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Facebook Adharma

Recently I was shocked to see a post in Facebook by DW that promoted polygamy citing how some women in Malaysia relished the practice in their society.

The tagline was:

Tiqa convinced her husband to enter into a polygamous marriage, for the good of the family. Would you?

The news channel went on to appreciate how women across the world were breaking stereotypes (like this!)

No, Facebook did not think of banning the page or the news story. Human rights.

I did not read the story, I felt sick. I don’t think this post will be received well even in Arab world where things are changing.

Will Facebook be next promoting child marriage by 15 years which is also permissible in some societies. After all you guys never fail to run the life stories of dreaded extremists bringing to light their humane side.

I also got a suggestion from FB asking me to unfollow a certain page that reported on illicit religious conversions in India. It audaciously claimed that, such a step would enable me to see more posts by friends. I had the presence of mind to click the window.

This page goes by the name ‘No conversion.’ I am following this FB page for years now. It reports on the conversion mafia operating in India funded by the west. It publishes photo proofs and videos to support its claims. It is creating awareness in Hindu society as to how through bribes and brainwashing, the poorest and the vulnerable in India are conned into conversion and pulled into debt trap out of which they cannot extricate themselves ever. The page also calls the bluff of the evangelists whose missionary work includes paying visits to death beds offering miracle cure in exchange for conversion. The expose’ is stunning. Probably it is ringing alarm bells everywhere.

I wonder who gave the rights to Facebook to advise me who to follow and who to unfollow. Who are you Mark Zuckerberg to tell me what I must do. You are promoting polygamy openly in your pages and you do not ban content whose views a majority in the world do not subscribe to. But you ban Hindus who react to such vicious posts.

One gets an idea that some communities are working overtime to see that Hindu claims are nullified. Just Hindu posts are reported and removed/banned. Whereas no Hindu has the time to engage in such nefarious activities calling for ban of others anti-social posts. We utilize our valuable time for more productive issues naturally!

FB suggesting to me what to do sounds illegal to me, not just immoral and unethical. Google is manipulating us to save or rather share passwords with them, prompting us innumerable times when we try to sign into any address.

Social media giants like Facebook and those like Google are literally taking us for a ride. Still we are unable to move out of them. In today’s world, in order to keep abreast of things, we also need these cancers with us. We simply have to learn to live with these evils as we learned to do with the coronavirus.

It is time government of India pays attention to literal blackmail by these US corporations. To what extent can they be granted this leverage to undermine us as a nation. Facebook is allowing posting by those like DW their daily dosages of poison. This is like slow poisoning with arsenic: something that will not make us seek a legal ban and at the same time will do the damage it desired. BBC is openly anti-India news agency that needs to be kicked out of the country with immediate effect. Social media is a double edged sword. It is time India implements some strict regulation measures to control Facebook, Google and Twitter.

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यह मेरी प्रेम पत्र पढ़कर…

प्रिय नरेंद्र मोदी जीl धन्यवादl
आपकी मन की बात सुनी थीl बहुत सच्ची बात हैl

आप तमिल लोगों पर कितने प्यार करते हैंl और इस उम्र में तमिल भाषा भी सीकते हैंl तमिल परंपरा पर आप को कितना मर्यादा हैl आपने कहे आपका प्यार कभी दिमिनीश नहीं होगा तमिलों परl हम भी इधर केहने चाहते हैं कि हमको भी आप बहुत पसंद है और हमको आप पर जितना प्यार है की वह प्यार भी कभी दिमिनीश हो नहीं सकताl

मेरी आँखों में आसूं बहती है आपको देखके l आपकी सेंस ऑफ कमिटमेंट मुझे बहुत मूव करता हैl रोज आप बीस घंटे काम करते हैं हमारे लिएl और आप सोते भी नहीं हैंl छुट्टी नहीं लेतेl पार्टी कभी कहीं नहीं बनते हैंl सिर्फ काम, काम, काम पूरा दिन, हर एक रोज, हर एक महीना, हर एक सालl आप अपने के लिए अब तक क्या कमायेl स्वादिष्ट खाना काये? नया घर बनाये थे? स्विस बैंकअकाउंट है आपकाl आप के पास क्या जीl आप के पास हमारे जैसे आम आदमी है जी बसl

आप सौ साल जिए इस देश के लिएl आप हमारे मन में हमेशा हैं और आप के लिए यह पूरा देश प्रार्थना कर रही हैl आप अब तक क्या किया हम जानते हैं और आप बहुत कर चुके हैंl लेकिन अब समय तो अच्छा नहीं हैं किसी के लिए इसलिए किसी का मन नहीं लगता हैl कोविद कारण है और आप भी जानते हैl इस विनाश काल में हम कुछ स्ट्रांग होना चाहिएl आप तो स्ट्रॉन्ग ही हैंl आप पर हम सबको पूरा विश्वास हैl

आप की माँ क्या त्याग किये इस देश के लिएl हमारी नमस्कारम हैं उनकी चरण मेंl आप अपने ख़याल रकनाl आपकी तबियत की चिंता हैl आप की हाल कैसा हैl आप की सफ़ेद दाढ़ी EVR का जैसा हैl आप अच्छे लगते हैं इस रूप मेंl आप की आवाज़ सुनकर में यह पत्र लिख रहीं हूँl पब्लिकेशन के लिए नहींl सिर्फ आप को पता होना है कि आप हर एक दिन मेरी प्रार्थना में हैंl

आप से मिलना हैंl जब आप दोहा आये थे, मुझे शौक थी आपसे मिलने किl लेकिन भीड़ बहुत था. आपको डिस्टर्ब करना मै ने नहीं चाहती थीl दूसरा भार चेन्नई में देखूंl God willing. टेक केर जी और धन्यवाद आप की तमिल बात के लिएl

यह पत्र मै ने आप के लिए हिंदी में लिखी थीl किसी के मदद के बिनाl (सिर्फ गूगल ट्रांसलेट प्रयोगकी l मेरी ग़लत भाषा को क्षमा कीजियेl ) नमस्कार जीl

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Dear PM Modi, Please dispatch Corona Vaccines to Nepal

Nepal, once the only constitutionally Hindu country in the world now sadly neutralized into secular, is seeing catastrophe with covid surge. India, the behemoth, can survive any onslaught, but Nepal cannot. None can deny the cultural connect we Hindus have with the Himalayan kingdom. Ever since Nepal started batting for China, India-Nepal ties are strained. India should be the good samaritan, the big brother it is to the subcontinent, and come forward to help Nepal in this distress. India has the capacity and capability to accommodate Nepal in the scheme of things. Is our PM Modi listening. An earnest plea dear prime minister, let not our Nepali brothers and sisters suffer. Please fly a contingent right this moment to the landlocked nation that is helpless. Nepal direly is in need of corona vaccines. I am well aware, India needs to take care of 1.3 billion. Still, let us not give up on each other. Vaccinating a few more crores of Nepalis won’t hurt India.

Prime MInister Shri Narendra Modi ji. My earnest appeal to you. Please help our brethren in Nepal on warfooting basis putting aside our political and policy differences. Please send a batch of our India made corona vaccines (Covaxin if not Covishield) at your earliest to Nepal, on humanitarian grounds. Please lend Nepal a helping lifesaving hand in this crisis. I am thanking you in advance on behalf of my Nepali friends.

Nepal is family. Whatever the differences, when India can do this for Bangladesh, why not for Nepal.

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Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2019

Turkey, Malaysia and Pakistan must confer citizenship to Syrians and Palestinians. They are welcome to absorb even Kashmir Muslims from India, and other muslims. With such broadminded gallant nations in our midst, why should India offer citizenship to muslim refugees. Isn’t there Saudi with open doors welcoming one and all of their Umma twenty four hours of the day, seven days of the week, thirty days of the month.

It is the Dharmic duty of the only Hindu nation India (Other than Nepal) to take care of global Hindus who may be persecuted elsewhere for religious reasons. It is our Karma. India is first for followers of Dharma. Until the British categorized Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism as separate religions a mere hundred years ago, all these folds were known as sects of Sanathana Dharma (Hinduism ) only. These are the Dharmic ways of life, not organized religions like the Abrahamic. Not a single extra Abrahamic is welcome in India, because the rest of the world is divided between Islam and Christianity. You have places to go to. Hindus have nowhere else to go as refugees. Except India.


When PM Shri Narendra Modi spoke of ‘achchae din’ in his election campaign, I hardly believed him. Now I do. Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2019 tabled by Home Minister Shri Amit Shah today is one more milestone in the direction. The Bill was passed in Lok Sabha, the Lower House of India’s parliament with a thumping majority of 293 votes to 82 (against). One more election promise of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) kept/fulfilled.

Click to access Citizenship%20%28A%29%20Bill%2C%202019%20as%20passed%20by%20LS.pdf

The new Act (when the Bill transforms into one) will facilitate legalizing the residential status of global Hindus (refugees from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh) seeking Indian citizenship, cutting short their agonizing waiting time by years. The Hindu brothers and sisters are in India fearing persecution back home in these Islamic nations.

The Bill in effect seeks to amend The Citizenship Act, 1955 to make Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Parsi, and Christian illegal migrants from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Pakistan, eligible for citizenship of India. I wish they can exempt Christian immigrants though.

In other words, the Bill intends to make it easier for non-Muslim immigrants from India’s three Muslim-majority neighbours to become citizens of India.

It must come as a great relief to Pakistan Hindus who fled the terrorist nation seeking asylum in India. Hindus have been systematically persecuted in Pakistan in the last 70 plus years. With their daughters abducted, raped and forcibly converted to Islam, the population of Hindus is down to 1.6% of total population of Pakistan, from 13% in 1947. Bangladesh is even worse. Hindu temples attacked randomly and razed, and Hindu properties seized forcibly, everyday is a living nightmare for the minority Hindus of Bangladesh.

Both Indian Media and foreign Media as well as the Leftists and Opposition in India are against the Citizenship Amendment Bill as it conspicuously excludes illegal MUSLIM IMMIGRANTS seeking Indian citizenship. The bill’s ramification will be felt across India’s Seven Sister states of North East, where the illegal muslim Bangladeshi immigrants are slowly and steadily outnumbering and displacing the non-muslim Indian citizens. 

Who do you want us to host still. We hosted the Islamic invaders for a thousand years. We hosted the British for 300 years. We are done. Leave India free.

Bravo India! Good job!

Muslim refugees have many nations around the world to flee to. Why have not the oil rich Arab nations taken in the Palestinians. Why should the muslim Rohingya refugees come to India when there are over 50 islamic majority or islamic nations in the world. We are already a 1.3 billion nation.

India is the only Hindu majority nation in the world after Nepal. The only Hindu nation whose doors must be kept open always for any global Hindu seeking refuge. It need not have to be just an Afghan Hindu or Pakistan Hindu or Bangladesh Hindu.

Where were these sick and so-called secular media when ISIS decimated the Yazidis. Yazidis have Hindu roots seemingly. Or a lot of their customs and traditions are Hindu-like. When the Yazidi women were dragged out and raped 24 hours a day in the name of one particular God, where were you shameless journalists.

India must expel the illegal Bangla muslims next. Citizenship registry in every single district and state of India is a must. The Bengali muslims have penetrated deep into south India as well. Anyone employing them (in Coimbatore, Erode, Kerala for instance) for cheap labour must be prosecuted. It is extremely important for India to flush the vermin out.

Will Hindus Cease To Exist In Bangladesh & Pakistan?

How Muslims in India (and elsewhere) are multiplying like rats and rabbits drowning the sons of the soil:

Here is a small sample from just a single Indian state West Bengal.

This is why India’s next mission must be to introduce a strict Family Planning for every Indian citizen. PM Indira Gandhi forced the family planning in the 1970s and 80s only on Hindus exempting the muslims that is costing India dearly. Any Indian citizen irrespective of his/her religious affiliation should lose Passport and Aadhar (identity) if going for a third kid from a cut-off date for instance from 2020 (an idea) .

When will the Leftists in India talk about population explosion by Muslims in India and around the world that eats into the world produce hurting national and global economies.

When will our media talk about family planning for Indian muslims.

What is your answer to this media guys.

Democracy in India depends on Indian demography. The day Hindu population dips under 50% of our total population or the day Hindu population and Muslim population become equal in India (whichever is to happen first), will be the day India will become the world’s No.1 terror nation.


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India Should Not Dignify Pak Anymore

Imran Khan, the Pak PM demonstrated at the UN why Pakistan is a failed state. He wasted the precious UN time alloted to his nation (the bill footed by his tax paying citizens) by hate-mongering and talking s**t about India that nobody around the world gives a damn about (was he stoned?). Given his/his nation’s credibility. Looks like he had to time-pass, that he did at the expense of India especially of Kashmir that is part and parcel of Indian union. Chiefly because, there is nothing substantial to talk about his terroristan, aka Pakistan. What should have been utilized for bringing forward nation building agenda in an international platform was squandered miserably by Khan which explains why Pakis are in such a frustrated and desolate state today.

But then had he been any better, Mr. Khan would not have gone for a third wife in his sixties, marrying (seducing) a grandmother and mother to 5. Thus drain his energies, if any. What is left over is what Pak probably deserves. This nonsense. Not a word about the growth and prosperity of his nation. Not a word on how he planned to tackle poverty or fight terrorism. Not a word as to how he would make every Pakistani proud someday. Most of them Pakis when they cross their borders feign even their nationality. Unabashedly in foreign soil, many Pakistanis lie they are Indians to gain respect and acceptability.

More deplorable is Pak media journalists. Shame on them for hailing Imran Khan’s speech. What do you stand to gain, buddy. If I were you, i would be shell-shocked that the global representative of my nation misused valuable productive time in UN gossiping about neighbour. I would rather have wanted to talk about my own growth story, my plans, my ways and means. Of course, it goes without saying, Imran Khan;s speech was scripted by his military and spy agency in whose hands he is a puppet.

Reportedly Imran Khan was sulking in desperation watching ‘Howdy Modi’ on his (tiny cubicle of) hotel room tv after receiving a doormat (red carpet) welcome from his minister Qureshi minus any foreign dignitary. Of course, he flew a charity flight sponsored by Saudi to go to America.

Successful people and nations do not air grudge or grouse in public. They are after solutions. If something does not work out, they are also quick to move on to other things.

In contrast PM Shri Narendra Modi used his US visit to capitalize maximum for India and Indians. His approach was 100% positive and his interactions at global level will stand India in good stead in the long run. Every single minute in the American soil counts.

India’s PM Shri Narendra Modi ji remarkably made zero mention of Pak at UNGA because Pakistan is not our standard reference. Pakistan is not our agenda or mission or our last stop. India is much larger than Kashmir or Pakistan or whatever. This is called ‘Cosntructivism.’ (my lingo!) India would rather use international fora for forwarding our own growth stories and benefit in exchange from others’ experiences.


Just heard Pakistan PM Imran Khan admitting in UNGA that Pak trains terrorists. Official statement by Pak premier at the United Nations. Indians have this habit of looking back at Pak that we must desist from now on. We are not them – the only reason we do look back is that, we speak the same language somewhat and there is some shared history.

Looks like Imran Khan is justifying terrorism to me. To go a step further, looks like he is blackmailing the entire world with terrorism. He is trying to explain at the UN the desperate condition of the failed state called Pakistan.

India’s goal or target is not Pak. Should it be so, we wouldn’t be here today in world stage.


India will not give up an inch of Jammu and Kashmir which is ours legally. We will take back POK some day and we will not stop short of that. But not an extra inch of Pakistan India is after – sorry, no thanks !

Pakistan may try any means to denounce India and Kashmir, but India will deal with it in its own way, reserving the right to choose the time and place to our convenience. After all they say, revenge is best served cold. Very recent example: Balakot.. India is that slow and steady but steadfast Elephant. The elephant memory is very sharp. The Indian elephant will never fail to watch over anything and everything. The  Indian elephant will neither forgive nor forget.

Pakistan and Bangladesh are a blessing in disguise for Indian nation. Past Karma? Pakistan came into force to serve as a buffer state-shock absorber saving us Bharatwasis from some mad dogs! India also can do without the Bangladeshi vermin! Well, that’s how I see things!

India will not misuse UN to air our private and personal or pet peeves. India will use UN only as a platform to reach various levels and as a window to connect to the rest of the world. UN to India is a serious international mission that must not be squandered and wasted the way Pakistan’s Imran Khan did with it in his session. Let us build a better world at the UN rather than dig up graves!

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Best Gift On World Elephant Day: Man vs Wild with PM Modi and Bear Grylls, on Discovery HD

What a man! Interesting to watch one of his many facets that make him what he is today.

Walking the Jim Corbett with Bear Grylls – doing this at his age even if with invisible security cordon, is a feat. Yoga must be his fitness secret.

Luckily no wild elephant or a Bengal tiger crossed their path although PM Modi was quick and sharp enough to spot elephant dung in the thick bush. His observation is very good obviously. Wildlife spotting is not really that easy. In fact I have always spotted wild elephants both in Kerala and in Tamil Nadu only in the shoulder areas adjoining the national parks. Wild animals do not know of or respect man-made boundaries. Animal/bird watchers also must have immense patience for any ‘sighting.’ Rare are lucky spottings.

I caught my breath as our PM boarded the haphazardly hand-built coracle (by Grylls) (what we call parisal in Tamil). I recently took a (plastic) ‘parisal’ ride in Kodaikanal where the lake depth was not much. Still the risk of tipping over is enormous. In his age and position, I got alarmed and wondered aloud, whether the PM must be doing that. Of course, his security must have been hovering in the background. The coracles originally made of bamboo are very popular with rural Indians when it comes to river/lake crossings in lieu of boats. They come in handy especially when the river depth is not adequate for boating and the river width is easily navigable.

Fully drenched in rain, PM Modi was treated with as much affection like a son by Grylls. That was heartwarming. The PM answered back Grylls in Hindi for the benefit of all Indians including those who may not be knowing English.

To one of the questions on keeping India clean, Modi ji replied that Indians have good personal hygiene but lacked social hygiene. He couldn’t have put it more aptly. That is a 100% true fact. I realized this during our days in Malaysia. We Indians or those of Indian origin showered maximum. The Chinese went to work straight from bed and showered late in the evening. Showering too many times they believed, could get you cold and make you sick! Yet the Indians stank and the Chinese looked better. Probably this body odour is in our subcontinent gene! We Indians sweat more compared to many other races. Many friends and relatives have remarked on this aspect as to how we Indians maintain better personal hygiene. Yet our breath smells!! When it comes to social hygiene, we draw a big blank almost. Just look at the airport restrooms! You just cannot teach the concept of dry toilets to our masses! Water, water everywhere! Never mind, now many in the west are of opinion that wet toilets (meaning those fitted with hand faucets) are more hygienic, less infectious and environment friendly than those with toilet paper roll! In Yoga centers in India, you can see only Indian squatting toilets used by even foreigners comfortably. Its good for your knees and it is regaining its status. May be one day as they say coconut oil and groundnut oil are actually good (after denouncing them for years that is), the west will come around to this point. Even the way we measure hygiene is different in both worlds. That said, India leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to keeping the nation neat and clean. It is a social consciousness, not a government job. Still, ever since Swachch Bharat was introduced by Modi, I notice a welcome change. Even if it is not a lot, it is good and holds promise for a better future.

The conversation was kept minimal and interesting, going with the flow of the nature trail as Grylls and Modi walked through the tall bushes towards the river.

Normally I hope and look forward to wildlife spotting but today I was anxious!  For once, I wished the tigers and the elephants stayed away! Remember it was none less than the Jim Corbett! The weather seemed awesome and amiable. Untiring, more than anything else. I am sure the rendezvous and the trail itself were handpicked and combed and checked out in advance. That may account for no chance encounter with the mighty Indian elephant or the Bengal tiger by the adventurous duo. Or even the venomous snakes.

The dollops of flashback from PM’s life right from his childhood told in his own words lent the show some extra spice. What a humble background and what an austere brought-up PM Modi has had. What a contrast this is from the spoilt Nehru-Gandhi lineage. His ascension to power is not surprising. The spark is still visible!

Critics of course will say, this is all stunt. So be it. Neither I care nor does Modi Ji hahaha!  He is daring as only he can be. And he is curious. Very inquisitive. Open to learning. Not afraid to ask questions. Or try the turf. Not embarrassed an ounce! Comfortable in strange surroundings. It is easy to see why he is what he is and where he is today.  India is truly a very beautiful and diverse and rich country! I am proud of my nation in every way and all ways possible! Grylls seems to share an affectionate bonding with India as well…

However I would request our PM to stay safe in future and let this be his first and last adventure in unchartered territory. As Bear Grylls himself says, PM Shri Narendra Modi is the No.1 and most important man in the country. Precious, priceless gem. We want him to live a 100 years and if possible 200. Please take better care of your health Prime Minister, India loves you. Love and adore your spirit and your sacrificing self. Sometimes I even wonder whether we Indians deserve such a committed man.

My personal request to you Mod ji, is to ban elephants from our temples and palaces and processions and tourism industry and conserve them in our forests. This way, you will be ensuring that Ganpati lives on for 100-200 more bargained years before going extinct (which will happen eventually in under 300 years. Of course, this will earn you the wrath of Kerala Devaswoms, Mysore and Rajasthan palaces and tourism industry. But Lord Ganesha will bless you and the nation. If anyone can do it, it is you Prime Minister. Believe me this has nothing to do with the Church. And even if this is a conspiracy theory by the missionaries, you will still be extending a fresh lease of life for the Indian Elephant. If you don’t, our grand children from 2100 will not be seeing a single Indian elephant in flesh and blood.

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Lotus Blooms!

Unabashedly Hindu. Unapologetic about Dharma. Hindu Rashtra is not only our dream and breath, it is our vision.

As Shri Narendra Modi is all set to return as our Prime Minister for a second term, a housewife’s take on the BJP led NDA’s historic Lok Sabha landslide since India’s independence:

  • Good governance and effective administration cutting red tape
  • Stability, sense of security for citizens
  • LPG subsidy : direct credit to the poor
  • Opening of Zero balance bank account for every citizen in the nation bringing rural India into banking network
  • Demonetization. The poorest were happiest at this. Media falsely reported that it was hardship to the poor. But I interact with housemaids, autowalahs, fruits sellers etc directly. They were happy to stand in queues to see that the rich were made to pay through their nose. A Kerala christian friend said, until demonetization happened, the richest NRI families in Kochi etc., used to bulk buy meat and fish raising prices for the lower middle class. After demonetization, more food in the poor man’s plate. Demonetization was a very unpopular and risky move as per critics. Modi took this calculated risk.
  • Linking of Aadhar with PAN number, LIC policies, immovable properties, bank accounts, passports eliminating corruption and regularizing the economy. Formalization/Regularization of Indian economy finally started happening that was long overdue. It is a very tough move but necessary one and healthy one in the long run. This has weeded out duplication of PAN (Permanent ID for filing tax returns) and blocked channels of corruption. It gets that much tougher to hoard black money these days. The essential streamlining of India’s financial sector and tax revenue system has been pending for decades without implementation.
  • GST was similarly demonized. It was one sweeping economic reform, again long overdue. As someone who has crossed the Tamil Nadu-Andhra border dozen times or more all my life, i bear witness to how the long queues of trucks and other heavy vehicles since ceased to be a common sight at state borders with GST implementation. Precious fuel and man hours saved. Now we have seamless transport within India. This is such a big, big move. Opposition can be constructively critical but not to the extent of damaging. GST is one of the best things to happen to Indian economy. Once the teething problems subside, it will go a long way in simplifying the entire revenue structure for India.
  • IT exemption limits have been raised. May not be sufficient or to desired level but puts more money into common man’s pockets. Especially the lower middle class.
  • Health insurance for manual labourers. Health cover upto 5 lac rupees for manual labourers
  • Life insurance cover for manual labourers
  • Rural electrification 100% almost. Covered all villages left out of the loop and far flung areas. Maximum coverage of not only electricity but also broadband
  • Metro rail (underground and surface) in all metros and tier 2 cities
  • Cheapest and fastest Mobile network and broadband connecting India.
  • Highways and secondary roads and rural roads
  • Bringing Sanitation to rural India. It is a big, big feat. Awareness creation and bringing it to the poorest of the country. Free of cost. Free toilets for rural homes.
  • Swachch Bharat. I am seeing remarkable cleaning of our roads and airports and railway stations in midnight hours. India is home to 1.3 billion. It is not easy to run things. But things are definitely improving.
  • India now belongs in the elusive ‘Elite Space Club‘ and under Modi we are well defended with anti-satellite missile strike capability which in indigenous.
  • As someone rooting for fitness, Modi’s Yoga impresses me as well. Yoga is soft power. Modi just reclaimed it for India smartly and branded it Indian bringing in global awareness.
  • A global leader in Shri Narendra Modi ji who is head and shoulders above the rest. His Statesmanship is phenomenal. He is an equal with Trump or Putin. Never on the weaker side. You cannot bargain with Modi. Modi dictates terms. You respect Modi and India and take respect from Modi and India.
  • Modi is friends with Saudi and UAE and Qatar all at the same time as he is friendly with Israel. Excellent Diplomatic skills. Conferred with highest honours by Saudi and UAE, To that extent, India’s bargaining power improves.
  • Dealing with China: Firm and decisive. China backed out of Doklam, Bhutan territory as India stared down at China. Something only India can do with China after the US. India threatened with boycotting Chinese products. China responded with voting against Masood Azhar in India’s favour, breaking out of the Pakistani jinx. Now Azhar is a designated global terrorist.
  • Kashmir & Pakistan: Modi will hopefully wring out the rest of Kashmir from Pakistan forever now and consolidate Kashmir with India for good. Next wrong move by Pakistan, they will not get up for a long time … or will be done once and for all. Kashmir will be on equal footing with rest of India very soon with article 370 cancelled. Long overdue. Only Modi can do this.
  • Deep sense of security in Indian masses like never before. We go to sleep in the confidence reposed in our leader that we are in good hands. Stocks did not nosedive overnight on Balakot. Responsible but firm and no-nonsense statesmanship
  • Blocking foreign funds/NGOs to Christian missionaries from America and Europe who were on relentless conversion spree of Hindus. Re-conversion to Mother religion is starting to happen. Will happen. Trend will be reversed hopefully.
  • ZERO TOLERANCE TOWARDS TERRORISM. Kicked out Zakir Naik. Hard and unapologetic about terrorists. National security concerns are top priority with NO COMPROMISE.
  • Muslim women voted for BJP because he abolished the Triple Talaq in India. Even some muslim fathers with daughters were touched by the move. Average muslim especially poor muslim extremely impressed with demonetization unlike what the media projected. Modi in fact, cut the Haj subsidy. I have christian friends too who did not utter a single word against demonetization. One worked for a bank and had to work day and night for 45 to 60 days without OT pay on account of demonetization. Contrary to what media reported, masses in India happily and willingly obliged. This i have posted earlier in my blog.
  • Sushma Swaraj, Manoj Parikkar (who is no more  unfortunately), Smriti Irani – won hearts. Arun Jaitley needs to be kicked out of BJP. Will Modi take note.
  • India’s rank and prestige rose at global level. Economically, Militarily, Socially the nation is on the move and for the better. Rupee is gaining and stock markets are on rebound.
  • Better deals for India for oil and gas. India negotiates better now under Modi.
  • Turnaround in North East India. This often neglected part of India started identifying more with rest of India thanks to Modi’s frequent visits there. Great projects rolled out in north east improving local economy. Consolidation of the 7-Sister states with India has never happened before Modi.
  • Mamta Banerjee with anti-national and pro-terrorist stand dug her own grave.
  • Indian masses view Congress as anti-national and desh drohi party who will finish off Hindus.
  • Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi will NEVER win hearts or be trusted. They are viewed as traitors and thieves. They are most corrupt. The Vadras need a serious investigation.
  • Modi government’s non corruption streak. So far the best. Must be maintained at all costs.
  • Modi’s personal character: flawless personal life of Modi is a big influence in the Indian voter’s mind. No material attachment. Selfless service to the nation. DYNAMIC! ASTUTE! SHARP! INTELLIGENT! CUNNING! CHANKYA REBORN IN SHORT! Born for serving Mother India. Born to serve Hindu Dharma. No blood relatives benefited from Modi’s rise. His brothers and sisters are shopkeepers and lower middle class barely making sustenance. No kith or kin in the limelight. Modi uses merely 2 or 3 rooms in his official residence, keeping the rest locked. His mother lives in village and walks everywhere. Modi fasts for Navarathri etc on liquid food. His daily food rations are poha, kichdi nothing more. He works 20 hours a day. Does Yoga and meditation. Has not taken a single day’s leave in his political work life/official capacity. Owns/possesses very little-least valued assets that are absolute necessity only. Extremely rare to come through such a human being especially wielding this kind of power. Shri Narendra Modiji is one in trillion. A star born with a purpose. The blessed son of Mother India who was sent to us with a divine purpose. Whether India or world will see anyone like him in future is doubtful… Rarest of rare breed.
  • Yogi Adithyanath: Painted as religious fanatic. In truth, great administrator that even the UPs muslims had to concede. Good management skills. Great handling of the Kumbh and cleaning up of the Ganga river and dirtiest holy cities of ours that were left untouched by the Congress govt that held sway over the region for close to 60 years. Plunge in crime rate. Nothing,  nothing solid and constructive was done by Congress in Amethi, the consistent and consecutive Congress Prime ministers’ constituency.
  • Modi’s widely criticized foreign trips did India big favours. He signed priceless deals in every foreign mission. Dr Manmohan Singh, our ex PM, expended multiple times on foreign trips as Modi but that was never highlighted by the media.
  • Lies and more lies fed by Media : Lies spread by media houses run/managed by those like Rajdeep Sardesai, Pranoy Roy, Karan Thapar etc., did not work. Indian voter is no fool. Crypto christians and terror apologists must know this now. Twitter is not the arena to fight or win.
  • Award Wapsi backfires. You do not return titles because you do not like or cannot respect the PM of this country who won the people’s mandate lawfully. The leftists have lost face now.
  • Dynasty politics days are over.
  • Rahul Gandhi as PM of India is a disaster no Indian wants the nation to suffer.
  • Rahul Gandhi promised free dole out of 72,000/- rupees per annum to each BPL family, that is Rs. 6,000/- credited into each poor family’s account without work/job on Congress party’s election to power. Tax paying Indians know how this can kill India. Even my illiterate maid knows that her son and her husband would in that case turn out into irredeemable alcoholics. Italian Mafia failed miserably.
  • Rahul Gandhi offered to write off all rural loans – another damaging political gamble. Once more intelligent Indians rejected this poison sop.
  • The opposition Congress did not belittle Modi or BJP in Balakot. The Congress belittled India and our very Armed forces. Unpardonable offence. How can we trust the nation in Congress hands again.
  • The Mahaghatbandhan were talking like ‘India ko tukde tukde karen’ and you want to win Indian elections riding high on this blood curdling slogan. What an underestimation of Indian citizens.
  • No big feat. India merely put full faith and trust in the favourite son of Bharat Matha Narendra Modi that is it. We DO NOT TRUST Gandhis or Congress any longer. Neither is media the voice of the public. Media in India is christian missionary mouthpiece or terror mouthpiece. NO HINDU REPRESENTATION. Imagine not having a single loyal media house. ‘Republic’ owned wholly by Indians is the only nationalist tv news channel in India today. I stopped reading the Hindu, the Times of India etc., long long back. After cutting foreign funds to christian missionaries, Modi should look into foreign funding and ownership of Indian media.
  • Secularism does not translate to Majority bashing. Minority status does not automatically confer upon the muslims and christians of India the right to get away with their misdoings.

We prayed in 39 temples in Kumbakonam-Mayavaram Yatra of ours for Shri Narendra Modi and BJP/NDA victory exactly on Election date and around it. We asked for archana in our PMs name but were politely refused. Archakas understood and explained to us that they already did that ‘aathamaartham’ every single day . They said, they did not want to politicize temples and create unnecessary issues. We respected that. In my personal opinion, BJP has still penetrated deep into the heart of Tamil Nadu. Their vote bank is steadily building up. One day, they will conquer Tamil Nadu and Kerala.