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How Can China Go Scotfree.

After damaging the world wrecking havoc at regular intervals with fatal pandemics that are truly the only made-in-China originals, apart from territorial aggression on neighbours, economically blackmailing helpless smaller nations leading them to a debt trap, destructing the environment to the highest degree with very high level of gas emissions, hunting down endangered species in the oceans and legalizing the elephant tusk trade, bullying anyone and everyone in the vicinity who dares to question, China seems to have been allowed to go scotfree by generous world nations without having to pay for its deadly sins. Why?

Two years back China was about to lap up the Bhutan territory thereby denying Bhutanese access to India, the only road out of the landlocked Himalayan kingdom. India stepped in. Only two nations in the world have it in them to confront the arrogant haughty China: the US and India. In Doklam, Indian soldiers bravely forced the Chinese to retreat that did not go down well with the chinese. Some media reports observe, the Wuhan lab was producing bioweapon chiefly to unleash terror on India before it leaked out and the chinese got a taste of their own bitter medicine. Look at this bloodchilling video from high on the Himalayas where the chinese and indian soldiers face-off. (This is not Doklam but one of kind of regular encounters between chinese army and indian army. The chinese as a habit violate our border and sovereignty and have to be pushed back everytime). Only two years back, we were staring at a possible escalation of tension with China that could have led to a limited scale warfare. I doubt if any other nation in the world has this kind of nerve to take on China boldly and squarely on face. Just imagine the smaller nations left with no option but to surrender to China.

China’s ally naturally is our next door neighbour terroristan aka Pakistan. Rogue nations are at it together, not surprisingly. China has invested heavily in Pak and thousands of chinese workers are stationed right in Pak territory yet the epicenter of global terror continues to downplay the Corona scene there. After all, when India destroyed Pak terror camps in Balakot, they claimed we uprooted some 10-12 trees, so what do you expect from them. Pak government and Pak media are sold to China and their profiteering agent in this case is their notorious criminal ISI. To the extent that Pak is trying to paint a saintly picture of China asking all not to believe in ‘conspiracy theories’ on China, conniving with their sheepish media. Just who are they kidding. Other cronies of China include Iran and Turkey. Iran has thousands of cases and Iranians are busy spreading the virus around the world, especially in Middle Eastern nations  where they frequent.

China has been terror friendly so far quashing down India’s pleas at UN for designating vicious Pak terrorists as wanted by Interpol. China stalls India from becoming the Security council member, brushing aside the fact that India gave up the spot in 1950s (when we still trusted the chinese and were gullible and naive enough to commit this suicidal mistake) and recommended China for the same. China is classic example as to how some entities in the world won’t hesitate to backstab you when you spare them a lease of life. The Chinese pres Mao Tse Dong visited India as a state guest but on return immediately waged a war on India in 1961 when he might not even have digested the banquet feasts he had had in Delhi. India learnt a harsh lesson from China – the lesson we can never forget for life. Enemy’s enemy becomes our friend. That is how China and Pakistan are now chummy-chummy. How long, let’s see. Until the entire Pak territory leading to the Gwadar Port and the port itself will belong to China very soon when Pak fails to pay back the chinese loans compounded with interests. Already a port in Sri Lanka has similarly been acquired by China when the island nation could not afford to payback the exorbitant chinese loan installments. The lease is now for 100 years. Modern day territorial expansion.

It is time China is made to pay for this folly, foot the bill, for endangering entire humankind to grave conditions that can lead to mass extinctions, loss of revenue for nations, infection and extinction risks to wild life among other things – if it is proved beyond doubt that the Corona virus leaked from the chinese lab in Wuhan that was testing bioweapons. Very high level of panic and mass hysteria everywhere, leave alone the pandemic. Markets are crashing, ordinary lives affected across the entire globe. Families apart and broken. CHINA, YOU AND YOU ALONE ARE RESPONSIBLE AND ANSWERABLE!


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