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Who to cast vote for in coming TN Assembly elections.

The way ex CM Jayalalitha Jayaram was hushed up leaves everyone of us feeling deeply insecure in Tamil Nad including me. If this can happen to the most powerful woman CM of the state and none of us can lift a finger about it, where does that leave us. The famous justification is that the end justifies the means, right? Extremely RIGHT if you get it. Yet, even those like me have to concede with a grudge that the state hasn’t quite missed her somewhat, with surprisingly the EPS OPS team filling (even if clumsily) in the large shoes left by the imposing lady. Nothing stopped working, and the state functioned smooth in extraordinary climate under the pandemic situation. Effective management of the crisis that could have easily gone out hands, with Ayurvedic and Siddha preventive medication to a large extent could have contributed to not only the state but entire India scrape through the Coronavirus spread. Something that will never be acknowledged by the west because it validates eastern/Hindu food habits, medicine and healthy way of life and may in fact mark ours superior to theirs. (Yet I am not for Mixopathy don’t get me wrong. This self-contradiction at every step is exactly my problem!)

Anyway, Tamil Nadu is fit like a fiddle. Most of India is for that matter, compared to rest of the world still reeling under the pandemic (touchwood) and even our economy is stabilizing. We cannot now miss out on how the state government handled even the nonstop continuous monsoon spells in the entire southern coromandel coast that began with the onset of south west monsoons in July and without a recess progressed on to north east monsoons. Timely weeding of the catchment basins such as temple tanks, lakes, reservoirs etc have ensured a good storage for the monsoon country. Good tidings! These things matter more to the public and the general opinion is good.

So where in these circumstances is the need for a change in the office??? It is not a million dollar question as to who is pulling the strings from behind. Aadravan oruvan. Aattuvippavan oruvan. Whichever way it is, I have absolutely no complaints. Except for the way the civic department is functioning. Whatever happened to Swachch Bharat. Down with covid19 is it. Please bring it back with a full vengeance!

On retrospect, a change could have been in the offing. It is open secret who negotiated with who and who backed out for what reasons and who remains yet at the table. Not as you think any impossible scenario. No scruples in politics please! Kind and gracious of PM Modi to have flown into Chennai for Metrorail phase inauguration (!). What other businesses ji? So the stage is set.

One way or other, personally I don’t want to vote for a government that will be anti-Hindu. As simple as that. Church and Mosques can stay but cannot be allowed to expand to overrun Hindu interests. Call me a fanatic, fundamentalist, I don’t care. Dharma has to survive and will survive and it is the responsibility of every single one of us to ensure that it does.

For leftists here is my word: the democracy of India is incumbent on our demography. Islam has to only touch 51% of our total population and we will have sharia the next moment. Where will you guys seek asylum ji, only in capitalist states. As for Christianity, this is slow poison. Wouldn’t want to play second fiddle to America or Britain. Hindu Dharma is one big reason, we in India are the way we are. Neither for bikini nor for burqa culture. Let us live in peace. Our sari is beautiful! Indigenous. Neither belongs in arab world nor in america or australia or africa or even cheeni. We are who we are. And this is what makes us tick.

This generation of Indians carry a lot of responsibility on their shoulders as Hindu population is now increasing at a decreasing rate. Relentless onslaught by the christian missionary mafia bent on conversion like they have done to Latin America and Africa is afoot on one side with islamic madarasas breeding terror minded on the other. Under the conditions India does need a ruthless, sharp, fearless dheergadarshi who can think ahead by a hundred years. We have to be on the offence, not in defence. This is why I want Modi at the helm of affairs. Only if we win this current battle can we save the war. Liberals may or may not agree with me. I have not holidayed but LIVED in foreign countries. I know how their minds work. Everyone is human and generous until you rub them in their wrong side. Or their use for you is over. I have come to the conclusion that India has to stay majority Hindu with 75% of our population being solidly Hindu for our own benefit. Our kids deserve this.

Every Hindu must therefore vote for the nation. Otherwise we will be the next Egypt or Turkey. That bastard Musharraf of Pakistan actually said that once. That by population jehad, India will be won over.

So before the economy, before the farmer issue, before the pandemic, before even India-China-Pak conflict, before inflation and rising oil prices etc., etc., what matters to me is that we ensure a Hindu majority India for next 2-3 generations and leave the rest to our genNext to carry on from where we leave.

Social justice, equality, gender neutrality, gay rights everything is fine. All this have a chance only in Hindu dominant India. Shall we call ourselves Bharat please.

Who you vote for is now upto you.

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