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Hindu Temple Vandalized/Destroyed In Pakistan. Dear bhais, why can’t you speak up now?

Hindu temple vandalized and destroyed just day before yesterday in Pakistan. No national news coverage.

No coverage in NDTV BBC (known for their anti-Hindu stance) (PM Modi kick BBC out of India NOW). NO coverage in Middle East.

No word from our Indian minorities. Indian muslims MUM on this strangely. Why should they open their mouth anyway. Did they ever condemn terrorism openly? Never. This silence of theirs is sickening! How many Pakis condemned the attack. Will the guilty be punished.

Shame on you playboy Imran Khan! Even your children seem to be oozing with hatred and venom.

Not even Modi’s India is giving a thought to the plight of Pak hindus. They seem to have been left to their worst fates.

No substantial news coverage in Pak. Especially Paki journalists have been maintaining a stoic silence. . The cowards could not even bring themselves to name the victims. Stopping short of mentioning the word ‘Hindu’ they clung to their ‘minority’ summation as usual. Not surprising coming from the hypocrites who reduce Hindustani music to Eastern music claiming and usurping the Hindu music for their religious purposes at the same time.

Our Indian leftist-communist secular BROTHERS suffering from worst bout of selective amnesia from yesterday. They will recover when there is anti-Hindu news to post from India shortly.

Imagine such a thing happening to ‘their’ place of worship in Hindu majority India. Nothing short of bombs will be following up in market places and railway stations.

So heartbreaking to see this video. When I see the sacrilege of the Murthis I am reminded of this adage in Thamizh, ‘Manidhan andru kollum, deivam nindru kollum.’ It means, man avenges the same day but God waits for the right time.

Sad and traumatized Hindu community of Pakistan: God save these peaceful and the only decent people of the terrorist nation. Living in fear 365 days an year, waiting for their daughters to be kidnapped, raped and converted, what these Paki Hindus are going through is something the whole world must pay attention to. It is time India absorbs them all.

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