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Kejriwal Denied Chance Of Gifting Sewing Machine To Hyderabad Muslim Rapist

Hyderabad Police shot to death this morning the four rapists and murderers of a young veterinary doctor Priyanka Reddy, in an encounter at the same spot where the 26 year old was raped and murdered by her assailants. Priyanka was on her way back home from the clinic where she worked, unaware that her scooter was deliberately punctured by her would be-rapist-murderers, who pre-meditated and executed the blood chillingly gruesome crime that shook the nation. My blood boils even now. Unimaginably brutal. Not even the death of the rapists can give me peace. Too easy a way out for them. I would have liked the monsters to be castrated live without sedation in full public view. Hung from a pole as they bled to death. Swift justice done however, unlike in the case of Nirbhaya of Delhi where her rapist-murderers are yet to be handed over a death sentence. I am not ruling out clemency.

And thus was lost a great opportunity for the Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, to gift a sewing machine to the muslim rapist as he did with the Delhi accused.

Muslim and christian criminals in India gain the sympathy of social activists who try to colour every crime they commit with communal hues. Their minority religious boards are up in arms in no time defending them. The worst perpetrator of the Nirbhaya rape-murder crime in Delhi exactly seven years ago was a juvenile muslim man who was short of 18 years by months only. He is now a free bird thanks to our inefficient courts and those like the irresponsible Kejriwal, lost and untraceable in the crowd. Unpunished and let out scot-free.

It is shocking that the Indian judicial system thinks a juvenile can be let off the hook when he/she commits a heinous crime but never questions or ponders how the criminal was old enough to rape and/or murder even as a minor. These criminals are supposedly ‘rehabilitated’ thanks to our misinformed activists and given a new identity, with no consideration to the dangers they pose to the society. Worst is, the muslim and christian criminals being given Hindu names to protect their identities!

Rape of young girls in orphanages run by christian missionaries is a global misfortune not limited to India.

Let me make it clear, a rapist is a rapist whether he is Hindu or Muslim or Christian. Unpardonable and deserves death irrespective of his age or religion.

Not only is Love Jehad a reality in India, even Rape Jehad is. A sample of the devious Indian christian and muslim minds:


God save the Hindu Girls! Our Politicians are not with us and label the encounter ‘judicial killings’ (CPI M’s Seetharam Yechury). Our government (Kejriwal) rewards rapists and encourages murderers and criminals. Our social activists and media who must stand with us and fight for us are more concerned about human rights and dignity of rapists and daylight murderers. Our policemen are unreliable and corrupt. Thank God, I am no more a teen and I don’t have a daughter. Otherwise I will have to stay awake 24 hours worrying for her safety and security.

What the Moguls and the British failed to complete, Indian Muslims and Indian Christians may complete some day. Mercifully and hopefully, I won’t be around to witness the death of Dharma. When Dharma dies, world will die with Dharma.


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