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Lotus Blooms!

Unabashedly Hindu. Unapologetic about Dharma. Hindu Rashtra is not only our dream and breath, it is our vision.

As Shri Narendra Modi is all set to return as our Prime Minister for a second term, a housewife’s take on the BJP led NDA’s historic Lok Sabha landslide since India’s independence:

  • Good governance and effective administration cutting red tape
  • Stability, sense of security for citizens
  • LPG subsidy : direct credit to the poor
  • Opening of Zero balance bank account for every citizen in the nation bringing rural India into banking network
  • Demonetization. The poorest were happiest at this. Media falsely reported that it was hardship to the poor. But I interact with housemaids, autowalahs, fruits sellers etc directly. They were happy to stand in queues to see that the rich were made to pay through their nose. A Kerala christian friend said, until demonetization happened, the richest NRI families in Kochi etc., used to bulk buy meat and fish raising prices for the lower middle class. After demonetization, more food in the poor man’s plate. Demonetization was a very unpopular and risky move as per critics. Modi took this calculated risk.
  • Linking of Aadhar with PAN number, LIC policies, immovable properties, bank accounts, passports eliminating corruption and regularizing the economy. Formalization/Regularization of Indian economy finally started happening that was long overdue. It is a very tough move but necessary one and healthy one in the long run. This has weeded out duplication of PAN (Permanent ID for filing tax returns) and blocked channels of corruption. It gets that much tougher to hoard black money these days. The essential streamlining of India’s financial sector and tax revenue system has been pending for decades without implementation.
  • GST was similarly demonized. It was one sweeping economic reform, again long overdue. As someone who has crossed the Tamil Nadu-Andhra border dozen times or more all my life, i bear witness to how the long queues of trucks and other heavy vehicles since ceased to be a common sight at state borders with GST implementation. Precious fuel and man hours saved. Now we have seamless transport within India. This is such a big, big move. Opposition can be constructively critical but not to the extent of damaging. GST is one of the best things to happen to Indian economy. Once the teething problems subside, it will go a long way in simplifying the entire revenue structure for India.
  • IT exemption limits have been raised. May not be sufficient or to desired level but puts more money into common man’s pockets. Especially the lower middle class.
  • Health insurance for manual labourers. Health cover upto 5 lac rupees for manual labourers
  • Life insurance cover for manual labourers
  • Rural electrification 100% almost. Covered all villages left out of the loop and far flung areas. Maximum coverage of not only electricity but also broadband
  • Metro rail (underground and surface) in all metros and tier 2 cities
  • Cheapest and fastest Mobile network and broadband connecting India.
  • Highways and secondary roads and rural roads
  • Bringing Sanitation to rural India. It is a big, big feat. Awareness creation and bringing it to the poorest of the country. Free of cost. Free toilets for rural homes.
  • Swachch Bharat. I am seeing remarkable cleaning of our roads and airports and railway stations in midnight hours. India is home to 1.3 billion. It is not easy to run things. But things are definitely improving.
  • India now belongs in the elusive ‘Elite Space Club‘ and under Modi we are well defended with anti-satellite missile strike capability which in indigenous.
  • As someone rooting for fitness, Modi’s Yoga impresses me as well. Yoga is soft power. Modi just reclaimed it for India smartly and branded it Indian bringing in global awareness.
  • A global leader in Shri Narendra Modi ji who is head and shoulders above the rest. His Statesmanship is phenomenal. He is an equal with Trump or Putin. Never on the weaker side. You cannot bargain with Modi. Modi dictates terms. You respect Modi and India and take respect from Modi and India.
  • Modi is friends with Saudi and UAE and Qatar all at the same time as he is friendly with Israel. Excellent Diplomatic skills. Conferred with highest honours by Saudi and UAE, To that extent, India’s bargaining power improves.
  • Dealing with China: Firm and decisive. China backed out of Doklam, Bhutan territory as India stared down at China. Something only India can do with China after the US. India threatened with boycotting Chinese products. China responded with voting against Masood Azhar in India’s favour, breaking out of the Pakistani jinx. Now Azhar is a designated global terrorist.
  • Kashmir & Pakistan: Modi will hopefully wring out the rest of Kashmir from Pakistan forever now and consolidate Kashmir with India for good. Next wrong move by Pakistan, they will not get up for a long time … or will be done once and for all. Kashmir will be on equal footing with rest of India very soon with article 370 cancelled. Long overdue. Only Modi can do this.
  • Deep sense of security in Indian masses like never before. We go to sleep in the confidence reposed in our leader that we are in good hands. Stocks did not nosedive overnight on Balakot. Responsible but firm and no-nonsense statesmanship
  • Blocking foreign funds/NGOs to Christian missionaries from America and Europe who were on relentless conversion spree of Hindus. Re-conversion to Mother religion is starting to happen. Will happen. Trend will be reversed hopefully.
  • ZERO TOLERANCE TOWARDS TERRORISM. Kicked out Zakir Naik. Hard and unapologetic about terrorists. National security concerns are top priority with NO COMPROMISE.
  • Muslim women voted for BJP because he abolished the Triple Talaq in India. Even some muslim fathers with daughters were touched by the move. Average muslim especially poor muslim extremely impressed with demonetization unlike what the media projected. Modi in fact, cut the Haj subsidy. I have christian friends too who did not utter a single word against demonetization. One worked for a bank and had to work day and night for 45 to 60 days without OT pay on account of demonetization. Contrary to what media reported, masses in India happily and willingly obliged. This i have posted earlier in my blog.
  • Sushma Swaraj, Manoj Parikkar (who is no more  unfortunately), Smriti Irani – won hearts. Arun Jaitley needs to be kicked out of BJP. Will Modi take note.
  • India’s rank and prestige rose at global level. Economically, Militarily, Socially the nation is on the move and for the better. Rupee is gaining and stock markets are on rebound.
  • Better deals for India for oil and gas. India negotiates better now under Modi.
  • Turnaround in North East India. This often neglected part of India started identifying more with rest of India thanks to Modi’s frequent visits there. Great projects rolled out in north east improving local economy. Consolidation of the 7-Sister states with India has never happened before Modi.
  • Mamta Banerjee with anti-national and pro-terrorist stand dug her own grave.
  • Indian masses view Congress as anti-national and desh drohi party who will finish off Hindus.
  • Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi will NEVER win hearts or be trusted. They are viewed as traitors and thieves. They are most corrupt. The Vadras need a serious investigation.
  • Modi government’s non corruption streak. So far the best. Must be maintained at all costs.
  • Modi’s personal character: flawless personal life of Modi is a big influence in the Indian voter’s mind. No material attachment. Selfless service to the nation. DYNAMIC! ASTUTE! SHARP! INTELLIGENT! CUNNING! CHANKYA REBORN IN SHORT! Born for serving Mother India. Born to serve Hindu Dharma. No blood relatives benefited from Modi’s rise. His brothers and sisters are shopkeepers and lower middle class barely making sustenance. No kith or kin in the limelight. Modi uses merely 2 or 3 rooms in his official residence, keeping the rest locked. His mother lives in village and walks everywhere. Modi fasts for Navarathri etc on liquid food. His daily food rations are poha, kichdi nothing more. He works 20 hours a day. Does Yoga and meditation. Has not taken a single day’s leave in his political work life/official capacity. Owns/possesses very little-least valued assets that are absolute necessity only. Extremely rare to come through such a human being especially wielding this kind of power. Shri Narendra Modiji is one in trillion. A star born with a purpose. The blessed son of Mother India who was sent to us with a divine purpose. Whether India or world will see anyone like him in future is doubtful… Rarest of rare breed.
  • Yogi Adithyanath: Painted as religious fanatic. In truth, great administrator that even the UPs muslims had to concede. Good management skills. Great handling of the Kumbh and cleaning up of the Ganga river and dirtiest holy cities of ours that were left untouched by the Congress govt that held sway over the region for close to 60 years. Plunge in crime rate. Nothing,  nothing solid and constructive was done by Congress in Amethi, the consistent and consecutive Congress Prime ministers’ constituency.
  • Modi’s widely criticized foreign trips did India big favours. He signed priceless deals in every foreign mission. Dr Manmohan Singh, our ex PM, expended multiple times on foreign trips as Modi but that was never highlighted by the media.
  • Lies and more lies fed by Media : Lies spread by media houses run/managed by those like Rajdeep Sardesai, Pranoy Roy, Karan Thapar etc., did not work. Indian voter is no fool. Crypto christians and terror apologists must know this now. Twitter is not the arena to fight or win.
  • Award Wapsi backfires. You do not return titles because you do not like or cannot respect the PM of this country who won the people’s mandate lawfully. The leftists have lost face now.
  • Dynasty politics days are over.
  • Rahul Gandhi as PM of India is a disaster no Indian wants the nation to suffer.
  • Rahul Gandhi promised free dole out of 72,000/- rupees per annum to each BPL family, that is Rs. 6,000/- credited into each poor family’s account without work/job on Congress party’s election to power. Tax paying Indians know how this can kill India. Even my illiterate maid knows that her son and her husband would in that case turn out into irredeemable alcoholics. Italian Mafia failed miserably.
  • Rahul Gandhi offered to write off all rural loans – another damaging political gamble. Once more intelligent Indians rejected this poison sop.
  • The opposition Congress did not belittle Modi or BJP in Balakot. The Congress belittled India and our very Armed forces. Unpardonable offence. How can we trust the nation in Congress hands again.
  • The Mahaghatbandhan were talking like ‘India ko tukde tukde karen’ and you want to win Indian elections riding high on this blood curdling slogan. What an underestimation of Indian citizens.
  • No big feat. India merely put full faith and trust in the favourite son of Bharat Matha Narendra Modi that is it. We DO NOT TRUST Gandhis or Congress any longer. Neither is media the voice of the public. Media in India is christian missionary mouthpiece or terror mouthpiece. NO HINDU REPRESENTATION. Imagine not having a single loyal media house. ‘Republic’ owned wholly by Indians is the only nationalist tv news channel in India today. I stopped reading the Hindu, the Times of India etc., long long back. After cutting foreign funds to christian missionaries, Modi should look into foreign funding and ownership of Indian media.
  • Secularism does not translate to Majority bashing. Minority status does not automatically confer upon the muslims and christians of India the right to get away with their misdoings.

We prayed in 39 temples in Kumbakonam-Mayavaram Yatra of ours for Shri Narendra Modi and BJP/NDA victory exactly on Election date and around it. We asked for archana in our PMs name but were politely refused. Archakas understood and explained to us that they already did that ‘aathamaartham’ every single day . They said, they did not want to politicize temples and create unnecessary issues. We respected that. In my personal opinion, BJP has still penetrated deep into the heart of Tamil Nadu. Their vote bank is steadily building up. One day, they will conquer Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

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