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Why The Farmers Agitation Will Die A Natural Death.

We eliminated sharebrokers when we went on digital platform and opened demat accounts to trade in stocks and mutual funds. Any retail investor mourned the loss of income to small investment brokerage firms?

What did we do to stop futures trading. Has it or has it not led to hoarding as feared. What are the effects of commodity futures on our national economy. (Me too know some economics ma).

We allow foreign retirement funds to invest in our stocks and take flight after zooming to extraordinary heights in unprecedented bull runs. They drop us like hot potatoes and make good with our invaluable investments leaving us high and dry. Have we even learned our lessons. After all we have allowed Bhopal.

We eliminated house brokers/real estate agents when we started browsing 99 Acres and Sulekha… Have those whose services are now redundant held protests.

We have IKEA-like assembly showrooms now, NO manufacturing units. Any enragement from woodworkers or carpenter class.

We have sedans and SUVs assembled in India, not made in India from scratch.

We ordered our Sardar Patel from China.

Our mobile phones and even air conditioner spares and laptops are made in China.

We blocked the chances of quota doctors who serviced the far-flung and most underdeveloped pockets of the Indian nation, mostly rural and unreachable and cut-off from civilization (kind of) when we ushered in NEET. Now we are waiting for corporates to open swanky hospitals in lieu of primary health centers in these tribal/backward districts. In another 20 years.

We gave a free rein to Bill Gates foundation whose diktat we obediently followed with our immunization programs. We trusted foreign organizations with the health and fertility of our future generations. Hindu population of India is done in. Our fertility rates have plummeted at rocket speed – can anyone deny this. An open challenge to our LIBERAL demographers to elaborate on this.

We permit foreign NGOs to convert Hindus and tribals to Christianity with bribes and rice bags. We have a 100 tv channels in Tamil language alone run by the church. Do we question them. Pseudo liberals please answer this question.

Do we audit madarasas, mosques, churches?

We cribbed about demonetization but lived through it.

We ranted and raved about GST but soon pieces fell into places. Seamless borders now pan India.

We even had issues with our Aadhar-PAN linking but we can’t think of a better fool-proof accounting and taxation method.

We cried foul over Sabarimala and Ayodhya. Ironically we also were up in arms against ban on Triple talak. How is this consistent???

Talking of Ayodhya, what happened to the 100 year church lease expiry in India. Almost all leases granted in British Raj days have expired. Liberals, can you take steps to handover the real estates to Govt of India. Every single christian missionary estate holding title needs a serious legal review.

We deplore caste system but we have no intellectual honesty to admit to victimization by islamic marauders and invaders. We justify Hindu genocides over centuries terming it the war dharma of the bygone eras, but is not by the same law of nature, restoring Ayodhya to Raam an evolutionary step in our history. So is Kashmir. History in the making. Survival of the fittest.

We forget our corner shop/kirana store with Amazon and Flipkart. Now these are fixed unchangeable ingredients of our lives. Living without them is unthinkable.

Is life without Swiggy and Zomato possible either.

PETA more important over local interests and native aspirations and customs and culture. Natives never hunted down any wildlife species to extinction dear liberals. White man did. Founding father of your darling PETA. Which native race hunts wild life for trophies.

India without PETA, Greenpeace, UNICEF, World Vision will be devoid of ‘foreign hands’ and ‘foreign agents.’

From chemical pesticides and fertilizers to GM seeds and GM cows and calves, we have to import semen for any kind of biological reproduction in India (how many of us are aware that there is no more natural conception of cattle in India/other Asian countries these days) because we are sold to the west in and out. Be it native flora or fauna nothing is ours anymore. IVF centers mushrooming is only the next inevitable step. 80% of urban Indian young couples today cannot conceive naturally without medical intervention. Just dare me.

So what is this Farmers agitation for. We are to succumb whatsoever. Corporates manipulate our lives and we dance to their tunes.

It started the day we picked up Pepsi and Coke smashing our Campacola and Thumsup bottles.

Not that we were better off before globalization. We have been controlled by one or other as we know from Shastri’s mysterious death in Russia.

Ignorance is bliss. Those who couldn’t care less are fortunate. Half-baked like me are the hardest hit. For we can guess what is coming.

Brazen church sponsor of Koodankulam and Sterlite protests have opened the eyes of the public. Media and leftists could have been the Biriyani packet dealership agents. Modi is busy only eliminating these agents!!!

By the way middlemen and agents have been systematically rendered redundant – this is a collateral damage to achieve larger growth. Draftsmen etc., were sacrificed in civil engineering work. Even chemotheraphy is now possible with pills. We outgrow many old practices in course of time. We switched from VHS tapes to CDs and now we have microchips. Is it not a way forward. Do we lament the closure of video libraries very popular in the 80s.

As the world mechanizes further and further, a lot more skills and jobs will be rendered waste. But the world population is bound to leapfrog by billions every decade. Expect economic downturns, pandemics and chaos and civil wars in every corner of the globe from here on. Not a doomsday pundit, but it is clear this is where presently the world is headed.

We are surviving right this moment a pandemic. It could have been worse. When virtual classrooms and WFH (work from home) can become the new normal, we are open for any improvisation in future. You can’t blame Adani and Ambani for even the corona. Adaption is key to survival. This too shall pass.

We gain some, we lose some. Elimination of Mandis does sound ominous. Effects of having a MS/MD inexperienced at 28 years will be felt like aftershocks some 20 years later. Service quota is not without a reason. Present Farmer Bill effects will be observable in a short period. Along with that couple the NEP (New Education Policy). Meanwhile hawala funds remain untraceable and keep pouring in, and conversion mafia is unstoppable in India. Add, multiply and square and cube all these omg…. India spinning, spinning, spinning out of control….

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