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The Five Cleanliness & Personal Hygiene Indicators We Cannot Miss.

Typically i have devised that the following are checks or indicators of the cleanliness standards of our home as well as our personal hygiene. You may think i am too fussy, but not at all. It’s pretty regular standards, but there are those who think this is big deal.

  1. Kitchen cleanliness. Especially the sink area and the oil cans. Mixer jars and the blender. Hob (cooking stove top) and chimney. Indian kitchens hold more gadgets than western ones: with our wetgrinders (for idli batter), blender, traditional coffee filter of coffee maker, OTG/Microoven, at least mini stone chakkis for pouding, fruit/vegetable juicer, sandwich maker, toaster, chappathi maker, etc. Our kitchen is also essentially a wet kitchen as we grind wet, blend wet, deepfry in oil, toast in shallow pan etc., at highest temperatures. We use hundreds of spices literally and our cooking methods are elaborate. Yet, it is imperative for us to maintain kitchen cleanliness at any cost. Wiping with wet cloth on cleaning with soap every few hours is a must.
  2. Bathroom cleanliness: the water closets of course, the wash stand, the bathtub (if you have), the tooth brushes and the drain holes especially. Even the regular Indian bathrooms (in)famous for their water usage can afford to remain dry most of the day once we are done with our bathroom chores. There is no reason for the bathroom floor to remain wet. Pails and mugs and faucets also need a regular clean-up.
  3. Comb in your dresser is a dead give away. If that is accumulating grime, it means personal hygiene is lacking. The clean comb ensures a cleaner bedroom. Organizers in wardrobes optional. W
  4. Towels and undies. They can be old and very many times washed, but they have to be clean one hundred percent. Dry.
  5. Foot of course! It is the general indicator of one’s hygiene perception in my opinion. If someone cares for foot, it means she is doing well in all other fronts.

Not all of us live in swanky marbled homes, some of us live in very compact apartments almost like hole in the wall, yet I think it is well within our means to be able to maintain the minimum general standards of cleanliness and hygiene which is basic decency.

I decided to embark on such short crisp lifestyle posts inspired by a page on Minimalism.

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