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Temple Tanks: the best Rainwater Harvest Systems of Chennai

Starting my first post on an auspicious note: with Temple Tanks of Chennai and that of a few famous towns and cities close by.

Temple Tanks are our unsung heroes – the lifeline of the otherwise concrete jungles that our metros have turned into; they are our cities’ very lungs. A brimming temple tank means, water-table is high in adjoining areas. A dry temple tank has a direct adverse effect in our neighbourhood with the water-table receding accordingly sometimes to as deep as 70-80 feet in peak summers when monsoons fail for continuous years… The catchment areas to these temple tanks have since been taken over for development which is a chief concern. Entirely rain-dependent today, it is therefore imperative that these tanks are weeded out for undergrowth and bushes when they run completely dry. Upkeeping the temple tanks is in the larger interests of the society. Earlier meant for ablutions to be carried out by devotees before entering Hindu temples, today the temple tanks serve to be those few rare breathing spaces that have won out against indiscriminate urbanization.

Please feel free to notify  me of more temple tanks. Will be a pleasure to add them up here. Temple Tanks: Best Rain Harvest System of Chennai. Simplest means to recharge our fast-depleting ground resources.

2 thoughts on “Temple Tanks: the best Rainwater Harvest Systems of Chennai

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