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Red Letter Day In Indian History : Jammu & Kashmir Wholly Integrates With India

RECLAIMING BHARAT FROM TERROR IDEOLOGY : Indian Jawans / Martyrs who laid down their lives for the nation done justice. 

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In a historic move, Indian Home Minister Amit Shah revoked Article 370 and Article 35 ‘A’ giving special status to Jammu & Kashmir, with a majority voting in Rajya Sabha. With this, the integration of the Jammu & Kashmir with the Indian Union is complete. The state stands bifurcated (or trifurcated?) as distinct Union Territories: Jammu and Kashmir, and Ladakh.

Bravo Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji, Home Minister Shri Amit Shah ji, and National Security Advisor Shri Ajit Kumar Doval ji, we recognize your exceptional courage and determination and sheer grit and willpower and we are immensely proud of you as we have never been of any Indian since 1947 – including Mahatma Gandhi. What a winning combination you are. Mastermind!

Peace is this, not Satyagraha which is blackmail. Constructive actions go a long way in ensuring-restoring stability and equilibrium. Not confusing decisions like Gandhi and Nehru duo’s. Harmony is in integration not in fanning bloody terrorism. Courage not cowardice builds nations.

India will have to be on red alert, because Pakistan, our neighbour swarms with terrorists waiting to get back at us. Kashmir terrorism has largely been their making.

Scrapping of article 370 was the need of the hour. When Kashmiri baniyas can walk freely in Chennai streets selling their carpets and silks and hold expos in our urban neighbourhood making a living, we need to see this is reciprocated. When Kashmiri youth can attend our universities across India and work in our tech parks and can get recruited in India’s civil services, it is only just and fair that we too have access to the valley, not only as tourists but as potential residents ! When Rohingya terrorist infiltrators can settle down in Kashmir, why should not Biharis and Bengalis.

Vaccinations hurt. But vaccines are life savers. Modi’s panacea for the nation is for India’s immunity and eternity. Red Letter day in Indian political history. May be today feels better than it ever did on August 15, 1947.

Who is Donald Trump and what is his orbit of power. What is China to us. Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has to be naive to imagine that anyone can dissuade or deter India. India’s woman Prime Minister Indira Gandhi broke Pakistan to two pieces right under the nose of US President Nixon and Henry Kissinger, liberating Bangladesh. We don’t need America or China’s approval. Our all weather friend Israel is our strongest ally. We Indians are in a far better shape now than we were in 1970s. India is pumped up with energy and self-confidence and marching ahead at full throttle under the dynamic leadership of PM Shri Narendra Modi ji. The trio Modi-Shah-Doval is the best India has ever had since the times of Chankya when it comes to political wisdom and acumen. Balakot is not long or far behind us. India is not Syria or Afghanistan or Libya, even President Trump must know. India’s solid track record and credibility and respectability have guaranteed us that much berth for a smooth passage. India is prepared for the jolts of aftershock. We are shockproof enough. We will sail through this storm together! Let our Kashmir Hindu Pundits finally return home to safety and security!

Besides, India did nothing that Pakistan has not done before. Bhutto in 1974 similarly abolished special status for Gilgit Baltistan in POK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir) and populated that part of Kashmir with Pakistanis which is least Kashmiri today with a completely altered demography. Foot in the mouth of Pakistan media. Indian media as well.

Omar Abdullah family and Mehbooba Mufti family and also Lone family have had their coffers filled to brim. Let Kashmiris finally prosper with rest of India.

The Indian state has always come across as soft power. We flex muscles rarely. When we do, you will see ACTION. Nehru-Sheikh Abdullah’s shortsightedness and grave blunder stand rectified today, 72 years after India won her independence from the British. For a Hindu, the islamic invaders will remain the worst sadistic and barbaric in memory and history. The British were  in comparison, a lot more benevolent. The only logic for Indian muslims to idolize terror is that, their ancestors were converted either by force or by bribe and so today they embrace what they had to by default (of birth). An invader is an invader and India’s islamic invaders were the most perverse and that won’t change, because they raised a Taj Mahal (over Tejo Shivalaya). No institution building in islamic terror reign in Indian history, only massacres and rampages, razing of Hindu holy places and temples. This went on for a 1000 years unchecked. Will those like Shashi Tharoor lecture on the invasions. How many so-called intellectuals like Ramachandra Guha will dare to shed light on Hindu genocide that continued for centuries.

Gandhi is past and behind us. Modi is future and right before us. Historically terrorized and denied justice, subdued by brute force, emotionally blackmailed by the minorities, it is not surprising that the Hindu awakening is a reality today. For our very survival. It was only in 1990s that the Kashmir Hindu Pundits fled the valley, driven out by islamic terrorist Kashmiris. Those who stayed back were butchered in cold blood, their daughters raped and slaughtered. Village by village, the pillage and violence and bloodshed continued, instigated and fanned by the woman prime minister of Pakistan, Benazzir Bhutto.. How easy it is to ethnic cleanse an islamic province of its minorities with virtually no hue and cry anywhere in the national/international media! This pattern is seen in Pakistan next door and even in Middle East. Have you ever come across a single media report in Pakistan/world on the massacre of Kashmir Hindu Pundits and their exodus from the state. It was Kashmir then. It might be Kerala tomorrow if Article 370 or 35 A must continue.

India has to fight her own lone battles. She will.

Jai Bharat Mata ki!

Har har Narendra Modi ji!

Har har Amit Shah i!

Har har Ajit Doval ji!

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