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25 Christian Conversion Mafia TV Channels for 6.2% Christian Population In Tamil Nadu

What is the Christian population count in Tamil Nadu?

As per 2011 Indian census, a reported 6.2% of Tamil Nadu population are followers of Christianity. However, Tamil Nadu today is also allegedly populated by a huge number of Cryptochristians who are Hindu by name but have embraced Christianity thanks to relentless conversion mafia operating in Indian soil. Bribed. Brainwashed. This figure is not reflected in the national and state census. Foreigners are entering India unchecked misusing tourist visas to serve as unofficial and illegal christian missionaries, a criminal offence as per Indian law, as the Modi government has effectively blocked the NGO funding for conversion in India from the US and Europe. In short, today’s converted christians are those who have sold their soul for a penny. Shirking native culture, they have not just shed their self-respect and identity but have also proved to the west that they will be always intellectually inferior to their erstwhile bosses forever.

Being a Hindu means, you have not succumbed. You are original. You don’t try to become ‘them.’ You don’t want to be one of ‘them.’ Can anyone explain why otherwise the Afro Americans are referring to ‘Black Jesus.’ IDENTITY. When you drape a sari, when you don a bindhi, when you are a practising Hindu, you are defying your detractors who are out to get you.

Once you subdue a culture, you enslave the native population. This is the reason why Christianity is so cleverly and zealously marketed across the globe. The Asian christians are meek followers, never the questioners. Which is why the west feels it is important to christianize India. Once the originality is lost, we will not speak up. We will not challenge. Our allegiance is automatically to Vatican and the west. Our philosophy becomes western. Our lifestyle becomes western. This is nothing but modern day slavery. Conquest of your native culture without a bloodshed. India remains an unfinished business to the conversion mafia. Which is why there is not a single Indian village from Kashmir to Kanyakumari today where this cancer has not spread. Massive massive NGO funding from across the seas.

Just how venomous and fast spreading is this parasitic christian preaching and evangelical mission can be seen here:

Why for an official 6.2% Christian population in Tamil Nadu, there are over 25 tv christian tv channels telecast free, forced upon you by satellite tv like the Tata sky and Airtel. It will come as no surprise if these service operators are funded by the christian missions themselves to beam the poison propaganda right into our homes. Hindu saints and poets and kings who lived before the birth of Christ are touted as earliest christians (!) and Hindu literature and culture are countered as ‘atheist’ and non-Hindu. In short anything before Christ is nullified. It is as if the universe did not exist up until 2000 years back. That a 10,000 year old ancient Hindu civilization flourishes until today as a continuous living-surviving one hurts many around the world. When you erase the truth and uproot the basic foundation, it is easy to install false theories in a society. You can see the lies floated 24 hours a day in these christian missionary channels in Tamil Nadu. This is not just the case of my home state, this is the case of entire India. Every single Indian state is drowned with increasing number of christian preaching and conversion channels. Is this democracy? Is this secularism. Show me tv channels in Middle east that permit this horrible invasion of our mind, homes, culture and nation.

Dear christian preachers, try to convert a single muslim arab or a muslim Pakistani. How  many seconds do you think will it take for your head to roll in the muddy ground.

How is that, this many christian tv channels in Tamil Nadu/India get funded. Where from. Are these even audited.

Is Jesus Christ Surf Excel or Stayfree that you have to sell door to door like this. Aren’t these christians selling Jesus in bus stops and petrol bunks and vegetable market and even in front of Hindu temples even ashamed?

These Asian agents are recruited smartly by the west. These are those who have been brainwashed into believing that they have no respectable native culture. That they have to follow the lord of their invaders and occupiers who once slayed their ancestors in cold blood. On the very cemetery of their forefathers, these Asian christian preachers are building a platform singing the praise of the foreign gods, speaking, acting, dressing like their vanquishers. SOULS SOLD OUT.

You can live in any part of the world. But you forget your roots – you lose your identity. You lose your face.  You lose your individuality. You become a carbon copy. A cheap imitation.

Souls cannot be harvested, preachers. Keep your Christ out of India. Stop selling Him like soap and shampoo. Dear America and Europe, use the conversion funding to boost your local economies. Vatican – first fix your sex scandal issues. You are rotting from insides.

Once upon a time in my life I had respect for Christianity. Now no more. NOT A CHRISTIAN NOT A MUSLIM, PROUDLY A HINDU. Leave us free you vultures who feed on poverty and weak souls. Shame on you and your so-called God. Never in a million years can I accept the Abrahamic Gods. Proudly a Kafir. Proudly an infidel in your dictionary.


5 thoughts on “25 Christian Conversion Mafia TV Channels for 6.2% Christian Population In Tamil Nadu

  1. As a Westerner I understand your reaction, quite sane I must say. However, there may be a big difference between original Christianity, where freedom of choice is central, and protestant evangelism, which I suspect to be compensating an inner void – hello materialism – through proselytism outside, and that by all means – and lots of money involved…

    Original (e.g. Aramean) & middle age Christianity (esp. in the romanic times) have nothing to do with this present day artificial evangelism. Sorry that your people has to suffer this. In the end, only fake beliefs and borderline satanism profit from the weakness of people, be them Hindus or other.

    Hopefully this will stop someday, at the latest under the pressure of… necessity. Under such a confrontation with evil, people must take responsibility for themselves, and choose. I guess that West Europe is suffering from a similar sickness at a more advanced stage of decomposition.

    To be short : big money pseudo Christianity has nothing to do with true, humble Christianity. Labels can be misleading.


    1. True or untrue, we do not want alien Christianity to uproot our native Sanathana Dharma (Hinduism) from Indian soil. Evil and Satanism are relative terms. We have no desire to find out how good Christianity is. Proselytizing in India is criminal offence by law. You may allow us a Hindu temple in Vatican to show the world how good and tolerant Christianity is. And we would like to preach Hinduism in Vatican. As Christianity is democratic as you say, there must be no issue.


      1. Yes. And good example.

        I am distinguishing Christianity, as a faith, in its original form, from the modern institutions that pretend to host it. Personally of Catholic tradition, I do not recognize what the current Pope is doing as belonging to Christianity. To me, it looks more like Marxismus, backed by huge amounts of money. Concerning evil, sure, most of the time it is a relative thing – but there are limits.

        Back to India : I bet most of those aggressive missionaries come from the many Protestant churches, mostly US-funded. Freedom of choice belong to the Catholic tradition, not to the Protestant one. And I doubt that you’ll find many Orthodox preachers roaming around India either. Of course, this is only a bet and I might be wrong on that one.

        > Proselytizing in India is criminal offence by law.

        I did not know that, but I find this a very good thing, from which other countries could take inspiration.

        What do they want in the long run ? Tear down all Hindu temples and replace them with churches ? Then what ? This would not be India anymore, so what is the point of proselytizing in India in the first place ? This makes little sense to me, which is why I talked of “compensating an inner void”. But increasing foreign political influence may well be one of the goals as well.

        > As Christianity is democratic as you say, there must be no issue.

        Good example. That said, no, I did not say “democratic”. I only meant to distinguish the personal choice & faith on one side, from the rich and decadent institutions that pretend to host the Christian faith on the other side. For example, have a look at what Vatican is supporting inside Europe itself and you’ll understand what I mean. Sorry for the repetition, but some things deserve the label “evil”.

        As a side note, there is a root cause to many problems : how to deal with the risk of losing one’s own roots when a country improves its living standards using modern technology ? How to keep discipline and attachment to one’s own roots in such a context ? This may be an increasingly pressing question, which each part of the world has to solve.


      2. Not bothered about Christianity at all that’s the point. DO NOT WANT CHRISTIAN MISSIONARIES SPREADING THEIR TENTACLES IN INDIA that is the next point. By the way who says economics and religion are inter-related. How do you explain Japan then. You are an unwanted visitor here even in my blog. The kind of economics you guys gave Africa and Latin America along with Jesus, we know. So the Pope is the issue. Is it because he is from Latin America and not one of ‘you.’ We Hindus will progress at our own rate. After all the Europeans were still swinging tree to tree when the Egyptians built the pyramids. Please do not reply. Whatever you say, to me Christianity will never be good enough to follow. Cannot accept, will not accept. Stop this cultural terrorism that has annihilated ethnic human races/aborigines from the planet in the name of your god. Stop this slow poison if you can. That is it. SLOW POISON. CULTURAL TERRORISM. Defines it all.


  2. Christian Protestants have nothing to do with the Vatican or the Pope.
    I am not trying to convert you or anyone.
    Good-bye and good luck.


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