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Humbled By The Humanitarian Help

India never accepted aid whether it was for Tsunami or for the Latur earthquake. One proud third world nation.

But now we have this humbling experience as world rushes aid to the country struck hard by the second wave of Covid 19.

When the US could take in help during their worst hurricane that tore up New Orleans, India need not have to feel guilty or shame when it comes to receiving help when it is really needed. There will always be a time to give back.

I read a Sadhguru quote that said, no nation in the world has endless supply of hospital beds or medicines or oxygen. Only what is normally required on average is stocked up in whichever part of the world as we know.

India could have boosted oxygen production but overconfidence in dealing successfully with the first wave lowered our guards. We did not understand the pandemic in its totally or severity. What a cost of learning!

One billion nation, we were donating/exporting corona vaccines as well without reserving everything for ourselves.

India has flown food and medicines to every other part of the world as aid when hit by natural disasters or war. Not to leave out the Indian Peace Keeping Forces for troubled parts of the world. It is okay to accept help my dear fellow countrymen in present times. India needs no economic aid. Only oxygen cylinders even if oxygen production is wholly boosted in last few day locally.

It is all a give and take. World is responding because world remembers what we have done for them in the past. Just before the double mutant took us by shocking surprise and speed, we had flown batches of corona vaccines made in India to Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada etc., on humanitarian consideration. Our good work speaks for us. India is cashing in on goodwill earnt. When the world wants to lend a helping hand, let us take it dear Indians.

It does hurt me though terribly that we are humbled today to receive this help in this crises. How many aids India threw out.

India is grateful for this timely help. Grateful to our second home Qatar. Your help will never be forgotten. Grateful to France. Russia.

Humbled and most grateful, is all I can say. Thank you world community. Very much appreciate this kind gesture. The favour will be returned with thanks at a later date.

Nobody is infallible, invincible and nobody is indispensable. Nobody is too insignificant or petty either. Siru thurumbum pal kutha udavum as they say.

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