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reading e-book from the desktop kindle.

I have a dozen fine print books waiting to be read, both fiction and nonfiction. I have Kindle that I read from during my travels. Kindle also serves as my bedtime read on and off. Yet the strain to my eyes from reading is giving me headache that I was looking for an alternative mode of reading all the time. I developed dark undereye circles that won’t go away thanks to my poor reading habits. My neck pain was also proving to be troublesome. That is when I switched to Amazon kindle on my desktop with the e-books downloaded, delivered right to my laptop when i ordered my reads from Amazon India. Not that I am a voracious reader. I do very light reading that would not hurt my peace of mind. Now with the Kindle app, I am able to enlarge the font size, choose a grey background that will be soothing to my eyes saving me from the harsh monitor glare, and more than all my neck is comfortable as my posture is erect with me reading seated in my swivel chair. I take a number of days to finish any book, which means whatever I read stays with me afresh for an extended period of time, compared to those readings that I would complete in a day or two. I don’t need a book mark. Like in regular kindle, its easy to catch up from where I left everytime I open the desktop kindle app. My other books are also there stacked conveniently in the library just like in my handy kindle. And I know I can carry my library to my new laptop anytime: all I have to do is to log on in to my Amazon account. Right now I am exploring if I can link my regular kindle with my desktop kindle. I shall update on the feasibility shortly. Now I am way too relaxed, read at my ease and there is so much pleasure in reading. I don’t deny that nothing can bring about the charm of the old time reading from sepia tinted library books – but as I age, I am looking for ideas to improve and keep up my reading habit that’s all. I am forever looking for book recommendations from geniuses. There is a galaxy of books to choose from, online but I am lost here. I go by the generic bestseller lists. Anyways, happy reading! Some of us may already be into this reading mode. However, I am not for audio books although I have tried them with Tamil books some time back. More than the end, the means matter to some of us. It is not always the destination that is important, it is all about the journey isn’t it. STRONGLY RECOMMENDED FOR SERIOUS READERS. Other benefits include going green, paperless and the ease of carrying the whole lot of your library with you wherever you go…

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