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Something so subtle and gentle

Something like the peacock feather

Light and faint

Something that stiffens the bristles of hair in your arms.

Something quiet and laidback

Something deep and calming

Something lightheaded

Something that leaves you dazed.

Something quaint

Something musky

Something that takes your breath away.

Something sensuous.

Something vague,

Something indefinite,

Something ethereal

Something ephermal.

Something ancient,

Something contemporary

Something classy

Something timeless.

Something nonlinear

Something noncomforming

Something immense

Something without contours.

Something that tickles,

Something that rains butterfly kisses,

Something moody,

Something that can be hot and cold at the same time.

Something graceful

Something atypical

Something rare,

Something different

Something aesthetic

Something artsy

Something intrinsic

Something hearty.

Something like dark chocolate.

Something like morning coffee

Something that’s a fantasy

Something that’s a dream.

Something that’s a fairy tale.

Something that’s an epic.

Something that is legend,

Something that is substance.

Something like the well worn sweater,

Something like the dog-eared leather bound volume,

Something like the familiar comforter,

Something that’s your hiking boots.

Something in the shadows.

Something lingering

Something like the wisps of the wind

Something like the chill of the winter.

Something like the mellow sunlight

Something like the clear sky

Something like the balmy noon.

Something that whiffs like the morning mist

Something soothing like the hanging moon

Something tranquil like the stillness of the night

Something dark.

Something like the lengthening silence.

Something like the fathoms of the ocean,

Something like the monsoons,

Something like the dense woods

Something elemental.

Something tangy

Something like the taut wire

Something metallic

Something smooth and hard like the marble.

Something like the autumn leaf

Something like the haunting melody.

Something off the beaten track.

Something like the evening walk.

Something intense,

Something passionate,

Something precious,

Something harmonious.

Something brooding with heaviness

Something whispering nothingness in your ears

Something that never spells

Something laden with meaning.

Something that’s an escape.

Something that’s a holiday.

Something that’s a trek.

Something that’s adventure.

The sepia tinted old photo album.

The remembered fragrance.

Spice wafting from the kitchen,

Something you come home to.

Something mystery,

Something mystical,

Something poetic,

Something like a myth?

Something emotional

Something sensitive

Something profound

Something that’s a gift.

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