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World Reporting On India Covid

Well, every dog has its day in the sun and today is simply not India’s day. The dogs I can think of include BBC for one thing.

Before going to world reporting, let me analyze what could be the reason for the first world nations turning against India.

  • India Covid vaccines are cheapest in the world and over 85% effective. Pfizer is many many multiple times more expensive than India made Covishield (for Astrazeneca) and Covaxin (100% India make which is rated the best for the live vaccine it is).
  • India is unofficially the vaccine capital of the world and the american pharma etc., are losing heavily to India in the business who would like to monopolize corona vaccine industry.. First of all no share in the huge India market of 1.3 billion population. If not for India, there is only China for bulk production of corona vaccines.
  • India is distributing Covid vaccine mostly free to poorest nations like Bangladesh. Over 100 nations are looking upto India for corona vaccine that cannot be disappointed. All this business is supposed to go to US or Europe.
  • The richest nations have stocked maximum covid vaccines and the idea of the third world nations having access to corona vaccine is unacceptable to them.
  • Shortage of Covid vaccines in India could be due to the fact that we are also catering to the world at the same time and not holding back everything for ourselves. It is like a man having housing loan, car loan etc., still supporting someone poorer and down the line. The logic is as simple as that.

Yes, the toll is mounting in India yet it is not as bad as it was in US or UK or Italy. Why do foreign media sensationalize India covid news?

  • Hindus cremate the dead and the image of cremation can be grotesque unlike plain burial in islamic or christian societies. You can bury a hundred in quiet but a single cremation can be indigestible. Its a very very ghastly sight. Which is why women are not allowed for cremation in India ever (traditionally). Now the metropolitan cities and second tier cities have completely switched over to electric crematoria, still the villages etc., go for woodpyre only. If you take the case of Delhi, the capital is surrounded by UP villages from where patients descend upon the city for major medical treatments. Their rural dwellings have no electric crematoria mostly. A cremation makes for most horrific picture. Sight of more than a couple of cremations at the same time can be visually upsetting. A cremation also consumes more or maximum time over burial. It is therefore understandable that when there are more deaths than usual, there can arise a contingency situation unlike in the case of christian/islamic burials. You have to have real courage to look at the cremation pictures. It is exactly this kind of human tragedy that BBC is cashing in on. One has to be a sadist to cover these things round the clock. Sensationalizing death and disease. UK reported maximum deaths in second wave, running short of hospital beds but none of us glorified death scene like these Brits are doing now. Same goes for America.
  • Even the current stat on world meter is because of India figure going ballistic in last 10 to 15 days only. Just a week prior to that we were reporting national average of 16,000 fresh cases only per day on 1.3 billion population count.
  • Undoubtedly in last 10 days, the death statistics in India have gone for a toss. Even in February this year, my hometown Chennai recorded less than 100 fresh cases per day. Situation was perfectly under control. It was as if we had made it without a second wave. April caught the nation by shock and surprise.
  • The second wave in India is lethal as the coronavirus is airborne now as second mutant and third mutant appear on the scene. These arrived in India from the UK mainly.
  • BBC and UK/Europe have long held agenda on India They want to christianize India while the arab world would want to islamise us. India is still an unfinished business for them. The one single largest Hindu nation in the world hurts and dents severely the western sentiments. They will do anything to break a Dharmic India headed by our PM Shri Narendra Modi who is Hindu nationalist.
  • More and maximum rapes in UK and US but how India rape story is media-hyped is well known. UK holds world record for maximum male rape cases in the world and US for maximum female rapes. Have the CNN or BBC ever done lead on their own rape cases. This India covid coverage by them is as intentional as their rape reportage.
  • Lastly India supplying vaccines to the world is just not going down well with the west. At any cost they would like to wrest the capability and capacity from India sooner or later. First step towards it is this image damage.

Still what went wrong on our part that resulted in this current crisis.

  • We relaxed our guard going complacent when covid cases hit bottom. We got emboldened and did not learn our past lessons or others’ experiences.
  • We could have saved the vaccines for ourselves first. Charity begins at home. Our poor are the first neediest over foreign countries.
  • State Assembly elections could have been postponed. In 1980s, Tamil Nadu was under Governor rule for over 2 years after PM Rajiv Gandhi dismissed the ruling DMK stage government. So why not? In whose interests were the elections conducted.
  • Why was Kumba Mela cancelled only after assemblage of crores of devotees in these pandemic times. By the time the damage was done.
  • I did watch the massive massive West Bengal election rallies. I half expected this disaster like my fellow citizens. The scene was no better in Tamil Nadu.
  • In a controlled measure, the Indian economy was being opened up. I have attended weddings and parties too and flown to another city as well in this pandemic period but following complete covid safety protocol. But I gave the temple car festivals etc., a deliberate miss when thousands gathered throwing caution to winds. Why did our law enforcement allow this.
  • Who is really responsible for conducting of state assembly polls and ordering of Kumba mela in the first case. Was it the Election commission. On whose advice precisely.
  • BJP won their last Lok sabha elections easily on social media canvassing. What was the need for huge rallies now for assembly elections. Why could it not have been done via social media as it was done before.
  • Whoever is directly behind the current heartwrenching condition in the country, must harbour some accountability and responsibility and own up to the truth. This nightmarish situation could have been easily thwarted. We Indians were almost there before all hell broke lose – because of selfish manipulation by some political groups.
  • Families broken, lives lost, hopes dashed, livelihoods crushed… all for what? Is it just a collateral damage to some vested interests to score an election victory.
  • Corona does not discriminate dear Indian politicians. Just see the diamond capital of the world/India Surat. The chimney of the electric crematorium broke down when overloaded and overworked. Corona knows no geographical or religious boundaries. It has no age or social status or sex barriers.
  • Why was not the oxygen production boosted and hospital bed capacity increased after the first wave of covid. Why were life saving drugs superstocked. Why were exports allowed.

Finally guys, as I said, every dog has its day in the sun. Today happens to be your day.

Remember, India is one big nation, strong and proud. We are 1.3 billion. Whether UK or US just check your medical system. Over 30% of your medical staff are Indians by origin. Even NASA employs over 30% Indian scientists. We will spring back and will do good very shortly. We are super shock-absorbent as our history can reveal, and we are simply colossal for anything to jolt us – even if it means corona.

Whereas think of UK or Germany. Can get trounced in no time.

Every single nation in the world that is spewing venom on India and basking in our death and misery remember: one day you will be there too. Not that I wish for. If this can happen to a resilient India that can bounce back with an inherent strength, who can be spared.

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