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‘Bharat Ratna’ for Veer Savarkar

I am not the one to be fooled by sophisticated British agents like Gandhi and Nehru. Lapdogs to the viceroys. Veer Savarkar, Subhash Chandra bose, Bal Gangadhara Tilak, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and Bhagat Singh are more my kind of national heroes. At last, Savarkar, the Hindu Mahasabha founder, may be honoured posthumously with the nation’s highest civilian award, ‘the Bharat Ratna’ (jewel of India). Very much deserved but delayed. Just because the popularity of Gandhi and Nehru outshone Savarkar and his relentless freedom struggles, it does not mean the selfless patriot deserves any less. One has to remember that Savarkar news must have been blacked out by Nehru, especially in the light of the fact that Nethaji received a similar or worse treatment at the hands of the Congress. And what about Shyama Prasad Mukherjee. The Congress was capable of all including managing Lal Bahadur Shastri. The Congress is capable of scripting history the way it deems fit. This is one solid reason for mass ignorance where it concerns Savarkar. There are those of us who hold the opinion that India is in one piece and in-tact because Gandhi exited at the precise moment. To us, Savarkar and Godse will remain saviours. Gandhi played his part, Nehru acted his role, they both earned their due respect and credit. No recognition for Patel or Savarkar or Subhash Chandra Bose. Why should these valiant men be played down and eased out of public memory. Like them, I wouldn’t have wanted to give the British an honorary exit in 1947. I would have wanted them chased out. I would have wanted them running for their lives. Congress denied India such a glory. Gandhi and Nehru were the mediators who guaranteed the British a face-saving exit. This below write-up is only a small indication as to how nasty the British worked in India even as successive World Wars were raging on. I shall update the page once the hero is decorated with Bharat Ratna. We want our school children to learn of Savarkar and his men’s sacrifices, not just the over-run Gandhi-Nehru stories. These followed the footsteps of the Brave Maratha warrior king Chatrapathi Shivaji’s . Had Shivaji-Sambhaji survived, would we have had a tyranny like Aurangzeb’s or Tipu Sultan’s in our bloody history? Men like Savarkar are the Pride of India. I acknowledge both Gandhi and Nehru, but they are overplayed. Time for India to shine some spotlight on our other heroic national leaders. Their life stories and sacrifices matter. V D Savarkar, M S Golwalkar, K B Hedgewar … these are the men I want to see side by side with Gandhi and Nehru, adorning our halls of fame as framed pictures.

Savarkar: How a Nation Failed a Man who Deserved to be Revered

Let us return to the present after this and focus on national development. Corrections to the past are necessary but let that not drag us down.


PS: I lost respect for national awards. After all I nearly puked when Rajiv Gandhi awarded ‘Bharat Ratna’ posthumously to M G Ramachandran (MGR), ex-CM of Tamil Nadu, for political gains. Is it possible to take back the award now??? Award Wapsi will be very much appreciated in this one case 😀

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