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Hare Rama! Hare Krishna!

I don’t want to justify the Ayodhya verdict on any ground. It is ours. Matter closed. Done and dusted. Must have been done long back. This is our Ram Janam Bhoomi. We reclaim it, retrieve it, fullstop.

Ram was not from Arabia or Israel. Ram was not Arab by race or colour. Ram did not speak Arabic or Hebrew or Latin. Ram is my ancestor. Just because history got recorded only since the birth of Christ, it does not mean that the universe came into existence a mere two thousand years ago. Billion and more Hindus believe at heart that Ram lived and breathed in India. Evidences are surfacing time to time proving the existence of our celebrated holy Hindu ancestors. Ram is our forefather. Shiva and Ram and Krishna are ours. Native. I don’t have to justify or prove my belief or strong conviction to anyone be it American or European and least of all a Muslim or Pakistani. I live in the land that was the home of my ancestors Shiva and Ram and Krishna. I eat the food they ate. I wear the clothes they wore. I speak the language they spoke. I practise the Dharma they practised. I don’t have to fake my ancestry. I don’t have to make up my forefathers and roots. I HAVE my identity. I am pedigree. My identity comes from Ram. My identity comes from Shiva and Krishna. I have woken up from a troubled sleep. Nightmare really. With bloody marauders like the Islamic invaders who historically unleashed terror in my ancient Bharat wrecking havoc in their wake, besieging our homes and razing down our temples and looting our wealth. Trampling over our culture with an indescribable brutality. Then followed the British Christians who were different only in ways and means. End object was the same. I will not allow myself to be taken for granted ever again, that I promise myself. I will fight for my rights. I will fight for my nation and culture. I will fight for my Sanathana Dharma. I will fight for my ancestors’ glory. I will do whatever I can in my capacity to restore India’s lost Hindu pride. I will do whatever in my capacity for the ultimate birth and rise of a Hindu Rashtra.

Ram Mandir in Ayodhya is the first step. Next I want Uniform Civil Code for all Indian citizens. All Indians whether Hindu, Jain, Buddhist, Parsi, Sikh, Christian or Muslim must come under a single umbrella when it comes to law. No special rights for Muslims and Christians in India. Audit of all Islamic and Christian institutions and places of worship and trust bodies must be made mandatory. Conversion to be made a criminal offence. Anyone caught converting a Hindu must be booked non-bailable. No mercy for terrorism and terror sympathizers. Birth control to be strictly enforced irrespective of your religion. Just get out of India if you want to get a third kid. No voting rights for the third born after 2020. No passport and Aadhar card for the third child. More taxes as you beget more children. Hopefully, this becomes reality soon.

India is not looking for approval on anything from anyone, believe me. What you think is of no consequence. Who cares. I don’t even want to quote from anywhere any link. Just that, justice was delivered to our beloved Ram who believed in justice to the extent that He sent His wife to live in jungle when She was heavily pregnant. He never got to know His sons Lav and Khush for many years. That was after He fulfilled His jealous stepmother’s wish living in jungles as newly wed for 14 years, with Sita, when Sita was abducted by Ravana. Ram’s whole life was a struggle for upkeep of justice and truth. His impartiality brings tears to our eyes. His tenderness touches our heart.

Did Ram seek to behead the kafirs or non-believers. Did Ram seek to convert the infidels. What did Ram do. Ram lived as a role model citizen Himself, which is why in India, 6000 – 7000 years later we still talk about ‘Ram Rajya.’ Ram did a penance for killing Ravana, a great king. On return to India from Sri Lanka, one of the first things that Lord Rama did was, performing His father’s ‘devasham’- fulfilling His duty to His father Dasaratha the first time the opportunity presented itself after years, ensuring Dasaratha’s ‘atma’ a release from the mortal world.

Expecting the high standards of Ram in desert cult is too much. How to compare Ram who wouldn’t hurt a fly with the ruthless barbaric. Hindu society was already an organized society, highly literate. Desert cult focused on bloody acquisition by any means. Plunder and mass murder were hailed. Psychotic cruel rulers became celebrated heroes. Fear psychosis held India to ransom, as unfortunately for India that was already well civilized, the marauders were too much to handle. Centuries of loot and continuing genocide demoralized the Hindus. The British were only a polished version of the Islamic invaders of India. The British decamped with whatever was left. Today if you empty the British coffers of the looted wealth from India and Africa, the UK will be poorer than Rwanda and Ethiopia.

Restoring Ayodhya means so much to us Hindus. Why, it means everything. Installing Ram is important. The ASI of India found solid evidences of demolished temple of Ram in Ayodhya on excavation of the site. It is based on these irrefutable evidences that justice has been delivered. Even this justification is unnecessary especially to scoundrel and rogue nations like Pakistan, the terror factory for the world.

What endears Ram to me and millions of Hindus is that, even this struggle for Ayodhya is something Ram wouldn’t have wanted. Ram would have happily given up.  Knowing my Ram, understanding my Ram makes me think this way. But then at times like this, I remind myself of Krishna 😀

Well, as an afterthought, adding this link, a speech by Shri KK Muhammad, retired ASI director.


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