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Terror In The Times Of Corona

Updated: March 29, 2020

The Kabul islamic terror attacks that massacred in cold blood some 25 sikhs in Gurdwara had a Kerala mastermind. Home grown terror.


India Fights Two Cancers At The Same Time: Corona and IslamicTerror

The Corona virus spread has exposed the dreadful agenda of islamic proselytizing in India by a well knit terror group that has bases in India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. Our ‘friendly’ neighbourhood the sponsor? Dozens of foreign islamic preachers have since been taken into custody by the Indian government, a number of them active carriers before their arrival in India. India and the world have to fight battles on multiple fronts at the same time. Even as the infected cases of Covid-19 explodes exponentially across the globe, Kabul witnessed a bloody carnage at Gurudwara, the Sikhs’ place of worship, where at least twenty five sikhs were blasted to death yesterday, that didn’t make it to the headlines. Except that the BBC staffed by vastly Pakistani muslims quite understandably labeled the terror attack as by ‘militants.’

A couple of disturbing links:

Jamia professor fails 15 non-Muslim students for supporting the Citizenship Amendment Act

Never mind the anti-CAA protests by islamic community defying government and protesting in Nellai (Thirunelveli) in times of Corona scare. Anything that attempts at derailing Modi government is pet agenda for our media.

Let the world nations and Govt of India not lower their guard in these troubling times. The proliferation of islamic terror is even more cancerous and lethal over that of Corona. Very soon, Corona will be brought under control like the Plague etc., that were eradicated centuries ago, with the arrival of vaccines. However, there is no such easy solution in near future for islamic terror. India in particular is vulnerable. Our enemies may up their ante cashing in on present environment of chaos and confusion to push in terrorists. Government should stop issuing visas to these foreign imams visiting India to spread the desert culture in Bharat. More investigations needed into the sponsors and hosts, given the groups’ alleged link to Sri Lanka.

Just what business these islamic preachers have here in India. Why visit so many mosques spread across the nation. What is their allegiance. Are these agents of terror. Who is funding their India visits. Who are the local hosts and sponsors. Are they preaching hate. How much of this is reported in mainstream Indian media in all honesty. You have to look into these things in the light of Sri Lankan horror in very recent past.

*all links and pictures from Facebook and the concerned websites.

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