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India Should Not Dignify Pak Anymore

Imran Khan, the Pak PM demonstrated at the UN why Pakistan is a failed state. He wasted the precious UN time alloted to his nation (the bill footed by his tax paying citizens) by hate-mongering and talking s**t about India that nobody around the world gives a damn about (was he stoned?). Given his/his nation’s credibility. Looks like he had to time-pass, that he did at the expense of India especially of Kashmir that is part and parcel of Indian union. Chiefly because, there is nothing substantial to talk about his terroristan, aka Pakistan. What should have been utilized for bringing forward nation building agenda in an international platform was squandered miserably by Khan which explains why Pakis are in such a frustrated and desolate state today.

But then had he been any better, Mr. Khan would not have gone for a third wife in his sixties, marrying (seducing) a grandmother and mother to 5. Thus drain his energies, if any. What is left over is what Pak probably deserves. This nonsense. Not a word about the growth and prosperity of his nation. Not a word on how he planned to tackle poverty or fight terrorism. Not a word as to how he would make every Pakistani proud someday. Most of them Pakis when they cross their borders feign even their nationality. Unabashedly in foreign soil, many Pakistanis lie they are Indians to gain respect and acceptability.

More deplorable is Pak media journalists. Shame on them for hailing Imran Khan’s speech. What do you stand to gain, buddy. If I were you, i would be shell-shocked that the global representative of my nation misused valuable productive time in UN gossiping about neighbour. I would rather have wanted to talk about my own growth story, my plans, my ways and means. Of course, it goes without saying, Imran Khan;s speech was scripted by his military and spy agency in whose hands he is a puppet.

Reportedly Imran Khan was sulking in desperation watching ‘Howdy Modi’ on his (tiny cubicle of) hotel room tv after receiving a doormat (red carpet) welcome from his minister Qureshi minus any foreign dignitary. Of course, he flew a charity flight sponsored by Saudi to go to America.

Successful people and nations do not air grudge or grouse in public. They are after solutions. If something does not work out, they are also quick to move on to other things.

In contrast PM Shri Narendra Modi used his US visit to capitalize maximum for India and Indians. His approach was 100% positive and his interactions at global level will stand India in good stead in the long run. Every single minute in the American soil counts.

India’s PM Shri Narendra Modi ji remarkably made zero mention of Pak at UNGA because Pakistan is not our standard reference. Pakistan is not our agenda or mission or our last stop. India is much larger than Kashmir or Pakistan or whatever. This is called ‘Cosntructivism.’ (my lingo!) India would rather use international fora for forwarding our own growth stories and benefit in exchange from others’ experiences.


Just heard Pakistan PM Imran Khan admitting in UNGA that Pak trains terrorists. Official statement by Pak premier at the United Nations. Indians have this habit of looking back at Pak that we must desist from now on. We are not them – the only reason we do look back is that, we speak the same language somewhat and there is some shared history.

Looks like Imran Khan is justifying terrorism to me. To go a step further, looks like he is blackmailing the entire world with terrorism. He is trying to explain at the UN the desperate condition of the failed state called Pakistan.

India’s goal or target is not Pak. Should it be so, we wouldn’t be here today in world stage.


India will not give up an inch of Jammu and Kashmir which is ours legally. We will take back POK some day and we will not stop short of that. But not an extra inch of Pakistan India is after – sorry, no thanks !

Pakistan may try any means to denounce India and Kashmir, but India will deal with it in its own way, reserving the right to choose the time and place to our convenience. After all they say, revenge is best served cold. Very recent example: Balakot.. India is that slow and steady but steadfast Elephant. The elephant memory is very sharp. The Indian elephant will never fail to watch over anything and everything. The  Indian elephant will neither forgive nor forget.

Pakistan and Bangladesh are a blessing in disguise for Indian nation. Past Karma? Pakistan came into force to serve as a buffer state-shock absorber saving us Bharatwasis from some mad dogs! India also can do without the Bangladeshi vermin! Well, that’s how I see things!

India will not misuse UN to air our private and personal or pet peeves. India will use UN only as a platform to reach various levels and as a window to connect to the rest of the world. UN to India is a serious international mission that must not be squandered and wasted the way Pakistan’s Imran Khan did with it in his session. Let us build a better world at the UN rather than dig up graves!

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