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Mood changer: Some fatfriend songs :D

Fat people or nice. They have no ‘vanjam’ in their heart. They eat to their heart’s content doing justice to their taste buds and appetite. Mostly people who are obese are sweet and without malice. I have some songs on this subject.

My first fave is ‘kathirikka kathirikka gundu kathirikka, endha kadaiyila nee arisi vaangura? ‘ ((hey) eggplant eggplant motu eggplant! in which shop do you buy rice??’

Luv this one from the 70s ‘nitham nitham nellu soru’ (daily daily grain (of) rice). This is my top karaoke favourite.

From an old type kitchen from the ’80s:

Personal favourite: Am I the salt or sugar in your kitchen. Am I the eyes or the book in your reading room.

Finally the legend from the ’50s from ‘Maya bazar’ (a story from Mahabharat). Kadodhgaja, son of Bheem is a very popular Hindu epic hero for his insatiable appetite. Its Hollywood inspired although I am not familiar with the original. Originally a b&w picture now colour.

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