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Mic Off.

Did you notice something about the awards ceremony in World Cup FIFA Football 2022 that concluded this sunday, the 18th December at Lusail Iconoic Stadium, Doha? Two heads of State who handed in the trophy and medals and awards – of Qatar and France – were given no lengthy introductions. No ‘chamchas’ or sidekicks or so-called cronies by their sides to chaperone them except for skeletal security and secretaries and handful of officials. Neither of the two statesmen took to the podium to deliver a boring lecture, especially the host. What an opportunity to brag in front of the entire world and for a good reason. Who could have resisted the temptation. I was gearing up for a smatter or two minimum . I am really stunned as it sinks in how simple the entire awards ceremony was except for some brilliant fireworks lighting up the sky. Contrast this to similar scene in India. Our netas could have grabbed the mic never letting it go for next one hour ‘educating’ us public from our glorious past to current Kashmir problem and China tension. In between would get thrown in tidbits of their own political success stories . The victory lap would be promptly hijacked by Bollywood stars and bureaucrats and corporate heads besides. Every viable stage opportunity is also good for self aggrandizement for our celebrities and page 3 socialites and political bigwigs to gain a political mileage or free publicity that would come in handy, like during next election campaign. The corporate sponsors would be the next in line to snatch the mic not content with hogging the limelight, sharing the stage, rubbing shoulders with the real heroes the sportsmen, having nothing to do with the sporting event otherwise. This we have been watching in Cricket world cup events and even in IPL. The stage is sometimes overcrowded that you fear if it would give away. Even a five hundred dollar worth cheque in mega size would be co-presented by corporate heads and political ministers with the sponsor names announced every time to make sure none in the audience ever forgot anything. For years I remembered the bank chairmen and Pepsi Coke directors. What an irresistible photo op. To resist cashing in on such a mega bumper global sporting event such as FIFA cup turning off the mic, shirking attention, is remarkable and real statesmanship. It underscores also how these gentlemen are not trying to steal the thunder from the heroes of the evening, leaving the spotlight to be on the winners, the players because it is really their day. The sponsors and corporates belonged where they must: in the commercial hoardings. Maturity is all about this: letting someone have theirs. The evening belonged with the football teams and it was a well earnt trophy that deserved the unwavering attention of the entire stadium. No distractions from any quarter to share the spoils with the winners and runners up. We can all take a cue out of the awards ceremony. This is a major takeaway for me: to become the invisible wallflower and disappear when we must, and let others exalt in their moment of glory. I am sick of the parasites who are in the habit of feeding and thriving on borrowed or stolen moments of glories and success stories of others as we see in India.

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