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rich man’s trash is poor man’s treasure.

Meditate on this. Marinate the words at the bottom of your heart to defreeze and thaw and later consume with loads of thought and consideration. Think ‘Slumdog Millionaire.’ Think ‘Sillu Karuppatti.’ Think scores of, thousands and thousands of ragpicker kids …

Netflix documentary featuring Bangladesh ragpicking little boys and girls ‘Children in Need’ (parts 1 & 2) (Tales by Light) may be the latest to expose to the world the disturbing reality humanity tries to shrug off and move on. Filmed for UNICEF by Simon Lister with goodwill ambassador Orlando Bloom, scouting the inhospitable terrain with clogged drains and damp slithery surface, this is one episode that moved me to the core. Childhood snatched from a vulnerable age, with innocence lost and exposed to hazardous chemicals and drugs, how the children endure their harsh lives with a smile on their lips as only kids can, is heart-tugging. The title for this post is picked from the series.

Whether it is this Dhaka story or the Tamil flick by Samudrakani, they had onething in common for us to dwell upon: rich people’s trash becomes poor folks’ treasure, how sad. Even a gaudy little trinket with its lacklustre can gain the attention of a skimpily clothed urchin, combing his/her way through the debris. For the brat, this is like a trophy to cherish. The smart ones among them know what to look for: recyclable toxic stuff. Handling the rubbish with bare ungloved hands, the children are unaware what they are up against. This is why perhaps we the consumerist society have to exercise caution as responsible citizens and dispose wastes with care, with due consideration to the young ragpickers. Invariably underage kids from poverty stricken families end up near the garbage mounds looking for a livelihood for subsistence. The pain of having tender hands sifting through rotten garbage and medical refuses sans safety aprons or boots is highly unsettling. When the school is skipped, we already have a community problem brewing in our hands. Unemployment and crimes are only the following inevitable steps.

We have a massive dumping yard near Velachery in Chennai. In all probability, the wetlands of the area have been taken over for the complex civic responsibility of waste disposal. Only solace is that, my hometown seems to have better organized dumping grounds than the ones in Bangladeshi capital. Of course, there is a difference between a filmy angle and a documentary exposing acid truths.

The Pallikkaranai Velachery marshland is now transformed into an alarming size garbage dump for the metropolitan city. This is no more a single waste disposal problem for the twenty million strong denizens of Chennai. Now we have an environmental issue to tackle. The wastes dumping is driving out the winged visitors including exotic species that had made it a sanctuary for centuries for their breeding season. The Velachery lake is shrinking, and the ground water has to get toxic progressively.

Is there a better way we can handle this mega socio-economic issue. I wonder what my successive state governments have been doing. Sleeping over the matter?

  • Is it possible to move the Perungudi and Pallikkaranai/Velachery dumping yards to somewhere not closer to any waterbody or residential colony.
  • Details of landfills allocated in the city for the purpose.
  • Landfills identified for future use. Long term planning and management of waste disposals.
  • How about restoring the Pallikkaranai marshlands and the Velachery lake to former pristine conditions.
  • Can ragpicking kids be kept out of the garbage sites. Strict vigil mandatory. How can illegal child labour function within government controlled areas.
  • Rehabilitation programs for kids rescued from garbage dumps including schooling and vocational training.
  • There must be a mechanism in place to sort the toxic wastes that are not recyclable from the organic piles. Apparently the non-decomposable are dumped into landfills earmarked for the purpose. How functional is the working system.
  • Is the incineration of bio medical wastes prompt.
  • Is bio mining undertaken in Chennai dumping yards
  • Waste management is a science. It ensures air quality for city residents.
  • Data on energy sourced from the wastes by our state government.
  • Is there any designated power plant.
  • Stats for revenue inflow from garbage dumping yards.
  • Ruled out in scope from this blog post: sewerage treatment

It brings to my memory a little boy under ten years who used to come to our house every week for collecting plastics and bottles and newspapers when I was in school. Not much of plastics then. In fact none at all. Even Aavin milk was delivered in bottles. Anyone opened the aluminium foil top to lick the butter as I did? The ragpicker boy’s skin used to be duskiest with a shade of gleaming blue but he used to have such sharp features. My grandma never took money from him. My dearest old lady. I am talking of a time in late 70s and early 80s. One week instead of this boy with sparkling eyes, a very old woman draped in dirty torn cotton sari and blouseless, came for collection of disposables from us. When we asked her about the boy she said, he was her grandson and that he had died from a snake bite a few days earlier, but life had to go on. There was no time to mourn. The woman kept coming back for years. Never did we take a single paisa from her in exchange but all our neighbours did robust business with her. She went door to door with her jute sack one day of the week. May be it was wednesday I am not sure. She must have been over eighty then. I am suddenly reminded of this poorest family. The boy had no parents. The grandmother was his sole custodian. With the boy gone and forced to work, the oldie used to halt in my house steps for good length of time for water and rest. I think my granny who lost my mom, her daughter, found some kinship with her on some basis. Never did the old woman and grandson collect garbage from bins. They had personalized it long back. I didn’t know how the boy carried loose change but the old woman carried it in her ‘surukku pai.’ She paid for the old newspapers and bottles by weight, the weighing scales for which which she carried on her head.

Even now we have waste collectors in the city doing rounds in our streets. But they can’t get slicker. Use a mic to announce to you their presence. Pedal around in a ‘meenbody’ tricycle. They must be making decent living by the look of them. It is however from my grandma I learnt never to make money from wastes. Or barter or bargain with streetside vendors or small sellers. My househelp periodically clears my extras. I have never so far asked her how she disposes them. Or for what rate. A headache is off for me. This is mutually beneficial. Keeps my house clean of unwanted junk.

It is only the organic wastes mostly that I throw away in garbage bins. Using liners in the waste bins that are organic and decomposable as well. Very conscious of what I dispose. Some friends do make compost with waste. As I shuttle between two cities mostly, I have no fixed plan for organic disposal as such.

Indians still do not distinguish between organic wastes and toxic wastes. My toxic wastes are lumped in a box to be disposed every week, as I said, by my househelp. Recyclable are separated.

There are small merchants I believe in some streets where they take non-disposable toxic wastes such as computer monitor, old tvs etc although I cannot understand their motive.

Vendors in India do minimize the waste issues to a considerable level in my opinion. At micro stage, it is taken care of. India could be a leading country when it comes to recycling the old and used toxic plastics. Glaring example is exchange of old saris for recycled plastic buckets from streetside hawkers! Most housewives in India indulge in this luxury!

It is only the material that sifts out of vendor hands that ends up in garbage yards.

Chennai corporation has privatized sanitary works in the city. Garbage collection and disposal are far better in last ten years or so.

Swachch Bharat was a roaring success until Covid struck. Now garbage is getting heaped in our streets once again.

It is not the case with India alone. By and large most of Asia is like us. We do not treat our wastes the way they must be.

Thankfully many of us back home are moving to organic decomposable carry bags and reusable cutlery and cookware and serving sets once again. This can make a world of difference to Mother Earth, how much ever small step that could be.

Pest control too is organic these days. My request to everyone to go for such a pack, in case you opt for the treatment at your place.

When I see little boys and girls on barefoot climbing over mounds of garbage in dumping yards even in reels, I wish this comes to an end soon. The precious kids may be the only breadwinners for their families at times, yet this cannot just be the way. It has to be stopped forthwith. I am shocked that the human rights activists have not done anything in their capacity to better their plight or remove these little hands from handling piles of toxic rubbish. Is there no controlling authority at all out there. What happens to child labour laws. No scribe going for cover story. No tv crew to film headlines or breaking news. No minister to visit and tweet later at least for publicity stunt…


I once gave my used laptop (three years old) to someone who needed it. I was surprised to learn that last year, over five years since I gave it up, it is still working but has to be plugged in always as battery has died. The power of giving your bit to the needy. This small snippet of news really warmed my heart. What we so carelessly dispose off is such a cherished treasure to so many, many. Now all our laptops we service, restore and give someone who may need them after deleting data completely.

Mobile phones with lithium batteries etc., need not have to be disposed off. How many phones after all would we own in a lifetime. I think our back lockers or our wardrobes can still hold a cache of them. Until humanity devises a methodology to dispose off them in a nontoxic manner or finds a way to recycle them, let us safekeep our used phones, laptops etc without tossing them out to fill one more landfill.

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Pakistan’s Frustration

Many (meaning Paki Bangla Indian muslims) question the exclusion of Muslim immigrants from the recently passed Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) , 2019 in India.

Tejasvi Surya reflected best, what every Hindu in India already knew at heart.

Pakistan and Bangladesh were created exclusively for the muslims of the Indian subcontinent. Both today exist and function as theocratic Islamic republics. Ahmedias and Shias constitute a good percentage of these islamic nations. Note, these are muslims not non-muslims. As of 1947, they were muslims with a vengeful hatred for anything Hindu. If they are suffering persecution in their respective countries today that they helped form, it is still owing to sectarian violence not religious. These same Ahmedias and Shias were in the forefront of the struggle for founding of Pakistan. Pakistan was created as a synthetic state in 1947 IN THE NAME OF ISLAM thanks to their ceaseless efforts. Then how come today, some of these muslims are vying for Indian citizenship. You create an islamic republic. You live there for 70+ years. Now India has to accept you and award you Indian citizenship just because we are secular and democratic, is it.

Only Jews sought asylum in the aftermath of Nazism in the World war II, never heard of German Christians seeking refuge anywhere. Persecuted followers of Dharmic faiths the Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs along with Parsis and Christians therefore have a moral and ethical right to seek Indian citizenship (from the three islamic nations Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan). NO MUSLIM FROM PAKISTAN/BANGLADESH/AFGHANISTAN HOLDS LOCUS STANDI when it comes to seeking Indian citizenship which is the most basic, underlying fact.

Not even Nepali Hindus and Sri Lankan Hindus or Buddhists from elsewhere are extended this concession of fast tracking of Indian citizenship application that the CAA facilitates. Global Hindus have every right to seek Indian citizenship given, India is the only Hindu majority nation in the world next to Nepal. India may be constitutionally secular and democratic but our soul is Hindu. Not even the Pakistanis can deny this. Like Israel is there for the Jews all over the world, India holds the dharmic responsibility for global Hindus and Buddhists and Sikhs as the origins of these Dharmic folds lie in India. No room for more expansion of ‘desert cult’ in India therefore than the bare minimum necessary.

So what frustrates Pakistanis today. Why are these guys so wrought about what is happening in India these days.

  1. Removal of Article 370 integrating Kashmir with India is a pain in the ass for entire Pakistan. It has shaken them to the core. The dare devil move of India was something that took Pakistanis by surprise and shock. Kashmir is now Sour Grapes story for them.
  2. Shame from Balakot. Cannot even lick the wound in public.
  3. Success of Ayodhya verdict. The peace that followed unsettled Pakistanis who rambled in the media of the injustice even as no Indian muslim heeded to their cries of war
  4. Mother of all: The glorious return of BJP to power at the center. Not another word until 2024
  5. Collapsing Pakistan Economy. Time running out for Pakistan as noose is tightening from all sides
  6. Rising debts with China that will soon not be serviceable and Pakistan’s default is inevitable and irreversible.
  7. Swathes of Pakistan territory to go to China starting with Gwadar for non servicing of Chinese loans

In contrast, just check how much of Pakistan coverage is Indian media alloting. What is Pakistan’s problem when Bangladesh has issued official statement offering to take back their illegal immigrants from India.

In the light of these facts, hopefully the nonsense from Indian muslims and Pakistan will stop.

Let the media that fans violence with biased views and news coverage try answering these questions:

  1. How many Hindus from India have sought refuge in Pakistan since 1947. Also in Bangladesh.
  2. Most importantly, HOW MANY INDIAN MUSLIMS WANT TO MIGRATE TO PAKISTAN. How many have migrated since 1947.
  3. How many Indian muslims have migrated to Bangladesh since 1971.
  4. How many Kashmiri Muslims want to forego Indian citizenship for Pakistan citizenship. How many are for migrating for good to Pakistan with doors closed from Indian side. Now that the Kashmiri muslims can no more have dual citizenship, let them choose. And if they are to choose the green passport over the blue, none can get more happier than a Hindu.
  5. Why have not No.2 and No.3 or even No.4 happened in reality.
  6. Compare No.1 + No.2 + No.3 with Number of Hindu/Sikh/Jain/Buddhist/Parsis seeking citizenship in India from these three islamic nations Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. As for N.o.4, Kashmiri Hindu Pundits hold record for their status of being Internally Displaced Refugees within India, driven out of their homes by Kashmiri terrorist muslims. Kashmir ethnic cleansed.
  7. Any street or district or state in India or in our neighbourhood where the muslims have been ethnic cleansed similarly by Hindus.
  8. How many cases of forced abduction, rape and conversion of Hindu girls to Islam in Pakistan. How many muslim girls have faced such a situation in India at the hands of Hindus. On the contrary, there is the ‘Love Jehad’ where Indian muslim men target Hindu girls, trap them and convert and marry. Let us ask for statistics for all these actual scenarios.

Shame on Indian muslims and Indian media and Pakistan media and Pakistan muslims and Pakistan PM.

If Pakistan is such a heaven, why has not a single Indian muslim offered to migrate to Pakistan. If India is that very unsafe for (Indian) muslims, why are the Indian muslims here. Why have you not at least sought asylum in Pakistan by now. You have had 70+ years to know the difference.

Constitutional Amendment is India’s internal issue. Neither America nor Russia can have even a word on our internal matters. To hell with BBC and CNN. Who cares.

It is not that Pakistanis cannot decipher facts. It is just that their frustration is building up like a pressure cooker about to burst any day India is a quick release. Escapism.


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Indian Muslims & Bangladesh Illegal Muslim Immigrants Torch India, Media & Opposition Mum

How a supposedly minority community holds the majority to ransom; emotionally blackmails the majority; goes beserk with violence destroying public property; bombs mother country, wars with the majority abducting, raping, converting daughters of others; yet cries foul when pointed out.

Only one community in the world dares to murder, pillage, engage in arson and loot and even rape in the name of their God, you know who. This is programmed in their gene. Thanks to inbreeding for generations.

These are the violent arsonists engaged in setting fire to everything in India today. The progeny of the yesteryear Taliban aka Mugals. Their mad streak could be inherited from anyone from Turk to Persian to Mongol to Arab. None of them knows which gene went where. They are all from the harems of the rabid Sultans, invaders and marauders who built their empire bleeding natives, razing temples and plundering kingdoms. Not a single day’s hard work in their bloody history. What more can you expect from our bhais then.

Right now India is burning. Because muslims are setting fire to anything and everything in sight. There is every possibility of this being orchestrated from Pakistan. Clearly ISI hand in this. Anti-Hindu and anti-India and anti-Modi news propagated by Pakistan media (journalists) who have sold their soul to their terror spy organization bankrolled solely to spit venom against India. Our Indian bhais haven’t an iota of loyalty in their blood and gene either – not surprisingly. Biting the hand that feeds is their religious rite.

Reason for arson: Because India stood up to its stance and refused to legalize the illegal Bangladeshi muslim immigrants, some tens of thousands of them. Once muslims enter India illegally, they start outbreeding us native Hindus in every village, town and district. Our local Indian muslims are already reproducing like rats and rabbits. Then how to feed your family or educate your children. Join terror groups and receive handouts.

Ajmal Kasab the Pakistani who was hanged for Mumbai 26/11 terror attacks in India confessed to this wonderful truth.

The smugglers, the terrorists, the dope dealers, the pimps, the mafia, the gangsters with terror connections: all these are 99% muslims in India. Of course they are funded by our neighbours like Pakistan and some Arab countries to instill fear and stoke violence and unrest in India. These are the same groups who are also ‘hawala traders’ pumping terror funds into India.

India is unfinished agenda not only for the Christian cultural mafia from Vatican. India is also an unfinished business for muslims who want to realize their ‘Ghazwa Hind’ – of establishing caliphate in the Hindu majority India.

The shocking insensitivity of our media funded and owned by foreigners is appalling. Why can’t the same CNN IBN or NDTV that is very close and dear to Pakistan ask Pakistan to take in the Bangladeshis and Rohingyas. Where were you when Syrians crossed over to Europe because the Gulf states shut their door on their faces. Will these guys run stories on abduction, rape and forceful conversion of Hindu girls in Pakistan.

Rahul Gandhi and the opposition Congress are siding with terrorists. Why should Sonia and Rahul bother. After all they are Italians. Non Indians and Non Hindus who have nothing to do with us.

Pakistan was created to give muslims a separate nation. Bangladesh also exists today for the same purpose. There is no reason for India to tolerate the muslim atrocity that is increasing day by day , threatening our national security. India must have been declared a Hindu nation in 1947. Better late, than never. We can still do it gradually. We will have our Hindu Rashtra, the world’s largest, one day in future.