and other communication channels. Explore new avenues.

Bangladeshis have taken over Malaysia. Malay women are getting impregnated by these Bengalis and producing scores of half-castes in the streets of KL and other cities. Malaysia is filling up with this filth. Just ask anyone. I am sorry for this horrible language. These are the exact words of a Malaysian friend who is very concerned that I wanted to repeat here to reflect how serious the plague is. Most shops and restaurants in KL are now owned by these Bangladeshi migrant workers who have managed to bag a Malay woman (not a difficult job at all) or even the reverse could be true.f

Mahathir Mohammad is instead criticizing India than dealing with this shame and allowing a cancer like Zakir Naik to spread his poison in the country. For the modern Malaysia that he helped build in the 1970s , Mahathir Moahammed is digging the grave now. It is least of India’s concerns. If Malaysia decides to partner a rogue and terror nation like Pakistan, it is to their own detriment. It shows their calibre. Malaysia is by no means the self-sufficient and smart Turkey and cannot afford this misadventure. Given the (in)famous Malay IQ. There goes a joke in Malaysia as to why Mahathir Mohammad is so successful. It is because of his paternal Indian gene.

Any nation that encourages Pakistan will be considered a serious adversary by Indian government. May be with some nations like Turkey and China and Malaysia, India comes out with open condemnation. In the case of others, what is deemed fit will be up in the agenda for a future date.


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To Be Mastered, Not Tackled: The IIT Curriculum

I am the daughter of a teacher who taught deaf and dumb middle school girls from as far back as 1965. That is over half a century ago. I grew up visiting my mother’s convent many times an year. At that time, we never had fancy names such as ‘hearing & speech impaired’ for these girls. My mother was a kind but strict teacher. She would not spare even her disabled wards if they committed mistakes, without a good spank. In fact I remember her telling us, it was hardest to discipline those born with physical handicap. The teachers achieved this without hurting the ego of their wards, driving home their point  The children were treated like any normal kid. It was permitted in their school and no questions asked. I went to Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan myself upto class 5 and from 6th to 12th standards, I attended LS in Mylapore. Upto standard 8, I remember receiving physical punishments in the class at times, even though I was fairly a good and obedient student. Mostly I got punished when whole class got punished. But I remember the erratic ones regularly getting spanked by our teachers. No parent turned up to complain to our school principal. No girl committed suicide. None went into depression.  In fact, we have all made good with our lives now.

In Tamil we say, ‘adi udavara madhiri, annan thambi udavadhu.’ It translates into’ ‘no sibling helps the way a good spanking can.’

Coming from a family of humble teachers whose committed mission was to improve the quality of life for their pupils and cultivate good habits, thoughts and virtues in them, today’s atrocities in the name of freedom giving high hand to students bullying the teaching faculty comes as a shock to me. Emotional blackmail of the teaching staff by errant wards is encouraged by both school management and parents themselves, to the detriment of the younger generation. Whereas my mother never spared the rod those days. My teachers never did. That is why I am here now.

The suicide of Fathima Latheef from Kerala in IIT Chennai is newsheadlines. Political parties and some regional groups that ideologically support terrorism want to give communal hues to the suicide. Not a question on the academic performance or personal life of the girl in question. The suicide note of the girl seems to have become sacrosanct as if sworn under oath. Final authority, uncontested. Not one but three of her professors named, all in a matter of four months, without having to take a single semester exam.

One thing about IITs is that, suicides in the campus haven’t been rare. This is because, entering IITs is not easy. It requires rigorous preparation for years, plus patience, smartness and diligence along with agility. Quick thinking aptitude that can place you ahead of scores of others. You have to have a very sharp mind. You are vying with the best brains in India. What many do to get into IIT is, go by a short-cut enrolling in those programmes like FITJEE that are tailored to ensure you a rank in the IIT entrance but cannot take you farther than that. This is where most IIT aspirants who succeed in getting into nation’s premier tech university fail. They don’t have the pampering spoon-feeding institutes like the FITJEE or Brilliant’s once they start their IIT life. They manage to crack the IIT entrance like a magic that merely opens doors to them. Many cannot take the pressure on to think for themselves once they start the engineering course. For the mentally vulnerable, suicide becomes the escape. After all, high hopes get pinned on these successful candidates who are paragons of prestige and hardwork to the outer world. Already these wards must have invested years of their lives, sacrificing their happy-g0-lucky teen years, for academic pursuits. They are under immense pressure to impress their parents, relatives, peers, etc., etc. including their high school teachers. Now there is no going back. Once you step into an IIT, it is a one-way street for the aspirants. Perform or perish is the mantra. At this level. most IITians are also usually school toppers and high achievers, celebrated in their circles. A downgrade is too much for them to take.

Recently IITs ruled that those who cannot cope up with the syllabus, can graduate with a B.Sc., degree instead of the B.Tech. This could have come as a shock to many. Weaker and unmotivated students and those would gained a backdoor entry through reservation quota without merit, can still have an honourable exit from the IITs.

IIT semester scoring also rests largely on class tests and internal assessments apart from regular exams like with any renowned academic institution around the world. The scoring pattern is different and is based on a variety of analytical factors and individual capacities and potential and executed/accomplished projects. The program is designed to shape you into a wholesome individual. More diversified. The courses are structured to inspire the learners and make them think for themselves. Enriching lives, leaders are borne here not the meekly following sheep. This is why the IITs have carved a niche for themselves within the nation and around the world.

Recently my husband attended a slick management program at XLRI for a mere five days. He is still reeling under its positive effect. Ever since he is in awe about management and business schools in India and of course tech schools. How the individuals are chiseled into super humans virtually in these noble institutions that are doing a fine job. How admission is coveted therefore. You get in only if you fit in in every way. If you manage to sneak in unfit, it could end up a disaster. Various levels of check are in place to filter the uninspired. Only  the meritorious who have earned their way in make it good. Which is why an IIT product like Sundar Pichai is now the CEO of Google. The transformation is wholesome, holistic.

IITs and IIMs of India craft corporate global leaders.

So unless you have a matching mindset, it is not advisable to get into this kind of schools via crooked means. By this I mean those who crack the entrances enrolling themselves in day-night coaching centers for years. Here they learn how to tackle IIT, never to master their subject. Unfortunately, the IITs at undergrad level do not have screening interviews like the management schools.

To what extent this Fathima Latheef fared in mere four months in IIT needs to be looked into. Was she staring already at a quick exit from IIT. Was there parental pressure. Was she too much hyped about where she came from. Was she disappointed to discover her true mettle and worth in the IIT. Four months in a campus is too short a time to contemplate a suicide or judge your professor let alone pin the blame on him for your suicide. You need a scapegoat even in your death so as to be always remembered as the brightest star, is it. A total of three teaching staff have been named.

Was Fathima any quota candidate. Did she grow up in the Gulf states where the wards’ capabilities are highly exaggerated by the NRI community. Was she overrated, led to believe she was the best.

NOW LEAVE THIS ALL ALONE. THE PRESSURE OR HIGH STRESS IS FOR TECH UNDER GRADS AND POST GRADS. OUR GIRL WAS PURSUING HUMANITIES IN IIT. ALTHOUGH IIT ian, STILL NOT REALLY AN IIT ian NOT IN THE TRUE SENSE. SO STOP THIS HYPE NOW YOU SENSELESS MEDIA! Reminds me of how the same non-tech guys raised slogans for Sri Lankan political issue years back and the same was flashed as uprising in IIT, Chennai by national and local tv channels. Anything to mar the famed institution. Anything to slur and defile the renowned school of technology. Allegedly, Marxist Christians have a presence in IIT Madras by backdoor means who are on a conversion mission feeding on feeble minds. This angle needs to be investigated.

Well, truly I do not know the actual facts about the Fathima case except for bits and pieces I garnered from media. Neither does the media have an idea, I am sure. Shameless Tamil media. Are these guys not even ashamed how they are twisting and turning the case. Is this a trial by media. Framing a teacher who is doing his work just because a crazy student mentioned his name in her suicide note. Shame on Tamil politicians trying to gain political mileage out of this tragedy. Both Indian media and Tamil politicians are fit only to work as janitors in IIT toilets. They cannot be any better. Story of the sour grapes!

What kind of professionals is India producing. Those who do not even have the mental strength if the professor or teacher singles you out in the class for your inadequacy. For your incompetence. For your mistake. For your misdeed. This is nonsense.

Very unfair. This is very much a wrong precedent. Anyone can be similarly framed which is not right.

Who are those who are trying to make a big case out of Fathima’s. Investigate their terror links. Investigate their church links. Investigate their source of funds. This will suffice if it comes to exposing their true colours. Shame on Fathima’s parents. In your moment of grief, you still wouldn’t want to admit to your ineptitude, your daughter’s failures but would like to place a noose around a teacher’s neck because he did his job. Is that justified. You cannot expect your darling daughter to be petted and pampered in IIT. In university, reality kicks in. That you are no more a big fish in a small pond but a small fish in a big pond. Accepting the reality is issue for some weak mentality students.

I happened to look at Fathima’s letters in social media posts. Why this vendetta to see that the professors are punished. Is this what you can do in your life’s worst distraught moments. No attempt to find a solution but fixated on bringing someone to books. It is apparent that the girl’s dreams got crushed. For whatever reasons. IIT is not for the weak hearted. Especially those kids growing up in Middle East attending Indian schools with their papers evaluated by not-so-professional teachers who may/may not have earned their B.Ed., fall with a thud to ground reality when they return to India. Gone are the paraphernalia that meant nothing. What glares at you is naked truth. There is the big question of living upto your image and matching your parents’ unrealistic expectations. I know this first hand because right now I am based in Middle East. I know of the spoilt Indian kids growing up here all scoring over 9.5 CGPA yet who cannot make up even 7.0 GPA in their engineering school semesters back in India. The adjustment can be such an ordeal. The competitiveness of kids growing up in Indian environment is matchless. Their adaptability and quick thinking cannot be mastered easily by kids growing up outside India.

I have known these so-called brightest kids with highest CGPAs in board 12 who joined undergrad courses in America straight after higher secondary schooling in Middle East. One left Georgia-Tech in a month under heavy distress after securing a very tough admission. Another who was in Pen State Univ for two years finally called it a day and returned to India to start an engineering degree afresh. Near suicide cases. Parental pressure had a big role to play in these sad cases.

Whatever sympathy you may feel for the loss of a young life gets stamped out thanks to the media. The girl’s parents may have tough time resigning themselves to reality and coming to terms with their teenager’s inconsiderate decision. Even if you give the girl the benefit of doubt, there are still women’s commissions, women’s forum, women police etc., etc., to look into any grievance in a big metro like Chennai Why the girl took the extreme step is a mystery. . But that is no reason for the distraught parents to point fingers at any innocent man,

Looks like, the professors allegedly discriminating on the basis of faith are actually communists! That probably saved their day! Does any single Tamil media house or national media house have the honesty to point this out in their coverage. Why the coverage in the first place.

How many suicides in the IIT every year? Why extra coverage for this case. Is it because the girl is a muslim. Are you guys looking for a chance to ignite things. Chance to get back at BJP, Hindus? Are you guys looking for a chance to improve your TRP ratings.

Let this be the last and final case when an undergrad/grad/research fellow caves in under intense stress and societal pressure. This scenario is unhealthy. Finally if we in India cannot make mentally stronger young people, what kind of nation are we building. Breaking up, cracking up so easily under duress. No willpower to fight it out. No inspiration. No motivation. No wonder we were invaded and occupied for thousands of years in history.

No words of solace for Fathima’s parents. We are all mothers and fathers here. We have grown-up kids with dreams. It is an irreparable loss no doubt.


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‘Bharat Ratna’ for Veer Savarkar

I am not the one to be fooled by sophisticated British agents like Gandhi and Nehru. Lapdogs to the viceroys. Veer Savarkar, Subhash Chandra bose, Bal Gangadhara Tilak, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and Bhagat Singh are more my kind of national heroes. At last, Savarkar, the Hindu Mahasabha founder, may be honoured posthumously with the nation’s highest civilian award, ‘the Bharat Ratna’ (jewel of India). Very much deserved but delayed. Just because the popularity of Gandhi and Nehru outshone Savarkar and his relentless freedom struggles, it does not mean the selfless patriot deserves any less. One has to remember that Savarkar news must have been blacked out by Nehru, especially in the light of the fact that Nethaji received a similar or worse treatment at the hands of the Congress. And what about Shyama Prasad Mukherjee. The Congress was capable of all including managing Lal Bahadur Shastri. The Congress is capable of scripting history the way it deems fit. This is one solid reason for mass ignorance where it concerns Savarkar. There are those of us who hold the opinion that India is in one piece and in-tact because Gandhi exited at the precise moment. To us, Savarkar and Godse will remain saviours. Gandhi played his part, Nehru acted his role, they both earned their due respect and credit. No recognition for Patel or Savarkar or Subhash Chandra Bose. Why should these valiant men be played down and eased out of public memory. Like them, I wouldn’t have wanted to give the British an honorary exit in 1947. I would have wanted them chased out. I would have wanted them running for their lives. Congress denied India such a glory. Gandhi and Nehru were the mediators who guaranteed the British a face-saving exit. This below write-up is only a small indication as to how nasty the British worked in India even as successive World Wars were raging on. I shall update the page once the hero is decorated with Bharat Ratna. We want our school children to learn of Savarkar and his men’s sacrifices, not just the over-run Gandhi-Nehru stories. These followed the footsteps of the Brave Maratha warrior king Chatrapathi Shivaji’s . Had Shivaji-Sambhaji survived, would we have had a tyranny like Aurangzeb’s or Tipu Sultan’s in our bloody history? Men like Savarkar are the Pride of India. I acknowledge both Gandhi and Nehru, but they are overplayed. Time for India to shine some spotlight on our other heroic national leaders. Their life stories and sacrifices matter. V D Savarkar, M S Golwalkar, K B Hedgewar … these are the men I want to see side by side with Gandhi and Nehru, adorning our halls of fame as framed pictures.

Savarkar: How a Nation Failed a Man who Deserved to be Revered

Let us return to the present after this and focus on national development. Corrections to the past are necessary but let that not drag us down.


PS: I lost respect for national awards. After all I nearly puked when Rajiv Gandhi awarded ‘Bharat Ratna’ posthumously to M G Ramachandran (MGR), ex-CM of Tamil Nadu, for political gains. Is it possible to take back the award now??? Award Wapsi will be very much appreciated in this one case 😀

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Hare Rama! Hare Krishna!

I don’t want to justify the Ayodhya verdict on any ground. It is ours. Matter closed. Done and dusted. Must have been done long back. This is our Ram Janam Bhoomi. We reclaim it, retrieve it, fullstop.

Ram was not from Arabia or Israel. Ram was not Arab by race or colour. Ram did not speak Arabic or Hebrew or Latin. Ram is my ancestor. Just because history got recorded only since the birth of Christ, it does not mean that the universe came into existence a mere two thousand years ago. Billion and more Hindus believe at heart that Ram lived and breathed in India. Evidences are surfacing time to time proving the existence of our celebrated holy Hindu ancestors. Ram is our forefather. Shiva and Ram and Krishna are ours. Native. I don’t have to justify or prove my belief or strong conviction to anyone be it American or European and least of all a Muslim or Pakistani. I live in the land that was the home of my ancestors Shiva and Ram and Krishna. I eat the food they ate. I wear the clothes they wore. I speak the language they spoke. I practise the Dharma they practised. I don’t have to fake my ancestry. I don’t have to make up my forefathers and roots. I HAVE my identity. I am pedigree. My identity comes from Ram. My identity comes from Shiva and Krishna. I have woken up from a troubled sleep. Nightmare really. With bloody marauders like the Islamic invaders who historically unleashed terror in my ancient Bharat wrecking havoc in their wake, besieging our homes and razing down our temples and looting our wealth. Trampling over our culture with an indescribable brutality. Then followed the British Christians who were different only in ways and means. End object was the same. I will not allow myself to be taken for granted ever again, that I promise myself. I will fight for my rights. I will fight for my nation and culture. I will fight for my Sanathana Dharma. I will fight for my ancestors’ glory. I will do whatever I can in my capacity to restore India’s lost Hindu pride. I will do whatever in my capacity for the ultimate birth and rise of a Hindu Rashtra.

Ram Mandir in Ayodhya is the first step. Next I want Uniform Civil Code for all Indian citizens. All Indians whether Hindu, Jain, Buddhist, Parsi, Sikh, Christian or Muslim must come under a single umbrella when it comes to law. No special rights for Muslims and Christians in India. Audit of all Islamic and Christian institutions and places of worship and trust bodies must be made mandatory. Conversion to be made a criminal offence. Anyone caught converting a Hindu must be booked non-bailable. No mercy for terrorism and terror sympathizers. Birth control to be strictly enforced irrespective of your religion. Just get out of India if you want to get a third kid. No voting rights for the third born after 2020. No passport and Aadhar card for the third child. More taxes as you beget more children. Hopefully, this becomes reality soon.

India is not looking for approval on anything from anyone, believe me. What you think is of no consequence. Who cares. I don’t even want to quote from anywhere any link. Just that, justice was delivered to our beloved Ram who believed in justice to the extent that He sent His wife to live in jungle when She was heavily pregnant. He never got to know His sons Lav and Khush for many years. That was after He fulfilled His jealous stepmother’s wish living in jungles as newly wed for 14 years, with Sita, when Sita was abducted by Ravana. Ram’s whole life was a struggle for upkeep of justice and truth. His impartiality brings tears to our eyes. His tenderness touches our heart.

Did Ram seek to behead the kafirs or non-believers. Did Ram seek to convert the infidels. What did Ram do. Ram lived as a role model citizen Himself, which is why in India, 6000 – 7000 years later we still talk about ‘Ram Rajya.’ Ram did a penance for killing Ravana, a great king. On return to India from Sri Lanka, one of the first things that Lord Rama did was, performing His father’s ‘devasham’- fulfilling His duty to His father Dasaratha the first time the opportunity presented itself after years, ensuring Dasaratha’s ‘atma’ a release from the mortal world.

Expecting the high standards of Ram in desert cult is too much. How to compare Ram who wouldn’t hurt a fly with the ruthless barbaric. Hindu society was already an organized society, highly literate. Desert cult focused on bloody acquisition by any means. Plunder and mass murder were hailed. Psychotic cruel rulers became celebrated heroes. Fear psychosis held India to ransom, as unfortunately for India that was already well civilized, the marauders were too much to handle. Centuries of loot and continuing genocide demoralized the Hindus. The British were only a polished version of the Islamic invaders of India. The British decamped with whatever was left. Today if you empty the British coffers of the looted wealth from India and Africa, the UK will be poorer than Rwanda and Ethiopia.

Restoring Ayodhya means so much to us Hindus. Why, it means everything. Installing Ram is important. The ASI of India found solid evidences of demolished temple of Ram in Ayodhya on excavation of the site. It is based on these irrefutable evidences that justice has been delivered. Even this justification is unnecessary especially to scoundrel and rogue nations like Pakistan, the terror factory for the world.

What endears Ram to me and millions of Hindus is that, even this struggle for Ayodhya is something Ram wouldn’t have wanted. Ram would have happily given up.  Knowing my Ram, understanding my Ram makes me think this way. But then at times like this, I remind myself of Krishna 😀

Well, as an afterthought, adding this link, a speech by Shri KK Muhammad, retired ASI director.


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25 Christian Conversion Mafia TV Channels for 6.2% Christian Population In Tamil Nadu

What is the Christian population count in Tamil Nadu?

As per 2011 Indian census, a reported 6.2% of Tamil Nadu population are followers of Christianity. However, Tamil Nadu today is also allegedly populated by a huge number of Cryptochristians who are Hindu by name but have embraced Christianity thanks to relentless conversion mafia operating in Indian soil. Bribed. Brainwashed. This figure is not reflected in the national and state census. Foreigners are entering India unchecked misusing tourist visas to serve as unofficial and illegal christian missionaries, a criminal offence as per Indian law, as the Modi government has effectively blocked the NGO funding for conversion in India from the US and Europe. In short, today’s converted christians are those who have sold their soul for a penny. Shirking native culture, they have not just shed their self-respect and identity but have also proved to the west that they will be always intellectually inferior to their erstwhile bosses forever.

Being a Hindu means, you have not succumbed. You are original. You don’t try to become ‘them.’ You don’t want to be one of ‘them.’ Can anyone explain why otherwise the Afro Americans are referring to ‘Black Jesus.’ IDENTITY. When you drape a sari, when you don a bindhi, when you are a practising Hindu, you are defying your detractors who are out to get you.

Once you subdue a culture, you enslave the native population. This is the reason why Christianity is so cleverly and zealously marketed across the globe. The Asian christians are meek followers, never the questioners. Which is why the west feels it is important to christianize India. Once the originality is lost, we will not speak up. We will not challenge. Our allegiance is automatically to Vatican and the west. Our philosophy becomes western. Our lifestyle becomes western. This is nothing but modern day slavery. Conquest of your native culture without a bloodshed. India remains an unfinished business to the conversion mafia. Which is why there is not a single Indian village from Kashmir to Kanyakumari today where this cancer has not spread. Massive massive NGO funding from across the seas.

Just how venomous and fast spreading is this parasitic christian preaching and evangelical mission can be seen here:

Why for an official 6.2% Christian population in Tamil Nadu, there are over 25 tv christian tv channels telecast free, forced upon you by satellite tv like the Tata sky and Airtel. It will come as no surprise if these service operators are funded by the christian missions themselves to beam the poison propaganda right into our homes. Hindu saints and poets and kings who lived before the birth of Christ are touted as earliest christians (!) and Hindu literature and culture are countered as ‘atheist’ and non-Hindu. In short anything before Christ is nullified. It is as if the universe did not exist up until 2000 years back. That a 10,000 year old ancient Hindu civilization flourishes until today as a continuous living-surviving one hurts many around the world. When you erase the truth and uproot the basic foundation, it is easy to install false theories in a society. You can see the lies floated 24 hours a day in these christian missionary channels in Tamil Nadu. This is not just the case of my home state, this is the case of entire India. Every single Indian state is drowned with increasing number of christian preaching and conversion channels. Is this democracy? Is this secularism. Show me tv channels in Middle east that permit this horrible invasion of our mind, homes, culture and nation.

Dear christian preachers, try to convert a single muslim arab or a muslim Pakistani. How  many seconds do you think will it take for your head to roll in the muddy ground.

How is that, this many christian tv channels in Tamil Nadu/India get funded. Where from. Are these even audited.

Is Jesus Christ Surf Excel or Stayfree that you have to sell door to door like this. Aren’t these christians selling Jesus in bus stops and petrol bunks and vegetable market and even in front of Hindu temples even ashamed?

These Asian agents are recruited smartly by the west. These are those who have been brainwashed into believing that they have no respectable native culture. That they have to follow the lord of their invaders and occupiers who once slayed their ancestors in cold blood. On the very cemetery of their forefathers, these Asian christian preachers are building a platform singing the praise of the foreign gods, speaking, acting, dressing like their vanquishers. SOULS SOLD OUT.

You can live in any part of the world. But you forget your roots – you lose your identity. You lose your face.  You lose your individuality. You become a carbon copy. A cheap imitation.

Souls cannot be harvested, preachers. Keep your Christ out of India. Stop selling Him like soap and shampoo. Dear America and Europe, use the conversion funding to boost your local economies. Vatican – first fix your sex scandal issues. You are rotting from insides.

Once upon a time in my life I had respect for Christianity. Now no more. NOT A CHRISTIAN NOT A MUSLIM, PROUDLY A HINDU. Leave us free you vultures who feed on poverty and weak souls. Shame on you and your so-called God. Never in a million years can I accept the Abrahamic Gods. Proudly a Kafir. Proudly an infidel in your dictionary.