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Toxicity aka Vakram.

Two things affected me most this week in social media.

One is comparison of Tamil Nadu with Kashmir.

Second is justification of Elephants in Hindu temple precincts.

What a toxic school of thought this can be. Extremes and kind of ‘vakram’ to me honestly. This is insane.

A thousand time recitation of Bhavad Gita cannot cleanse our souls of this kind of poison. It means, there is no use of education. Modern education has failed miserably. It is also alarming to note that this kind of irresponsible, obnoxious breed is steadily gaining upperhand in our society. India is in need of do-gooders NOT hate mongers. These self-appointed custodians of Hindu Dharma must know, some of us just DO NOT CARE. Their pathetic views will not hold good. However, the garbage they spill keeps polluting the social media space to the detriment of general peace of mind. This is a consideration.

I am no less Hindu just because I don’t subscribe to this toxic nonsense and vakram of thoughts. Neither do I have to prove my faith or spirituality to anyone. Most of us are keen on checking the spread of Abrahamic fold in India. But this is still possible without spewing venom day in and day out with crass, crude, junk and provoking thoughts that these self-important folks with typical ‘holier than though attitude’ post in social media.

The one on Kashmir-Tamil Nadu is cent percent distortion of truth. Heartless lie. Shameless playing of victim card. This kind of floating of false info can only prove to be counter-productive to Hindus. Rational and clear thinking Hindus are the dire necessity of the hour. One can be against conversion mafia and terrorism and remain a rational Hindu at the same time. Only if you have the brains and what is called ‘heart’ and some ‘conscience’ ….

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