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Who killed Subhasri.

Extremely saddened :

The bubbly young techie who was riding a two wheeler lost her balance and came under a passing tanker, crushed to death (was she wearing a helmet – what a dumb question to ask). Reason: An illegal (political party) hoarding (flex banner) fell on her throwing her off her Scooty. All my weekend enthusiasm seems to have deflated in a single stroke. The irresponsibility and callousness of those in authority is shocking. No word for the angel’s grieving parents. She happened to be my husband’s friend’s kid’s college mate and best friend. A very bright, cheerful kid full of life, reportedly: donning many hats: Software engineer working in the city’s IT corridor, Zumba trainer, linguist and a few more. It is at times like these I completely lose faith in God. Whoever’s kid is that… how can life go on after this… Her parents’ only child…

Lost my appetite totally. 23. Like my daughter. Her parents must be like us…

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Rs 60,00,000 Crore Thorium Scam In Congress-led UPA Regime

Dates back to UPA govt. Ironically a continuing saga till today.

I have received Whatsapp forwards on this to no avail. No political debate on any tv news channel. Silence from Arnab Goswami. I am blank here. No knowledge. Hoping for Republic tv to pick it up sooner or later.

Awaiting more information and investigation on this. No word from even Dr Subramanyam Swami???

Very painful watching this knowing (or rather learning) what is going on in India and how the nation is losing heavily while the common man is fleeced mercilessly. As I do not know much about this scandal, I rest my case. My only counter is a fervent prayer to set right things that are gone awfully wrong.