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Commercializing Violence On Women In Soaps

I have done blog posts on physical violence on women and I have been harsh on Indian cinema for including scenes of sexual violence on women in their content.

Now I am watching Spanish soaps in Netflix in which I find the same scenario which is shocking. To tell the truth, the serials tell a good story. They are period pieces done with a very fine taste otherwise. A treat to watch really. I got to see ‘the Cook of Castamar’ and ‘ the Cathedral by the sea’ both of which were interesting, but still had violent scenes on women shot with nitty gritty details. Now I am watching ‘the High seas’ which also already has had a violent episode on women.

Until now I thought it was our Indian film industry that resorted to such cheap gimmicks to cash in on sensationalizing crime scenes. Looks like, this is international formula now. Disgusted. Even if the script warrantees, I guess the script writer and director can still work their way around such a distasteful scene and avoid it at all costs. It can’t be impossible for creative people to circumvent frames that can leave women fuming and cringing. No, you don’t even have to leave a hint. I wonder what these folks can gain from including gory scenes of violence on women in their productions.

There obviously is no censorship which must help? Assaulting women is one thing, trying to pass off crimes on women normalizing them with films, soaps etc., is another. It is almost as if this can be routine and may be acceptable. This is what the rape scenes in pictures did to the illiterate masses in India. Everyone out there seems to be for a quick buck. If we cannot help a cause, at least let us not try to deteriorate the situation. Women are still vulnerable whichever part of the world we may be, how much ever we may be accomplished. Casual inclusion of violence on women, sexual assault on women and physical abuse of women need to be done with in our flicks. No, this cannot be for public consumption.

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