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Avatar 2 : The Way Of Water

May I be blessed with the avatar of Navi in my next janam. So ‘janam’ is the word for rebirth. Reincarnation or avatar is a term reserved for Hindu gods not for lesser mortals. We say Krishnaavatar (Krishna + avatar), Ramaavatar (Rama + avatar), both Ram and Krishna being avatars of Lord Maha Vishnu who took ten avatars from aquatic avatar to human form evolving from amphibian to terrestrial life form with every avatar. And Hindu gods are curiously blue coloured mostly (Ram and Krishna specifically). If you study Hindu philosophy you don’t have to know of Darwin. But its okay James Cameroon. I am a huge huge fan of yours and Avatar will stay the best picture I ever watched in my life because the Navi people connect closely with my soul bonded by the Tsahaylu! Perhaps I have watched Avatar one a hundred and one times? There is even a demo of the Pranayama this time with the breathe-in breath-out exercise. Great service for Sanskrit, Hindu beliefs and Yoga if you ask me. It hurt to see the Navi move over to the water world but then why must adaptability and migration be the prerogative of the homo sapien. Way of water throws light on the whale sharks’ ancestors which is another dimension to Avatar2. Loss of Sully’s eldest is tragic. One reason I could not watch ‘My name is Khan’ is that. I switched off the tv when the kid dies. As a mother even in screen I cannot digest that kind of loss. But then I know, being cast into the next avatar is uncomplicated and smooth seamless process and even natural for the Navi. Too many avatars loitering there from their previous janams! Its only when I see so many avatars on their feet that I regret the title Avatar which is reserved for the immortal creators of the universe. But then when the humans defeat death and recreate life, don’t they become immortals. Mortality is no more the question and probably the word ‘avatar’ is justified. Otherwise I enjoyed the flick at a mall here in Doha in 2D (only) and not in 4D thoroughly. Mindblowing animation. Breathtaking waters in contrast to the forest scene of Avatar 1. Sky people must be made to pay! Soon they may be returning for Avatar 3 so far as I know! The next gen of Navi already looking promising. Jake Sully looks leaner and calmer and more balanced. In another 100-200 years if Avatar is going to be reality as the human race goes to hunt for living space in the galaxies, I won’t be surprised. Strongly recommended for all Avatar addicts.

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