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The Trail Of Terror

I like and believe (in)this man. RVS Mani. India is in dire need of real life heroes like Shri Mani. Hats off to you sir, for your selfless service that can endanger your very life.

On Pak pumping fake currency into India: this is awful. equally worse as terror. trying to derail the Indian national economy:

I have always wondered how if it wasn’t for Kasab, the Mumbai terror attack 26/11 could have been pinned on India and Hindus. With some local helping ofcourse even if the mastermind remained across the border. Perhaps Allah saved Kasab to tell the true story to the world. This is nothing but Karma.

I would like to add a point to the second video. Not only in Kerala, please Mr. Mani make a video on mind-boggling real estate amassing in ECR (East coast road) in Chennai by a specific community in last two decades, as well. An unusual international ‘religious’ conference was held here some years back that raised many eyebrows. Green flags flew from every pole for miles. Most of this stretch is unaffordable for those with hard earned white money. The role of hawala/black money here seems alarming. A thorough investigation required.

Koodamkulam protest was funded by foreign NGOs (one biriyani packet and one hundred rupees for every protester per day) and even recently the Sterlite Industry in Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu had to close down because of the church’s direct involvement in the protests and funding from christian missionaries. Nuns in their frocks were seen holding placards and provoking mobs. This is public knowledge. Once industries close, in despair the masses may be driven in to the open arms of the rice bag conversion missionaries in the state. Keeping the state backward and impoverished works best for the church. Classic method for conversion. No doubt the CAA protests were similarly funded from overseas.

Role of Christian missionaries in Sterlite protests

Interestingly, it was the then PM Dr Manmohan Singh who was concerned of foreign NGO funding against the Kudankulam plant.

Every Indian citizen must watch these videos to learn the truth. Without prejudice, this honest man deserves an impartial hearing.

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