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Culinary Porn: Vegetarian

Updated: August 13, 2017. Watch this space.

Hot, hot from my Kitchen, my Tawa, my Kadai: No gourmet cook or foodie, only regular healthy, nutritious and sumptuous home food for me sans window dressing. I am poor in presentation! Food  is spiritual for us, I come from a family that served Gods first (Mother Goddess Annapurna) and crows waiting for the tiny morsels early morning in our terrace, before we touched our breakfast. Food is therapy down south, because Vazhaipoo (the banana flower) benefits the uterus for instance, the banana stem (Vaazhai Thandu) scours clean the most natural way our bladder and kidneys preventing stones. Turmeric (haldi) prevents Alzheimer’s. Neem cures poxes and Keezhanelli greens treat jaundice successfully (stolen and patented by the west for private profit). No way exotic, this is staple everyday South Indian or Thamizh Nadu cuisine. We infuse herbs, fresh leafy veggies everything into our food plus a plethora of natural (masala) spices that make our Desi Curry unique. Home cooking is also cathartic, therapeutic to some like me. Food is not only about catering to one of our five senses, it is also a holistic experience for food lovers like me. I love cooking for family and friends. And last but not the least: food is the shortest way to a man’s heart. The best aphrodisiac if you ask me! Explains ‘Culinary Porn!’ Here is a small serving from my platter:



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