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Where Not A Single Naya Paisa Is Of Use.

I don’t want to dwell into morality, legality and ethics concerning PC, our ex finance minister now rotting behind the bars. Do not want to mix politics.

Just wondered how more useless all the wealthy hoardings of P Chidambaram and his son Karthi Chidambaram could get than this, when none of these managed to get the 74 year old senior citizen out of his Tihar cell that reportedly includes an unpartitioned (unscreened) squating toilet facility. Food is stated to be standard prison issue. No air-conditioner.

Is this what these guys worked so hard for … and then some… (!)

Kaliyug, where and when not even your Karma would wait to catch up with you in your next janam. Instant Karma means instance justice. Fast trial.

Time for reflection for the septuagenarian ex minister as well as his son who is in his prime. The family can only watch in agony.

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