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What is BBC to India. Why are they given such a huge media access in India.

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji will you please answer me. Just who are the BBC and why do they continue to have such a huge media presence in India. Will Republic News be given such an official access to everything by the UK government to PRODUCE AND BROADCAST/TELECAST. When there is no equal reciprocation, such a privilege must NOT be accorded to foreign broadcasting corporations. BBC is mainly staffed by Pakis. None of their content is India favouring. BBC Tamil and other regional languages, BBC awards and coverage to Indian sportswomen, BBC this, BBC that… How do you even allow this Prime Minister. More than a dozen mainstream and you tube channels operating in Indian soil covering India every square inch. Are these guys broadcasters or espionage agents. Please put a fullstop to foreign broadcasting corporations taking India for granted. I hate their free access to India in the first place. Just who are they here to award us or certify us or criticize us. Foreign media presence in India is menacing. I have wanted to highlight this to you directly for years now. Just got a timely reminder. Please look into this Prime Minister. Just send them packing. Whatever access Indian news channels get in the UK, accord equally reciprocal broadcasting rights to same no. of UK channels in India. Not an iota more. Time to tick them off.

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