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How Can China Go Scotfree.

After damaging the world wrecking havoc at regular intervals with fatal pandemics that are truly the only made-in-China originals, apart from territorial aggression on neighbours, economically blackmailing helpless smaller nations leading them to a debt trap, destructing the environment to the highest degree with very high level of gas emissions, hunting down endangered species in the oceans and legalizing the elephant tusk trade, bullying anyone and everyone in the vicinity who dares to question, China seems to have been allowed to go scotfree by generous world nations without having to pay for its deadly sins. Why?

Two years back China was about to lap up the Bhutan territory thereby denying Bhutanese access to India, the only road out of the landlocked Himalayan kingdom. India stepped in. Only two nations in the world have it in them to confront the arrogant haughty China: the US and India. In Doklam, Indian soldiers bravely forced the Chinese to retreat that did not go down well with the chinese. Some media reports observe, the Wuhan lab was producing bioweapon chiefly to unleash terror on India before it leaked out and the chinese got a taste of their own bitter medicine. Look at this bloodchilling video from high on the Himalayas where the chinese and indian soldiers face-off. (This is not Doklam but one of kind of regular encounters between chinese army and indian army. The chinese as a habit violate our border and sovereignty and have to be pushed back everytime). Only two years back, we were staring at a possible escalation of tension with China that could have led to a limited scale warfare. I doubt if any other nation in the world has this kind of nerve to take on China boldly and squarely on face. Just imagine the smaller nations left with no option but to surrender to China.

China’s ally naturally is our next door neighbour terroristan aka Pakistan. Rogue nations are at it together, not surprisingly. China has invested heavily in Pak and thousands of chinese workers are stationed right in Pak territory yet the epicenter of global terror continues to downplay the Corona scene there. After all, when India destroyed Pak terror camps in Balakot, they claimed we uprooted some 10-12 trees, so what do you expect from them. Pak government and Pak media are sold to China and their profiteering agent in this case is their notorious criminal ISI. To the extent that Pak is trying to paint a saintly picture of China asking all not to believe in ‘conspiracy theories’ on China, conniving with their sheepish media. Just who are they kidding. Other cronies of China include Iran and Turkey. Iran has thousands of cases and Iranians are busy spreading the virus around the world, especially in Middle Eastern nations  where they frequent.

China has been terror friendly so far quashing down India’s pleas at UN for designating vicious Pak terrorists as wanted by Interpol. China stalls India from becoming the Security council member, brushing aside the fact that India gave up the spot in 1950s (when we still trusted the chinese and were gullible and naive enough to commit this suicidal mistake) and recommended China for the same. China is classic example as to how some entities in the world won’t hesitate to backstab you when you spare them a lease of life. The Chinese pres Mao Tse Dong visited India as a state guest but on return immediately waged a war on India in 1961 when he might not even have digested the banquet feasts he had had in Delhi. India learnt a harsh lesson from China – the lesson we can never forget for life. Enemy’s enemy becomes our friend. That is how China and Pakistan are now chummy-chummy. How long, let’s see. Until the entire Pak territory leading to the Gwadar Port and the port itself will belong to China very soon when Pak fails to pay back the chinese loans compounded with interests. Already a port in Sri Lanka has similarly been acquired by China when the island nation could not afford to payback the exorbitant chinese loan installments. The lease is now for 100 years. Modern day territorial expansion.

It is time China is made to pay for this folly, foot the bill, for endangering entire humankind to grave conditions that can lead to mass extinctions, loss of revenue for nations, infection and extinction risks to wild life among other things – if it is proved beyond doubt that the Corona virus leaked from the chinese lab in Wuhan that was testing bioweapons. Very high level of panic and mass hysteria everywhere, leave alone the pandemic. Markets are crashing, ordinary lives affected across the entire globe. Families apart and broken. CHINA, YOU AND YOU ALONE ARE RESPONSIBLE AND ANSWERABLE!


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Dharma In The Times Of Corona Virus – Part 2

Hahaha here is a good question from Whatsapp: is the corona virus an RSS agent??? because it seems to promote Sanathana Dharma!

Some dharmic customs practised for tens of thousands of years in Hindu homes:

  1. eating with barehands
  2. brushing with neem twigs
  3. rinsing/cleaning not with toilet paper but water
  4. ablution before entering homes and temples. until very recently we had this habit in all our homes. leave the chappals outside, no footwear within home, and washing foot before entering home. most Hindu temples, atleast the ancient ones, boast of their own temple tanks where devotees would take a dip before entering the holy places. temples by seaside and riverside had natural waterbodies where the devotees took a dip. even today this is true of India. lakhs of pilgrims take a dip everyday in river Ganga  before visiting the Kashi-Hardwar temples and visitors to those like Rameshwaram take a dip in the sea
  5. vegetarian food habits mostly. even the worst non vegetarian Hindus in India cannot eat 10% of meat like a westerner or arab or Indian muslims/christians having inherited very poor appetites when it comes to meat ingesting
  6. mopping the floors with cow dung, spraying of cow urine. the cow excreta being natural anti-bacterial – even today this is the scene in rural India.
  7. maintaining bodily distance of 3 foot even at home among family members. only now it is common to see daughters hug fathers etc. never in my growing-up days.
  8. ‘namaste’ the universal greeting which is also a yoga by itself. just join your palms in unison in front of your chest for a few minutes. see the vibration that reaches your brain from palms
  9. school punishments of hindus and punishments to kids by parents always used to be what is patented today as ‘brain yoga’ by americans sadly. i have done even 108 for Lord Ganesha as prayers for my school exam grades. just do one and see today. catch your ears with crossed hands, do situps with knees bent lowering the pelvic to floor level. now that is brain yoga. this stimulates brain activity in kids
  10. ‘food is therapy’ for hindus. our vegetarian food is laden with natural medicinal properties. for instance we add banana stem and banana flowers to our menu every week. banana stem is a natural kidney/colon cleanser that prevents stone formation. likewise every vegetable and green we have takes care of specific internal organs . most ailments/diseases like jaundice, measles etc used to be treated with greens and herbs. when i was in primary school i got measles or chickenpox. i was asked to lie separately (what you may call quarantine today) in neem leaves mat and fed neem water and neem balls. no medication. i was fine in 3-5 days to go back to school. next one week, shower with neem water.
  11. this our Hindu culture is not flourishing for nothing for over 10,000 years. we are the only continuous surviving civilization in the entire world – the only native people to have bet all odds and surviving and flourishing to this day. we can live with ridicule by others who are good at nothing but talk big. we seek nobody’s approval. today my breakfast was dosa (lentils (urad dal) and rice pancake) with coconut chutney grounded with chickpeas and green chili. Lunch was snakeguard stew with lentils (channa dal and moong dal) with coconut-jeera (cumin) milk with a dash of ginger along with handpound brown rice. Plus ofcourse curds (a cup of unsweetened yoghurt but Indian curd is slightly different from western yoghurt). Dinner was whole wheat roti with the same snakeguard left over stew. midmorning snack: jackfruit slices. no coffee. evening masala chai (tea) with natural spices like bayleaf, cinnamon, cardamom etc., powdered. i know i eat richest food but the one that still comes cheapest in the world laden with natural proteins and vitamins and minerals. unfortunately, it is most underrated. we eat all vegetables and fruits : from bitterguard to snakeguard to beetroots to cabbage to carrots to cauliflower to peas and beans and raw bananas, yam, okra, greens like spinach, pudina (mint), coriander, etc., etc. we eat in general what we call ‘satwik’ food – this is what defines us hindus. this food can influence our emotional and intelligence levels cutting out aggression and infections and sharpening our brains. we hindus literally have gourmet meals at home. so sad, some call it ‘curry’ in the most derogatory way. needless to say, we add turmeric powder and curry leaves to all our dishes
  12. hindu way of life focuses on liberation (mukthi) of the soul from birth cycle over material wellbeing and acquisitions. that is why the abrahamic races were invaders. hindu kings never had such an agenda because our goals and purpose of life is not that of abrahamics. our kings sought renunciation never acquisition. after what happened to China, it is time for the world to pause and take stock of things. what is this race for. to where really.
  13. women in India were given proper rest during menstruation times. in fact were used to be quarantined for three days. ever since we women are denying ourselves this much needed rest in the name of social equality and feminism, our reproductive health has started suffering and the fertility rates have been drastically affected. hindu women (including me) wear toe rings in the second toe. this directly connects the nerve to the uterus and keeps our monthly cycle regular. same for the anklets. women’s biological needs are different from men’s and we have to respect the same
  14. see the yogic postures and mudras (palm/finger postures) – all these are designed to activate our dormant/lazy nerve endings to keep us fresh and active and disease free.

    if you take the traditional dance forms of India like the Bharat Natyam, Kuchipudi, Kathak, Manipuri etc., they all incorporate the mudras and yogic postures in their dance moves. the best fitness for anyone is a combination of our Yoga with one of the traditional dances that have amazing footwork.

  15. ayurveda: the natural medicinal system of India that produced those like Sushrutha, the world’s first ever plastic surgeon millennia before. absolutely no side effects. there are even cancer patients resorting to ayurveda when everything else fails. for autism, psoriasis, joint pains, etc., ayurvedic is proven best.
  16. lastly cremation: hindus cremate the dead while the rest of the world buries. after cremation, entire house is washed out. no cooking in the household when there is death in the family. any hindu who attends any death cannot enter home without a shower. in earlier days, the bathroom therefore used to be outside the house premises for this reason. after attending death, hindus enter their own homes through backdoors mostly, take a shower, wash their clothes and only then mix with others. now we don’t have backdoors in urban living, yet the showering ritual on attending deaths continues. no food or drinks in the place where the dead lie strictly – not just no cooking. we burn even the deceased’s last clothes, bedding etc or throw them out. similarly quarantine of new mothers for 40 days after a birth in the family.
  17. real health and hygiene is this: cow dung mopping and cremating the dead and not serving food and drinks in death and regular ablutions before entering our home and washing feet. why should we be ashamed of eating with hands or using a water faucet in our toilets instead of toilet paper. is the US/Europe the gold standard that we all have to abide by without critical review.



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Biopiracy of India’s Indigenous/Intellectual Property By Corporate West

I may be an amateur blogger but I have blogged on this before. Pharmaceutical companies from US and Europe have patented what was/is originally traditional Indian home remedy/Ayurvedic medicine robbing us of our intellectual rights and entitlements. They have patented our bovine genes, native seeds, even part of Yoga (!) (and this is just the tip of the iceberg) to such an extent that in a very few years, we won’t have natural reproduction of anything in India. From foodgrains to animal breeding, US corporates will have to be paid royalty as they will hold back the poison seeds that killed the native flora. and the semen for our cattle. This is happening already right across the world and mostly the third world nations in Africa and Asia are since paying a heavy price for what is originally and truly ours. Biggest theft of the century. Recently I was visiting Arni, some 150 km from Chennai. My (regular) cabbie who drove me down, hails from Madurai. One look at the cattle grazing in the agricultural lands, he said the cows were IVF product and from the semen imported from US companies for a price . I was shocked. Such a layman he is, and not even a matriculate. But coming from a rural background, he knew these things growing up with farm animals and forestry, having worked as a farm hand engaging in cultivation before he left for the city in search of a job. He said the ‘Jallikattu’ (bull racing) was not just about reinforcing our traditional practices but about saving the indigenous bulls of India. As i have stated before in my previous blog posts, only the Asian cows can produce the brain stimulating A2 milk that is patented by America now! How is this. Now all efforts are on to deny Asia the A2 gene of cattle itself. You can sadly see the bottled A2 imported milk from US being sold even in Indian groceries! I have never supported foreign NGOs like the UNICEF or CRY or PETA or GREENPEACE for this reason.  No.1 International frauds who steal from poorest of poor nations without an ounce of ethics or morality. Nothing is here in India from America without an agenda. To save our native flora and fauna, the battles we have to fight! South America is an easy scapegoat. We saw the recent fires in the Amazon. For whose benefit.

I am linking a few more of my own clumsy write-ups (!) on Biopiracy of India’s intellectual/native properties by MNCs.

The second link details the Karuvelam tree, an invasive species NOT native to India running dry the Tamil Nadu ground water table. My driver told me, some vested interests have obtained a ‘stay order’ in court stopping the removal and eventual eradication of Karuvelam from Tamil soil. I was beginning to see less of Karuvelam but the parasite species is back now in last one or two years with a vengeance.

Most north Indians could not relate to Jallikattu protests in Tamil Nadu. The south still has saved hundreds of indigenous cattle and canine species, breeding them exclusively until today. Even at Isha Yoga in Coimbatore,  for instance, they breed native pedigree bull and cow species without gene contamination. If PETA is allowed to have their way in India and if Jallikattu is to be stopped in Tamil Nadu, then there will be no reason to breed the native bulls and cows that are economically not viable. The Jallikattu is the greatest incentive for rural farmers to breed native bulls that are going extinct one by one. Today, natural breeding is very negligible in India where it concerns the cattle. Mostly commercialized artificial insemination. However, the exotic native breeds were excluded until now from the list. Looks like, not any more:

The following link highlights the importance of Jallikattu in preserving the indigenous bovine breed:

This is what the Jersey and Holstein are about to destroy once and for all:

Difference between Indian and western bovine breeds:

Hindu temples play a huge role in the upkeep of pure cow breeds in ‘goshalas’ (cow sheds) within the temple precincts. Why cow dung and cow urine. This is why. Don’t be shocked, even the cow dung and cow urine revered by Hindus who were mocked for their belief systems are now patented by America for their medicinal benefits! Not that this is new to America. They have stolen strains of our turmeric, neem, basmati etc., that we did not bother to patent because we believed, it is ours, been ours traditionally for millennia. Government of India woke up only when an attempt was made to patent the ‘Surya Namaskar’ in Yoga.

“Goshalas’ are integral part of most ancient Hindu temples. However, the recent ones may not have them for lack of space.

The need for saving native seeds similarly:

I wish, anyone who browses through this post reads up every link. My small contribution to India in my own way.

The native canine breeds of India at a glance:

We had what is called ‘panneer rose’ (panneer is rose water in Tamil) in our house until my teens. The yield was like some 20 flowers a day from the plant that was potted in a big rusted tin. The only natural manure we used then was tea or coffee powder after usage. Friends used to get us egg shells to fertilize soil. Our maid used to get fresh cow dung whenever possible. This rose used to be pale rose in colour, smaller in size. Amazingly the scent of the Panneer rose still lingers in my memory. Now it is no more to be seen in entire India, having been outbred by hybrid rose cultivation. I have never smelled that panneer rose scent ever again either. Nearly close, but never the same. Similarly even if you take the original reddish maroon hibiscus, it has become a rarity with more of mixed colours available in the nurseries. May be the originals are available if you search long and wide. Rare lucky instances. Same fate for what we used to call the original ‘December’ flower and Samanthi (chrysanthemum). The original white and yellow Samanthi strains we had at home still stay fresh in my memory. What I get for Puja at home today is the foreign variety Samanthi that is richer in colour and somewhat denser. That somehow dilutes something precious about the original Samanthi i have grown up with. Original native Indian samanthi used to be hardly like this. Not so rich or alluring. But the aromatic scent of the Samanthi was the game changer. Lightly moving in breeze with an elusive scent, pale in colour, the original Samanthi used to look delicate and sweet. As someone coming from a community that relates to different native flowers in daily life – from wearing flowers in hair everyday to school, college, work to adorning our home and pooja (worship) and temples and wedding halls and celebration parties and grooms and guests with flowers, I can vouch for how much even  the flowers of India have altered in last twenty or so years. The native pedigree breeds have vanished almost completely from the scene which is shocking. To what extent the hybrids have done the damage will be next to impossible to gauge. We just no more live in the same India that was our ancestors, that kind of makes me sad. I am sure, the good old flower cultivators of Tamil Nadu/India will agree with me.

I don’t deny, our own greed and demand for more milk, more of food grains and even flowers may be driving our native exotic species to extinction, as we create an atmosphere where hybrid breeding with foreign species becomes inevitable to keep the supply chain moving.

How many of us can give up Chai for instance. I just gave up coffee although for a different reason. Now two months successfully without my passionate coffee. I became one less person harming nature and forcing more forest land into cultivation for coffee. How many of us can give up milk altogether.

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Review: Crazy Rich Asians

Watched this sweet Chinese romance this forenoon. Almost felt like my fave M&B paperback.

First of all I want to raise a point here. What is this term ‘Asian.’ By Asian, mostly in America, they mean Chinese. America also clubs India, Pakistan calling us ‘South Asia’ as if we lack our identity. We are of the Indian subcontinent. Don’t America put us on the same board as Pakis, calling us Indians South Asians. In UK, the grooming gangs of Brit teen girls are Paki muslims not Indians or Chinese or Japanese. The UK media refers to these criminal gangs generally as ‘Asian.’ It is insulting.

So the title made me wonder which Asian this was about.

Also mostly the Chinese are stereotyped as the Kungfu type martial arts people. Their films are monotonous right from the times of Bruce Lee. Jackie Chan confirmed albeit with a difference what was chinese all about. So I was hardly prepared for this picture.

The film is completely shot in Singapore. I have been as a tourist in Singapore for more than a week over twenty years back. That Singapore is now history as I can see. The picture is a recent one – from 2018. Twenty years is a long, long time.

But I have to say, still a lot about Singapore may not have changed especially concerning their street food, train and taxi services and pan Asian culture. I saw a very few other faces than chinese in the film. It does no justice to the inherent multi-cultural set-up of Singapore. Leave alone representation.

Rachel, a chinese american professor with New York University follows her singaporean chinese boyfriend to the island nation to attend a family wedding of his. The infamous Asian snobbishness greets her to her dismay. It is chinese in the picture. It could have been Indian. Such a typical Asian mentality i must say! Omg, have I not been through this grind, married for over a quarter century! Is my family any different! I can author a book on the subject!

Whether Indian or Chinese, we have our way of forcing our dreams and ambitions on our children. I am sorry to admit this is exactly how Indian society is. Our children are not our property. We never realize this and take them for granted. We refuse to give them space and allow them to grow independently. Well this is one side of the coin.

During my four year residence in Malaysia, I have met with equally ambitious chinese parents like Indians. It used to surprise me always. I used to think back then, we Indians found our match only in the chinese! Our cultural values may be different but also somewhat similar in many ways. The elderly dominating the family, the family molding young minds from a tender age grooming them for a future business or profession, arranged marriages, marriages of convenience, extraordinary importance accorded to academics, etc., etc.. South Indians are less muted, but our north Indian brothers and sisters are boisterous like, nobody can enjoy life like them if you ask me. The world thinks we Indians and Chinese hardly enjoy life, but it is so much untrue. Our north Indians have to compete with the chinese on equal footing when it comes to partying! Again, i have been in Malaysia for four chinese new years. From casinos to local pubs to flashy cars, the chinese way of life used to completely amaze me. May be because who i saw then were Malaysian chinese not mainland chinese. Even their supper and dinner rituals every evening used to be a gala event. Every single day it happened without a break. Work hard in the day. Party hard at night. Booze flowed yet for not a single day, the chinese reported late for work. Something Indians can never ever manage. The significance and respect the chinese attached to wining and dining was a surprise to me in those days. Food and eating together were revered not to be disturbed for any reason! Most of our friends then were chinese who came home. It was an other world totally! I never got confused with Li or Chin or Lai or Cheng! Neither did they all look the same!

The kind of crazy rich chinese as in the film, I can imagine. We have such old rich families in India too. They don’t belong in our universe.

I liked the fact that young Rachel cared nothing for Nick (her boyfriend)’s family background. She was clear about what she wanted. She was mature enough to give him up to his mean mother on moral highground. That was stupendous. Her strength of character and integrity touched a chord in me. As she and her friend aver, sometimes some of us have just that left with us- those of us bereft of a family background and social circle that come by default of birth to the lucky few. No we don’t have to wait for anyone’s acceptance where we may never belong in a million years!

In my Malaysian days I knew many hardworking middle class chinese as well. The chinese women especially were very smart. When it came to money matters, the chinese were very shrewd. Corporate empires to side walk cafes, the chinese ran everything as family enterprise. Family restaurants were popular in Malaysia. The families worked as a single unit. I only once told them about my vegetarian habits and how for me, even the cooking pan has to be fresh. They kept it in their memory for our entire period of residence. Father was the chef and daughter was the waitress. Billing was by the son and the wife dishwashed. The chinese family values used to be so much like Indian even if the chinese were more westernized. One thing that cannot happen with Indians is this westernization!!! The south east Asians like the chinese and thai are easiest to adapt to the western influence and culture. Yet like us Indians having Ayurveda, the chinese took only their own herbal medicine. Their cuisine was as indigenous as our Indian. The contradictions were interesting!

The single mother of Rachel who brought up her daughter all alone by herself – this is again a very common chinese trait. Many of their families break up. Loose morality and alcohol are the reason although some may think I am cheeky to say that. But it is the truth. We have this single mother condition now in India too. Very brave and intelligent and hardworking women these single mothers are! However, the joint family sentiments are no exaggeration either. Joint family system is the very fabric of Asian societies be it Indian or Chinese or Japanese. Only in recent times we are having nuclear families. In fact for filing IT returns, we Hindus still have a category named HUF (Hindu Family) – where we can file tax as a single unit. This applies to joint family businesses where brothers may be carrying on traditional trades jointly for ages. Even cousins and extended families for generations may come under a single HUF umbrella. Even now this is common scene in India. Only business families can understand this custom and this breeding culture. Outsiders generally won’t. I am not blaming Rachel here but it is not easy for anyone to get a sense of this mindset unless you live this life.

After a long time I was kind of transported to Malaysia! A male chinese colleague of my husband used to get me my veggie ‘kuihs’ every evening from  kampongs (villages) that were tucked in too interior. The dumplings we make in India by name ‘modak’ (kozhukattai in Tamil) but we don’t stuff non-veg filling. Some similarities there. Then the rice eating country people! I used to identify more with South East Asians like Malays, Chinese, Thai, Indos over the wheat eating north Indians for this single reason: they ate lots of rice like us south Indians!!! They can’t do without rice totally! Chinese are also much more than ginseng and fried rice and jasmine tea. And mathematics! There is a humane side to them that is hardly portrayed rightly in films/media. Fortunately, I have seen that side of theirs in Malaysia.

The bachelorette and bachelor parties are now common even in India. Once reserved for the well-off, now getting popular with the middle-class. The richie rich can get away with anything stupid literally. Why can’t we follow just the good things for a change from the west. Why do we have to ape their worst habits. The big, fat Indian weddings are worldwide popular. This film is centered around one big fat chinese wedding. Obscenely extravagant. Somehow I believe in nice warm and cosy marriages not in pompous weddings. Haven’t lavish weddings become showcase of one’s social status. Once upon a time on earth, character and wisdom made masses look up to someone as role models. Today money power is what buys one societal respect and recognizance sadly.

The curse of Asia is: the rich and the poor live side by side without any qualms. You can see dirt poor being the next door neighbour of the stinky rich. I respect the dignity in some poor people and not-so-rich who hold their head high come what may. It won’t take some of us more than a minute to tick someone off for their boorish, haughty attitude who think they are good because of their material possessions and ‘birth conenctions’ but we keep our ground for peace’ sake and for sanity’s sake. It is not worth it.

Finally all is well that ends well. Fairy tale wedding that left me with a good aftertaste! The cast is perfect. Light dreamy magical story. Made my sunday! I must say, our Asian guys have to have some guts and stop being Mamas’ boys!!! Sigh!



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The Trail Of Terror

I like and believe (in)this man. RVS Mani. India is in dire need of real life heroes like Shri Mani. Hats off to you sir, for your selfless service that can endanger your very life.

On Pak pumping fake currency into India: this is awful. equally worse as terror. trying to derail the Indian national economy:

I have always wondered how if it wasn’t for Kasab, the Mumbai terror attack 26/11 could have been pinned on India and Hindus. With some local helping ofcourse even if the mastermind remained across the border. Perhaps Allah saved Kasab to tell the true story to the world. This is nothing but Karma.

I would like to add a point to the second video. Not only in Kerala, please Mr. Mani make a video on mind-boggling real estate amassing in ECR (East coast road) in Chennai by a specific community in last two decades, as well. An unusual international ‘religious’ conference was held here some years back that raised many eyebrows. Green flags flew from every pole for miles. Most of this stretch is unaffordable for those with hard earned white money. The role of hawala/black money here seems alarming. A thorough investigation required.

Koodamkulam protest was funded by foreign NGOs (one biriyani packet and one hundred rupees for every protester per day) and even recently the Sterlite Industry in Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu had to close down because of the church’s direct involvement in the protests and funding from christian missionaries. Nuns in their frocks were seen holding placards and provoking mobs. This is public knowledge. Once industries close, in despair the masses may be driven in to the open arms of the rice bag conversion missionaries in the state. Keeping the state backward and impoverished works best for the church. Classic method for conversion. No doubt the CAA protests were similarly funded from overseas.

Role of Christian missionaries in Sterlite protests

Interestingly, it was the then PM Dr Manmohan Singh who was concerned of foreign NGO funding against the Kudankulam plant.

Every Indian citizen must watch these videos to learn the truth. Without prejudice, this honest man deserves an impartial hearing.

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Why Me?

Do we ever ask God, ‘why me’ when She showers on us Her choicest blessings.

Why ask ‘why me’ when it is time for a little test of our patience, faith and mettle.

For Vishu/Tamil New Year, we have the custom of offering for Puja and spreading a family feast of sweet, sour and bitter dishes. Veppam kozhundhu – the bitter neem finds a place alongside sweet jaggery and sour mango in our festive menu. It is not without a reason. It is symbolic of one’s life cycle. Upswings and downswings, the good and the bad, the right and the wrong, happiness and heart break are phases of life. When we never question ‘why me’ in moments of sheer bliss, why complain when it is time for self-introspection.

This too shall pass. After peaking highs, new lows are the laws of nature. Accepting God’s will and submitting at and surrendering to Her Lotus Feet one hundred percent may mark a milestone in one’s spiritual journey.

May Mother Goddess give us the strength and willpower to sail through challenging winds of time. Short-cuts to evade one’s Karma can only rejig the balance sheet. The shortfall will have to be met with and made good somehow, somewhere. If not today, then tomorrow. How many ever janams it might take. One can reschedule and postpone Karma not outwit it totally.

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Review: Queen (Tamil Web Series)

Queen (Tamil Web Series) is on MX Player.

Directed by Gautam Menon (No.1 copycat and idea thief from Hollywood and crypto (?) christian allegedly responsible for maximum conversion to Christianity along with actor Joseph Vijay in Tamil film industry), starring Ramya Krishnan as Jayalalitha…. yes, this is supposedly the life story of the most beloved woman from Tamil Nadu by the masses, our ex-CM Jayalalitha Jayaram, who died an untimely (and an unnatural?) death just a couple or more years ago…

Eyes pregnant with tears, i am glued to my screen even though most of JJ’s private life was public as well. Her rise from stardom to the state politics. Her topping the entire state in the school final SSLC board exams, her reluctance to join the showbiz world, her short lived love story, her gradual climb to power with authority and strength… We will never see a woman like her for a long time… I missed Indira Gandhi mostly. In fact it was a working day for us in our school when Mrs. Gandhi got assassinated. But what I missed about Indira Ji, I caught up with in JJ. She was the one and only queen. Queen of the masses. Intelligent, shrewd, with an inborn compassion for fellow women. She did not bow down to anybody. May be that cost her her life who knows.

As ever, I got my first opinion on JJ from my maternal granny. I think she attended JJ’s ‘Bharatnatyam’ arangetram (south classical dance debut stage performance) at RR Sabha in Mylapore. The function was presided over by thespian Tamil actor Shivaji Ganesan, reigning hero of silver screens at par with MGR in those days. Shivaji referred to Jayalalitha, the 15 year old, as ‘thanga padhumai’ (golden doll) that made to headlines in Tamil dailies like ‘Dina Thanthi’ then. Her first film happened almost immediately. This interesting snippet was missing in Queen although i do not expect the director to cover all grounds. Supposedly, JJ’s dance recital pictures in black & white were splashed in Tamil magazines and newspapers that won her her entry into the tinsel world.

Jayalalitha was a contracted actor working with M G Ramachandran, popularly known as MGR, who became Tamil Nadu’s chief minister in 1977. Before her for MGR, there was Saroja Devi, and after her there were Manjula and Latha. MGR’s ‘contracts’ were ‘popular’ indeed. It was also common knowledge that Jayalalitha’s impending marriage to Shobhan Babu, Andhra actor, was done away by MGR. JJ was manipulated throughout her life. First it was her mother who stage-managed her, then it was her co-actor MGR before she fell into the hands of some ‘vested interests.’

Shobhan Babu passed away a few years before JJ. Every time I pass his house and his bust (what for??), i can’t help thinking of his love affair with Jayalalitha in the ’70s. In fact on his demise, I half-expected JJ to turn up for his funeral. No chance, still. There was and is a secret love child, now into her 40s, as grapevines had/have it. Shobhan became one more man who hardened Jayalalitha into toughest woman with his cowardice.

JJ’s relationship with MGR may have been an open book but looking at the old black & white and colour pictures that came later, the bond that they shared is pretty evident. There is more than hero worship in JJ’s eyes for MGR. True, she had none to blame. Much of her pain and suffering was self-inflicted. After Vaijayanthi Mala, Rekha and Hema Malini from Tamil Nadu who graced Bollywood, it should have been Jayalalitha next before Sri Devi’s turn. Reportedly she turned down a Raj Kapoor offer on MGR’s diktat. MGR could have made a star out of JJ, but she also in turn seems to have paid a heavy price. A stint in Bollywood could have changed Jayalalitha’s life completely freeing her from MGR’s clutches.

I have no memory of JJ’s film life. By mid ’70s she was already out of films entering the next phase of her life. But it was the time when I discovered pictures. The earliest memory of mine about Jayalalitha is her appointment as propaganda secretary for ADMK. We had a maid in our house when I was a little girl. She was smitten with MGR those days. I remember her spinning colourful tales to me and my sis from MGR picture stories as she hounded the cinemas almost every week. Almost always the heroine of the subject would be Jayalalitha. My fondest memory is pleading our teenage maid to tell us the story of ‘Kannithai’ (virgin mother). Many many more films of those times. This might have been between 1972-1978 )ofcourse by 1978 MGR was already the CM and JJ had quit films since long). This is how Jayalalitha became familiar to me at a very young age. I hadn’t watched a single film of her until we bought our own tv (in 1977) but I had listened to her film stories from a huge fan of hers describing to me scene by scene, dialogue by dialogue. The on-screen and off-screen pair’s unbeatable winning combo was also JJ’s debut film ‘Aayirathil oruvan’ (one in a thousand). They went on to dazzle the silver screens for a decade almost as lead hero and heroine.

I don’t remember having any political opinion on JJ therefore when she entered politics somewhat backdoor. Jayalalitha became a part of active memory for most of us only since she became our chief minister for the first time in 1991. I remember watching live her oath taking in tv. This is however for the next series.

The series closes with a rising Jayalalitha, pushed from MGR’s funeral cortege by Janaki Ramachandran’s kith and kin. Her phenomenal rise in Tamil Nadu politics is national news. The single shove that sent her reeling down the carriage forever uplifted her in public memory as the still was played repeatedly in tv winning JJ public sympathy. That combined with the sympathy wave for Congress after Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination (ADMK had tied up with congress for 1991 elections) saw her becoming the state’s first woman chief minister. She was only 43 then. The next series will hopefully start with her ascension to power and her way of conducting administration.

We Tamils have felt safest and securest when Jayalalitha was around. Civic administration was its best – long before Swachch Bharat got enforced. Every ten foot stood a cop on patrol day and night around the city. I was once surprised to find two women constables in Aalaiamman temple in T. Nagar where I had gone visiting (2003 or 2004) for cooking and offering sweet jaggery pongal for Mother Goddess within the temple premises. The temple, even if at the heart of the city, was deserted that noon. Two women cops gave me and my aunt some interesting company. They even drew water with us from the temple well for cooking ‘pongal’. May be that kind of overt security was not the need of the hour but there was not a square inch of the metro that was not under police surveillance in Jayalalitha period. Impeccable law and order. CCTVs arrived later. I have a lot to say on JJ. I have blogged much in the past about her. But nothing is concise enough to put down here. I will keep some info for the next series of Queen. I have seen JJ touch women’s life. In this part of the world, it mattered. It is such a basic but powerful thing that couldn’t be missed. Health center physicians met regularly every week in Rippon Building in JJ’s times. I came to know of this through the car driver of a lady gynaec who used to have an easy time in DMK reign. New born girl babies’ health and infant mortality stats were high on agenda, as JJ took a personal interest in women’s affairs. Never were the health centers run with such an efficacy as in JJ’s period. Even today if you walk into govt primary health centers run by state govt in Tamil Nadu, you can see how well it is run and managed and how hygiene is maintained. And it is almost free or heavily subsidized. Rare to see corporation/govt run clinics on their toes. She put into place a good and functional system regularizing the basics. Hopefully the set-up holds good after her.

Watching Queen, I reminded myself the reason why JJ accorded priority to women’s issues. She became the one true ‘kannithai.’ – the unwed Amma.

Jayalalitha passed away in power on her fourth term as the state’s CM. She returned to power effortlessly not even battling it out tough the final time as her deteriorating health took a heavy toll on her after her brief spell in Bangalore prison. The masses were aware, how much of her wealth was self-earned. Long before she joined politics, JJ was already a star. She was born with silver spoon and attended the finest convent in the city. If JJ had to suffer a sentence for corruption, I wonder what must be the case of EVERY SINGLE INDIAN POLITICIAN. Vendetta politics killed Jayalalitha. Disloyalty  shadowed JJ right through her life. What a tragedy. Not having a single human being to love or trust being so powerful, so beautiful, so successful, so classy, so wealthy. The unfairness of her Bangalore prison stint still hurts me and millions of Tamils. She did not deserve it. Okay, let me wait for the next series.

Ramya Krishnan is trying her best to justify her role as Jayalalitha in Queen but she has large shoes to fill in. I don’t have the names of those who have played the roles of younger JJ – first as a pre-teen and upto 15 years first and then as JJ in her twenties. They both have done a stupendous job. The MGR character selection is also good. It is possible that the actors have been chosen for their resemblance to original characters and also for their good mimicking of the stars’ mannerisms. JJ’s pout especially with her slightly upturned lower lip. Very characteristic of her and the one who played JJ in her twenties has tried her best. Still has not got it! Okay almost there.

Back in 1960s or 70s we had no mass media. Only by late 70s and early 80s, most of us got home even a black & white tv set. So it is interesting to watch the MGR JJ scenes being played out. Not much of info on Sandhya, also an actress and JJ’s mother. Not a happy childhood for JJ. Her whole life was an untold tragedy even if she was too good for the state. How could someone have lived such a lonely life entirely, yet become the CM of a male chauvinist province. Who cried for Jayalalitha when she lay lifeless. Which kith and kin. Her loneliness from the start is what breaks my heart.

Jayalalitha Jayaram will always be my heroine No.1. Bollywood did not have the fortune of having her because she was destined for greater glory. Although I became aware of her from the 1990s only, ever since i had paid her great attention. Her upright governance, how she took things head on and made the men squirm at her foot – won her accolades from every quarter. She toughed it out bravely and singly in an all-male world. Not even in my wildest dreams did i think that her chapter would draw to a close so soon. I will wait for the next series of Queen.

There is no point in making this biopic if it is not going to be true or honest enough. I hope the director-producer keep this vital point in mind. I have nothing to say on screenplay/direction because this is a known script. You know what is coming.