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Treat yourself to a good home pedicure :D

I thought i would break monotony and relieve myself of stress with a much deserved and relaxing home pedicure. Salons are closed, and even if open, may not be having upto-date beauty products. I suspect stocks with expiry dates fast approaching. So it is better to get things done at home.

Why Pedicure:

  • because to some like me, foot is a measure of our general hygiene level
  • some husbands have foot fetish when it comes to their wives, and therefore it is best to keep our foot nice and clean, and groomed always
  • a good foot is a healthy foot of a healthy man/woman 😀
  • to avoid foot cracks, nail breaks etc and promote good blood circulation
  • if there is one thing i may visit salon for, it is always pedicure first and foremost. i luv the one i get (mechanized massage) (although it is 2 years since i got it done here) here and in chennai, it is vlcc

So let me post here how we can pamper ourselves with home spa for our foot. Remember, we can do this pedicure watching tv leisurely!

I am not an expert on anything and least of all on beauty routine. I don’t wear make-up but for a light lipstick when i go out (only here in middle east) apart from an eyebrow touch and a moisturizer (or SPF face cream). However i do good maintenance behind the scene. This is something i put together myself. It works for me. The investment cost: the bath salt scrub can last you 4 years, the moisturizer 3 years, the foot scraper is lifetime buy. Not really expensive that way.

  • file your toe nails first of all neat and nice, shape if you want and use a nailpolish remover to remove old polish with a tissue or cotton. I use an acetone free one.
  • then soak in coconut oil for 30 min both your feet. i use a mixture of coconut oil, olive oil and almond oil
  • with foot scraper gently scrape the dead cells. absolutely no rough treatment please. as gentle as a feather. first the top of your foot, then the underfoot. the dead cells and dry scales will fall out and fresh unbroken skin will emerge. regular foot scraping will prevent foot cracks
  • then squeeze a lemon into hot water in a bucket and soak your foot for 15 to 20 min. clean in between the toes with pubis stone very very gently. this is a bath stone. however i don’t use this. the lemon bleaches the hard tanned skin on upper foot and foreleg. this is the best detan i can think of. if you think that lemon is astringent, you can balance it with mixing honey.
  • use good bath salt or body scrub salt to scrub the foot upper, foreleg and down foot. do this gently. no rash strokes.
  • rinse your foot thoroughly in fresh warm water and towel gently
  • slather some moisturizer or foot cream (available for men) on both feet. and smoothen. or use liquid paraffin if you want with no aroma (if you are a fussy man)
  • you are ready now to apply nail enamel to your toe nails (optional 😀 ) apply one coat neat, wait for it to dry and then apply the second coat and then top it up with quick drier application.
  • you are now the owner of dazzling clean foot that you can show off now proudly!
  • gently down your amazing feet in sexy kohlapuri, don a fabindia kurta and strut and preen!


  • boosts your self confidence
  • relaxing and stress relieving
  • can give self massage if you do know massaging. this to be done when scrubbing with body salt on the foot. this massage i do miss at home
  • feel cleanest and on top of the world 😀

Do this home pedicure once in 15 days and notice visible results in under 3 months 😀 post pix 😀

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